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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 15 Essential Household Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

15 Essential Household Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Last updated on: December 19, 2016 18:08 IST

#1 Portable Table - Why fill up unnecessary furniture! Avoid those huge furniture pieces in your drawing room. Let your home remain spaced out with this portable table.

Table Mate

Buy Table Mate Portable Table @ Rs 598

#2 LED Bulbs - Say goodbye to those incandescent bulbs as they also contribute to the heat within your home. Switch to LED bulbs as it is the coolest source of lighting.

LED Bulbs

Buy 12W LED Bulbs (Set of 10) @ Rs 449

#3 Shoe Rack - Who likes a cluttered entrance especially? Keep your home clean and footwear organized with this shoe rack.

Shoe Rack

Buy 12 Pair Shoe Rack @ Rs 299

#4 Cotton Bed-sheets - These are super soft and keep your bedroom cooler and stylish this season.

Bed sheets

Buy Double Bed-sheet with 2 Pillow Covers Under Rs 600

#5 Polyester Carpets - Opt for these inexpensive yet rich looking carpets that change the way your home looks.


Buy Polyester Carpet Under Rs 400 

#6 Choose curtains with light to add a new look to your home.


Buy Printed Curtains (Set of 2) @ Rs 369

 #7 Water Spray Gun - Wash the difficult areas of your home like window track system, kitchen and those hard to reach corners with ease. 

Spray Gun

Buy 1 Get 1- Water Spray Hose Pipe @ Rs 476

#8 This memory foam pillow gives you a good night sleep. It is more comfortable during summers as it does not get warm during those hot summery nights.

Memory Foam Pillow

Buy Memory Foam Pillow @ Rs 399

#9 Solar & Emergency Lamps - Summer could also mean load shedding in some parts of the country. It is wise to have an emergency light handy in this season.  

Lamps & Lights

Buy Solar Powered Portable LED Lantern @ Rs 599

#10 Foldable Wardrobe - Another good idea to make your bedroom look spacious.

Foldable wardrobe

Buy Foldable Wardrobe @ Rs 2775

#11 The best part about winters is to wake up late in the mornings. However, if you are a part of the daily grind, this alarm clock is for you!

Digital Alarm Clock

Buy Alarm Clock with LED Light @ Rs 299

#12 When the weekend arrives, a couple of drinks along with your buddies is what you need to relax. Here is a complete bar set is an ideal gift for liquor connoisseurs.

Bar set

Buy Bar Set (5 Pcs) @ Rs 299

#13 It is quite natural to go for a shower minimum twice in a day. Use this cloth hanging stand to dry your clothes easily.

Clothes Rack Dryer

Buy Clothes Hanging Stand @ Rs 1499

#14 Summers can make you sweat a lot more than usual. Use these hand towels to wipe the dirt and sweat every now and then.

Face Towels

Buy Towels (Pack of 20 Pcs) @ Rs 249

#15 This is the time for home improvement as well. Use the wrench set and drill machine for tightening or loosening nuts, drilling holes and more.


Buy Wrench Set & Drill Machine Under Rs 700



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