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Rose exports bloom as Valentine's Day looms
This is a Valentine's Day special, even the Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray won't object to! Maharashtra's humble farmers are set to despatch a bouquet of 70 lakh.

Barbie and Ken split
Two days before Valentine's Day, Mattel Corp has dropped a bombshell. Plastic perfect couple, Barbie and Ken, will split after 43 years of romance.

How Stars celebrate V Day!
Bollywood's young and trendy celebrate love!

A song for heartbreak
A look at some of the memorable songs on heartache.

14 ways to keep love away
A self-help guide for men

Cupid was never busier
Shishir Bhate on how Valentine's Day has evolved since he was a teenager.

Love hurts!
Tragic love stories revisited.

Message Board: Which is your most romantic song?

Sena threatens to disrupt Valentine's Day celebrations
The Shiv Sena on Wednesday said it will oppose Valentine's Day celebrations this year too and protest against any 'obscene or vulgar display of emotions' on February 14.

Kissing contest turns many red
A kissing contest planned for Valentine's Day in North China's Tianjin city has raised the hackles of many Chinese who prefer romantic affections to be kept private.

Love, love, love!
A look at how love is portrayed in Hindi films.

That thing called Love!
Sukanya Verma lists her all time favourite romantic films.

Message Board: The best romantic film
Tell us what you think.

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