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The Celebration Ends
Emilia, a Swede, on her way to the closing ceremony. She has been in India for four months. In Dharamsala she bought herself a portable version of the percussion instrument she has at home.
Photo: Jewella C Miranda
The Big Shots
Aboard Peace Boat
Painting Another World
The Power of Youth

January 23, 2004

A world within another
'Everyone listens, claps, and departs, till another group comes along and the whole process is repeated,' says Salil Kumar

SA woman withdraws rape charge
She and the accused, a high court judge, were in Mumbai for the WSF

Can a man be raped?
At the WSF, where voices defending every stratum of society nearly drown out each other, there is not a single whisper for the cause of men, says Bijoy Venugopal.

What purpose did the WSF serve?
Bonded by a dream
WSF 2004 comes to an end

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Various Faces of WSF
When Hunger Strikes
Why Bush is hated
One Big Celebration
Another World Unfolds
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What is Peace Boat?
Another World Comes
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Shirin Ebadi

Samir Amin

Asma Jehangir

Joseph Stiglitz

Jeremy Corbyn

Aruna Roy

Medha Patkar

Vandana Shiva

Nguyen Thi Binh

Teesta Setalvad

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'No attention since we don't have oil'
Aruna Roy: We can't all be Gandhi or Mao

Ashok Mitra: Viva Brazil!
Praful Bidwai: Justice!


All about the birds and bees
Vijay Singh: A dog's mind
Dhiraj Shetty: Mattress?
Vijay Singh: Gen-X in action
Salil Kumar: Black or white
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