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6 Things That Will Actually Organize Your Messy Car

July 28, 2016 16:37 IST

Is your car usually in a mess? Well, you are not alone! At some point, most of us leave our cars unattended and they end up looking like a junk yard.

Here are 6 things that will actually organize your messy car-

#1 Vacuum clean your car - First step to organize the mess

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Buy Car Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner @ Rs 399

When we say messy, we don't literally mean garbage! The mess is those little things in the car that are lying down and occupying your precious space. We usually keep our car seats full with files, folders, CDs and a lot more. Start the process by cleaning your car with a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner cleans out all the dirt which is not visible to the naked eye. Your car needs proper cleaning especially during monsoons when the stale smell is usually lingering in the car.

#2 Your giant smartphone almost leaves no room for stuff in that tiny compartment - Steering Mobile Holder

Car Steering Mobile Holder

Buy Car Steering Universal Mobile Holder @ Rs 99

If you are expecting a few calls while you are driving, this steering mobile holder is worth your money. You can attach the mobile holder to your steering wheel and talk on-the-go without getting caught by the traffic authorities.

#3 Clean up your dashboard - Cocoon Grid It Organizer

Cocoon Grid It Organizer

Buy Cocoon Grid It Car Visor Organizer @ Rs 375

While you are driving, you tend to keep your mobile phone, GPS device, your sunglasses etc either on the dashboard or the glove compartment. Place all your essential things in this Cocoon Grid It Organizer which can be attached to your car visor as shown in the picture. You can place pens, gadgets, chargers, wallets and a lot more in this organizer.

#4 Store your car trash smartly - Car Trash Holder

Car Trash Holder

Buy Car Trash Holders @ Rs 199

These car trash holders are useful in storing the trash in the car like those left over food packets, little bottles, waste paper bits and so on.

#5 De-clutter your glove compartment - Multi-function Storage Box

Multi-function Storage Box

Buy Car Multi-function Storage Box @ Rs 299

You may not even realise that there are a lot of coins in your glove compartment or beneath that little compartment below the stereo system. Invest in this multifunction storage box which holds your water bottle, coins, car stereo remote and so on; basically the necessities.

#6 Avoid overstuffing your car seat pockets - Car Backseat Organizer

Car Backseat Organizer

Buy Car Backseat Organizer @ Rs 349

When you stuff your car seat pockets, it usually reduces the legroom making it inconvenient for the passengers seated on the rear seats. This car seat organizer can hold all those useful things in an organized way keeping your car seats clean and vacant.



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