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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 5 Tips to Make Your Smartphone Holi Ready

5 Tips to Make Your Smartphone Holi Ready

March 23, 2016 11:02 IST

Holi is almost here and while most of us preparing for the D-day from what to wear, where to party, we often overlook the importance of protecting our smartphone from the Holi colours and water.

This festive spirit does bring joy and colours in your life but can also pose a threat to your priced smartphone. Here are 4 tips to make your smartphone holi ready –

#1 Safeguard your smartphone with a waterproof mobile cover

Waterproof Mobile covers

Buy Waterproof Mobile Covers Starting @ Rs 179 

A little durable option to protect your smartphone is this specialised waterproof mobile phone cover. The waterproof mobile covers are specially designed to protect your phone’s ports from water or colour particles. Place your smartphone in this waterproof mobile cover and enjoy holi without worrying about your smartphone.

#2 Want to avoid touching your phone while playing? Use a pair of inexpensive earphones

Sony earphones

Buy Sony Earphones @ Rs 199

The best way to safeguard your phone is by not touching it at all. Use a pair of inexpensive earphones to answer calls while playing Holi.

#3 Never let your smartphone run out of battery even during Holi with a waterproof power bank

Waterproof power bank

Buy Waterproof Power Bank @ Rs 870

Now, this is really amazing! A power bank that keeps the battery of your smartphone fully charged during Holi or rainy season. This 5000 mAh power bank is waterproof, shock proof and dust proof. It is your smartphone’s perfect companion during Holi.

#4 Your Holi party is incomplete without a waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Buy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker @ Rs 495

This waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker can make your holi party a lot more fun. Enjoy superior quality stereo music coupled with powerful bass. Whether you want to play music or answer phone calls, this Bluetooth speaker is your best bet.

#5 One balloon is all it takes to protect your smartphone!

Turn a balloon into a rubber skin case for your phone: All you have to do is inflate the balloon and put your phone on it with screen facing down. Now start deflating the balloon slowly and you will see your phone wrapped in a rubber skin once the air inside the balloon is fully released. This idea basically covers all the ports or opening areas of your phone from where the water could possibly seep in.



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