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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 4 Things You Need to Get Your Car Ready for Summer Driving

4 Things You Need to Get Your Car Ready for Summer Driving

Last updated on: April 22, 2016 14:24 IST

#1 Auto Cool Solar Powered Ventilation Fan – Blows hot air out of your parked car

Solar fan demo


Solar fan

Buy Auto Cool Solar Powered Ventilation Fan @ Rs 399

Your car tends to get steaming hot especially when it is parked during the afternoon. This solar powered car ventilation fan maintains a safe and comfortable temperature in your car. Place Autocool vent on the top of window, then close window and lock up. This solar powered fan eliminates the heat accumulated in the car and keeps it odour free.

#2 Universal Car Flip Down Sun Shield Sun Visor – It blocks UV rays from entering your car

Car HD Visor

Buy Universal Car Flip Down Sun Shield Sun Visor @ Rs 499

Driving a car could get really difficult especially when the cars coming from opposite direction are running on high beam headlights. Use this HD day night visor as it reduces the glare caused by the headlights and gives you clear vision. It also blocks the direct sun rays while driving. This HD Vision Night visor improves colour, clarity and optical definition, so you can see better while driving.

#3 Universal Auto Sun Up Car Shades – Best substitute to tinted glasses

Car Sun Up Shade

Buy Universal Auto Sun Up Car Shades (Set of 2) @ Rs 499

Do you usually park your car in an open space? If so, do you feel the heat especially when you get in to the car? Avoid the UV rays of the sun entering your car by installing the set of sun shades for your car. Earlier, people used tinted glasses and glass films to prevent the heat but they were banned by government. However, sun shades are acceptable and can be used to keep the heat out.

#4 Foldable Car Front Window Sun Shade – Protects your steering wheel and dashboard from extreme heat

Car Window Sun Shade

Buy Front Windshield Car Shade @ Rs 299

The front windshield sun shade blocks the external heat and keeps your car cool especially during summers. You can use this sunshade to blocks the sun rays and thereby reduces the heat in your car. This sunshade also protects your dashboard which is more likely to get damaged.



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