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10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Diwali

October 06, 2016 17:59 IST

It is that time of the year when good triumphs over evil. Yes, it's Diwali! This is the most auspicious time for all the Hindus spread all over the globe. Diwali is
celebrated by worshipping goddess Lakshmi. This period marks the beginning of a new year filled with health, wealth and happiness.

Besides the rituals performed, Diwali is also a good time to socialising, exchanging sweets, gifts and having a joyous time. Here are 10 awesome ways to celebrate
Diwali -

#1 Light some diyas in and around your house

Diwali Diyas

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Diwali is the festival of lights. You can start by lighting up colourful diyas both inside and outside your house. Place a couple of diyas at the entrance of your house and even in the drawing room to bring in the festive season.

#2 Time for that big purchase

Were you postponing that big-ticket purchase like a new car or a home appliance till Diwali? Well, it is time now to buy what you want. The market is flooded with big discounts. Make that big purchase today to mark the beginning of the festive season.

#3 Enjoy some mouth-watering mithai this Diwali

Diwali Mithai

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You may be on a diet all round the year. However, Diwali is the time to enjoy sinful sweets to your heart's content. Get rid of your guilt this festive season and savour some festive sweets with your loved ones.

#4 Host a party

Diwali is celebrated with close friends and family members. This Diwali, invite your friends and family over for a lavish meal. Besides good food, you can play some light games and have a great time. You can plan this event at home or go out at a nice restaurant hosting a Diwali special event.

#5 Burst some crackers


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As Diwali is the festival of lights, burst crackers and make the celebrations even more special.

#6 Decorate your house

Diwali Decor

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Sometimes the little things are the ones that make a big difference. You can decorate your house with small things like wall hangings, candle-lit lamps, rangoli and so on. Fill your house with light and colour by placing a tea light holder to enhance the decor or a tribal tray set with little tumblers to serve drinks to your guests. Not just indoors, you can also make a Rangoli to decorate the outdoor area. If you cannot draw one, place this rangoli art design at the entrance to get into the festive mood. The attraction of this rangoli art is that it has a tiny light in the centre which makes it look all the more beautiful.

#7 Buy new outfits

Bring in the festive season by dressing up in the best of your outfits. Pamper yourself with the latest outfits apt for Diwali.

#8 Looking for the right gift? Read on...

Diwali gifts with free silver coin

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This Diwali, you can consider gifting a silver coin with the image of goddess Lakshmi embossed on it. There is no better time to buy a nice gift for your loved ones. You can choose from a wide range of gift hampers with rich dry-fruits, chocolates, god idols and so on.

Diwali gift hampers

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Make this Diwali memorable for your loved ones by sending a nice gift hamper with free goddess Lakshmi silver coin that symbolises wealth and prosperity.

#9 Spend some quality time with your sibling

Bhau Beej is celebrated two days after Diwali. It is the best time to celebrate the lovely bond you share with your sibling. Buy a great gift for your sibling and spend some good time with your sibling to make it memorable for them.

#10 Spread love to your distant friends and family members

Diwali Gifts to USA

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You may have a distant family member or a friend living abroad. Don't let distance come in the way of spreading the warmth this Diwali. Send a gift to your loved ones living in the USA and make their Diwali truly special. Choose one of these gifts or take a look at our entire range of Diwali gifts to USA.



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