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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 5 Super Cool Ways to Survive the Rainy Season

5 Super Cool Ways to Survive the Rainy Season

Last updated on: June 15, 2016 17:58 IST

#1 Rain Jackets - Approved by the fashion police

Rain suits

Buy Rain Jackets Under Rs 575

For the unstoppable rains

Transparent raincoats

Buy One Get One Free Transparent Rain Coats @ Rs 499

How about a polka dotted raincoat this monsoon!

Rain breaker rain suit

Buy Polka Dotted Rain Suit @ Rs 349

Ride your two-wheeler in style with these monsoon special scooter jackets 

Scooter jackets

Buy Scooter Jackets Under Rs 1000

Thank god, these rain-coats and rain jackets don't make you look like a fashion disaster. These are stylish, easy to carry and most importantly look good on you.

#2 Umbrellas - Include it in your 'things to carry' checklist

Umbrella styles for the ladies


Buy Tiny Umbrellas/Umbrella Combos Under Rs 800

Printed umbrellas

Buy Stylish Umbrellas Under Rs 675

Here is the classic umbrella combo for the men

Umbrellas for men

Buy Umbrella Combo (Set of 3) @ Rs 399

Plain for the men and printed for the ladies, period! There is no second thought to this one.

#3 Water Resistant Bags - Safeguard your vital belongings

Waterproof bags

Buy Water Resistant Bags @ Rs 399

Water proof bag covers

Buy Water Resistant Bag Cover Combo Pack of 3 @ Rs 320 

Your essentials need some shelter too. These bags are waterproof and roomy enough to completely protect your gadgets, documents, books and other essentials.

#4 Footwear - Specially designed for the monsoons

Waterproof footwear

Buy Waterproof Footwear Under Rs 450

Oh! The quintessential during a rainy day. Your footwear goes through a lot more than you do!

#5 Waterproof mobile cover - Protection for your prized possession

Waterproof mobile cover

Buy Waterproof Mobile Cover @ Rs 249

You can't live your smartphone and your phone can't survive this monsoon without a waterproof mobile cover.



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