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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 15 Cool Toys That Get Your Kid's Brain Ticking

15 Cool Toys That Get Your Kid's Brain Ticking

November 11, 2016 17:31 IST

#1 PrasID English Learner Tablet

Prasid English Learner Computer

 Buy Prasid Mini My Pad English Learner Computer @ Rs 245

Prasid Mini My Pad lets your child have fun while learning alphabet, numbers and mathematical operations. It is a smart way to keep your little one busy. With number keys, music keys and word keys and an interactive learning method, this computer makes it easier for your kid to understand the concepts.

#2 Origami DIY Kit

Origami Activity Kit

Buy Origami DIY Activity Kit @ Rs 125

This DIY activity kit is a great way to improve your kid's imagination. This kit has everything your kid needs to create shapes of wordly objects like animals, creatures, objects and so on. The kit consists of 10 origami sheets, two sketch pens, one scale and a guide book.

#3 Photo Frame DIY Kit

Photo Frame Activity Kit

Buy Photo Frame Making DIY Activity Kit @ Rs 199

This is another activity kit which enables your kid to make photo frames. The best part about an activity kit is that it teaches your kid something new without making them lazy. This kit includes two frame holders, six poster colours, a brush, two sheets for colouring and stickers.

#4 Kaleidoscope DIY Kit

Kaleidoscope Kit

 Buy Kaleidoscope Making DIY Activity Kit @ Rs 199

This kit will help your kid make kaleidoscope in a fun way. As the viewer looks into one end, light entering the other creates a colorful pattern, due to the reflection off of the mirrors. Just hold the viewer to your eye, and rotate the end of kaleidoscope to watch the constantly changing patterns.

#5 Cool Trends DIY Loom Bands

DIY Loom Bands

 Buy Girls DIY Loom Bands Kit @ Rs 249

Let your kid make some fun rubber band bracelets with this easy to use rainbow Loom kit. With an option to choose from over 600 rubber bands, your kid can create their own unique bracelet designs and by joining a few bracelets, they can eventually wider designs in the form of necklaces.

#6 Statue of Liberty DIY Kit

Statue of Liberty DIY Kit

 Buy Statue of Liberty - 3D Puzzle Kit @ Rs 299

Gone are the days when we used to play with 2D puzzles. It is time for your kid to play with 3D puzzles. This kit includes little cardboard pieces which constitues an iconic monument. The 3D puzzles are made of paper and expandable polystyrene foam board. It contains 29 pieces and an instruction manual of creating the Statue of Liberty.

#7 Salt Water Arachnoid Spider

Salt Water Arachnoid Spider

 Buy Giant Arachnoid Spider Robot DIY Kit @ Rs 299

Let your child learn about new forms of clean energy while building their very own toy. Feed it salt water and see it move quickly. After activating the fuel cell module with salt water mixture, the magnesium metal sheet can operate the spider for about 4 hours.7

#8 6 in 1 Robot DIY Kit

Solar Robot Kit

 Buy Solar Powered 6 in 1 Robot DIY Kit @ Rs 349

Make your kid learn the benefits of solar energy while creating a toy that is fun to play with. With 21 small pieces, your kid can create six different working models like an airboat, a windmill, a puppy and two different planes.

#9 Wind-powered DIY Car Kit

Wind Powered DIY Kit

Buy Wind Powered Toy Car Kit @ Rs 349

See your child build their own wind power car. In this car,kinetic energy is generated by the wind blowing and rotating large blades.
It will teach your kid the basic use of gears into mechanics & converting the wind through rotation of blades which rotates the gears & henceforth movement of wheels. Your child will learn how wind power (energy) can be converted into other useful source of renewable and eco-friendly.

#10 Science 61 in 1 Experiments Kit

Science 61 Kit

 Buy Science 61 Dynamic Science Experiments DIY Kit @ Rs 349

Let your little scientist explore some fun filled science activities in this super kit. Your kid will discover a world of science with over 60 exciting experiments which will make them learn important concepts of science along with imparting practical knowledge.

#11 Solar Train Kit

Solar Train Kit

Buy Solar Toy Train Science Kit @ Rs 399

This toy will teach your kid to create a toy using renewable energy by using their hands and brains and thereby saving the environment. The solar train kit enables children to assemble all the parts together with the instructions provided to make the motor driven toy train powered by solar energy. Children will learn hot solar (Sun) energy is used to drive small motors and reduce carbon dioxide emission.

#12 Tattoo N Nail Fashion

Tattoo Nail N Fashion

Buy Tattoo N Nail Fashion Set @ Rs 410

Now your little princess can decorate her skin and nails with colourful sparkling tattoos and shine on! She can get herself a salon style makeover. If your little one has always loved the idea of a makeover, this is the perfect gift. She can create stylish tattoos with metallic body gel pens.

#13 Doraemon Do-it-Yourself - Mould & Paint

Doraemon Mould N Paint

 Buy Doraemon Mirror Drawing & Mould and Paint DIY Set @ Rs 448

This kit consists of a mould, a packet of white plaster, a paint-brush, a multi-colour paint-tray, a measuring glass and a plastic knife.

How to use?
- Put some water and white plaster in a bowl in an equal proportion and mix well. Pour the mixture in the mould and air-dry it for about an hour.
- On drying and removing the pieces, finish them with the knife provided and paint the 5 Doraemon pieces as per the given reference or to your own imagination.
- The given mould can be used again & again. You may also use other available colours & paints on the moulded characters.

#14 Mitashi Hobby Lobby Hair Braid Saloon

Mitashi Hobby Lobby Hair Braid Saloon

Buy Mitashi Hobby Lobby Hair Braid Saloon @ Rs 499

Bring out the hidden fashionista in your princess by letting her create a variety of looks on her beautiful hair with this hobby Lobby Hair Wrap. Let her highlight her hair with vivid streaks of colors and make a dashing beauty statement. Let your little girl learn to identify different colors as she experiments with her hair with different streaks every time. Let your child indulge in long hours of creative play with this Hair Wrap.

#15 Mitashi Hobby Lobby Weave Art

Mitashi Hobby Lobby Weave Art

Buy Mitashi Hobby Lobby Weave Art @ Rs 449

Teach your kids weaving with the Hobby Lobby Weave Art Kit. This Kids Weaving Loom is great for teaching kids how to make Weaving loom loops. This Kids Weaving loom promotes creativity in your kids and lets them create their own.



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