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5 Brilliant Kitchen Hacks That Save Your Precious Time

Last updated on: November 15, 2016 14:59 IST

Planning to invite some guests around the festive season? These smart kitchen appliances will not just save your precious time but let you spend more time with your favourite people.

Even the fast paced life doesn't hamper our spirit of celebrating festivals. The best part about the festive season is the time when you savour some finger-licking delicacies along with your friends and family members in the comfort of your home. However, cooking these delicacies without losing on the energy is nothing less than a dream. How we wish we could make a delectable spread without getting exhausted!

Here are the 5 amazing kitchen tools that will save your time and let you unwind your gang -

#1 Hate cooking? Blame it on the mundane tasks like cutting and chopping - Multipurpose cutters and choppers

Cutters and choppers

Buy Multipurpose Food Cutters/ Choppers Under Rs 400

With the range of latest multipurpose tools that do cutting, chopping, grating and slicing for you within seconds, you are bound to finish your cooking faster than ever. Cutting and chopping vegetables manually is tiring and time consuming. These tools are especially useful when you have to cook a meal for a bigger group. The superior blade and the ease of operation make those mundane tasks easy for you.

#2 Another tedious job is that of making rotis - Roti Maker

Roti Maker

Buy Roti Maker @ Rs 722

Most Indian households can't do without rotis on a daily basis but it is a pain to make a stack of rotis especially when there are guests coming home - admit it! You can smartly bring down the time of making rotis by investing in a roti maker.

#3 Perfectly cooked rice within minutes - Rice Cooker

Rice Cookers

Buy Rice Cookers Under Rs 1800

According to the conventional method, cooking rice involves quite some time and requires you to check it time and again. However, a rice cooker can deliver perfectly cooked rice without checking it repeatedly.

#4 Your cooking assistant - Microwave oven

Morphy Richards Oven

 Buy Microwave Ovens Under Rs 7250

Have you been using your microwave oven solely for re-heating food? Oh! You have no idea what that device is capable of doing. It can not just cook efficiently but also helps you in defrosting food. With a microwave oven in your house, you can enjoy roasted or grilled food within minutes. After all, a festive menu must also comprise of some fancy delicacies too! right?

#5 Health conscious foodies galore!

Air Fryer

Buy Air Fryer @ Rs 4999

Love fried food but cannot even think of gaining weight? Here's the solution - an air fryer! This device is a must have appliance in your kitchen this festive season. Your festival food involves deep fried delicacies as well. An air fryer comes to your rescue in these times. Powered by hot air technology, it hardly uses oil to cook oil rich delicacies (deep fried) food without compromising on its taste. Simply turn the timer on and go ahead with cooking other delicacies without paying much attention to it. The Philips Air Fryer can also let you prepare baked, roasted and grilled delicacies too.



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