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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 10 Kitchen Items To Invest In This Summer

10 Kitchen Items To Invest In This Summer

Last updated on: April 01, 2016 17:10 IST

#1 Shake N Take Blender - Enjoy your favourite smoothie on-the-go

Portable Blender

Buy Shake N Take Blender @ Rs 599

This super powerful blender crushes ice instantly and lets you enjoy your favourite beverage on the go. For instance, add a banana and a few ice pieces and crush it to enjoy a banana smoothie instantly. You can add any other fruit of your choice and enjoy a smoothie every day. Whether you are going for a short trip or to work, this Shake N Take sports blender is your perfect mate during summers.

#2 Citrus Zinger - Drink fruit flavoured water on those hottest days

Citrus Zinger

Buy Citrus Zinger @ Rs 399

Enjoy the goodness of fruits on the go without consuming the sugar content. Use the Citrus Zinger to extract juice and flavour from citrus fruits and infuse them directly into your water bottle. This is the best way to drink more water and keep you hydrated. Fruit juices are good but the sugar content present in them could be dangerous in the long run.

#3 Watermelon Slicer - This tool slices a complete watermelon within seconds

Watermelon slicer

Buy Watermelon Slicer @ Rs 437

Watermelons are perfect during summers. They contain water which keeps you hydrated which is extremely vital during these hot months. Watermelons are rich in antioxidants and vitamins which improve the immune system of your body. This watermelon slicer cuts one into 12 equal slices within seconds.

#4 Portable Barbecue Grill - How about outdoor cooking this summer!

Portable BBQ

Buy Portable Barbecue @ Rs 874

Enjoying your summer vacations at your holiday home? Indulge in outdoor cooking in your veranda with this portable BBQ set. Whether you love chicken or paneer, enjoy scrumptious tikkas in the comfort of your home with this portable BBQ set.

#5 Ring Shaped Ice Tray - A ring shaped ice in her glass is surely the coolest way to propose this summer

Ring shaped ice tray

Buy Ring Shaped Ice Tray @ Rs 499

Planning to propose to your long time girlfriend during this summer getaway? Ask her with this innovative ring shaped ice piece. Add a couple of them in her drink and see her reaction.

#6 Curd Maker - A bowl of yogurt everyday during summers is a must

Curd maker

Buy Curd Maker @ Rs 374

Curd has multiple health benefits. Besides cooling your system down, it improves your digestion and is also good for your bones. Enjoy delicious yogurt just wherever you are. Get the perfect curd within 2 hours with this curd maker.

#7 Vegetable & Fruit Peeler - Summers are made for salads

Fruits & vegetable grater and peeler

 Buy Vegetable/Fruit Cutter/Grater/Peeler @ Rs 469

It’s summer time! No meal is complete without a dish of cold salad. This peeler comes with 5 different inserts which allow you to cut the fruits and vegetables in 11 ways in terms of size, thickness and form.

#8 Vegetable & Fruit Juicer - Beat the summer heat with fresh fruit juice every day


Buy Vegetable/Fruit Juicer @ Rs 349

Enjoy your favourite drink along with your breakfast every morning. Simply insert your favourite fruits in this juicer and extract a glass full of juice anytime anywhere.

#9 Ice Gola Maker - No better time than summers for an ice slush or gola

Ice Gola Maker

Buy Ice Slush/Gola Maker @ Rs 449

Summer is the time when your kids play to their heart’s content all day during the vacations. An ice gola after a good game is simply refreshing. With this ice gola maker, your kids can prepare juicy and icy golas all by themselves.  

#10 Cello Ice Box - Keeps your favourite beverage cold anytime anywhere

Ice Box

Buy Cello Personal 3 Ltr Ice Box @ Rs 690

Whether you are within the city or at an outdoor location, sipping your favourite drink after playing cricket or any other game feels great. However, it is a little difficult to get your favourite beverage if you are playing at a location that is aloof and inaccessible. This ice box is a perfect partner during summers as it keeps your beverage cold at all times during summers.



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