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7 Car Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

December 22, 2016 17:25 IST

These products simply make your car better. Here are the 7 car accessories- you never knew you needed-

#1 X5 Car Charger Kit with Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter

X5 Car Charger cum Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter

 Buy X5 Car Kit MP3 Player Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter @ Rs 899

Answer and make calls via Bluetooth. Play your favourite tracks from a memory (TF) card on the car stereo via FM radio signal. Enjoy high quality songs as you connect this device as it comes with a built in amplifier. This device is compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad and other Android multimedia devices. You can also charge your device on the go with this wonder device. Need we say more!

#2 Car Utility Holders

Mobile Stuff Holders

 Buy Car Utility Organizers Under Rs 400

You need a lot of things while you are on the road like your smartphone, GPS navigator, coins and currency notes to pay toll fare, tissue papers, and beverage glasses and so on. These utility holders are a saviour and make good use of the available space in the car without making things messy.

#3 Car Seat Organizer

Car Seat Organizer

 Buy Car Seat Organizer @ Rs 222

Planning a long drive or a weekend getaway? This backseat organizer is of utmost use as it enables you to carry a lot of useful things without occupying any extra space. Attach it to the co-driver or the driver seat and stuff all the relevant things you would need on the way.

#4 Car Seat Laptop Holder cum Organizer


Car Laptop Holder cum Organizer

 Buy Laptop Holder cum Organizer @ Rs 399

Need to make some last minute changes to the office presentation? This car seat laptop holder is a saviour. It can hold your laptop and a lot of other travel essentials while you are on the go. The beauty of this organizer is that it can be folded when not in use; how cool!

#5 Car Meal Tray

Car Meal Tray

 Buy Car Meal Swivel Tray @ Rs 399

Are you always running around due to your hectic schedule? Don’t postpone your meals just because there is no space in your car. Get this car meal tray and enjoy your meals on the go. The sufficient space on the tray permits you to keep a glass or a bottle along with a plate without any space constraints. Happy eating!

#6 Dual USB Car Charger

Dual USB Car Charger

 Buy Dual USB Car Charger @ Rs 777

With dual USB support, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. The LED screen displays the car battery voltage and warns when the voltage is unstable (below 12V or above 24v). This device comes with an intelligent chip which shares the current amongst devices automatically while using.

#7 Toolkit with Pressure Gauge

 Toolkit with Pressure Gauge

 Buy Toolkit cum Tyre Pressure Gauge @ Rs 666

This one is a must have in your glove compartment. This device has an inbuilt LED torch, a seat-belt cutter and a glass breaker etc which is very useful in emergency situations. It comes with a multi-function toolkit which comprises of screwdriver, scissors, pliers, flat screwdriver and so on. These tools can also come handy during a breakdown.



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