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May 31, 2004

Peshawar: The Shah Rukh Connection
In one of the narrow lanes of Peshawar's Kissa Kahani Bazaar stands a dark green haveli. "This is Shah Rukh's house," says the cab driver.

A class act
'Unlike other ministers and MPs, he never created any kind of fuss.'

May 28, 2004

'Dr Singh is too good for today's corrupt world'
'The only problem -- as I realised through my association with him -- is that he is too soft and could not think of meting out punishment to any RBI official even when the official concerned was guilty.'

May 27, 2004

Meet India's new National Security Adviser
J N Dixit is a hardliner who believes in a policy of carrot and stick, as a man who does not hesitate to wield the stick if considered necessary.

'One can place one's trust in Dr Singh'
'Dr Singh has unparalleled political acumen, which he demonstrated in ample measure during his stint as leader of the Opposition.' Somnath Chatterjee, the likely Speaker, on the prime minister.

Truly, an extraordinary fellow
'Overlying his idealism was a hatred of war and of all things military. He gave no deep thought to politico-military matters and this prevented him from making sound security decisions.'

May 26, 2004

Dr Singh: A thorough gentleman
'Not once did he make us teenagers feel out of place. He opened the hotel's doors for us. He even dropped us home.'

May 25, 2004

Saving the taxpayer's money: Readers reactions to Dr Singh
Dr Manmohan Singh would not eat at the UN Plaza Hotel. "I am spending the tax-payer's money. If I misuse it, God will never forgive me," he said.

May 24, 2004

Revamping National Security
There has been no comprehensive examination of the totality of India's intelligence capability since it became independent in 1947, says B Raman.

Dr Singh's autograph: Readers' impressions of the PM
When his daughter's mother-in-law went to visit him, he did not use the office car to drop her home. Instead, he paid her taxi fare.

May 22, 2004

'I have to give something back to the society'
'Although I have had several offers from abroad, I feel my place is in India. In general, life has given me everything that is good. I am content. There is no sense of want in my life now,' Dr Manmohan Singh told Aruna Srinivasan in 1999.

He'd rather lose than cheat
'If I take money from him, he will ask for a favour and that I am not going to do,' Dr Singh told Harcharan Singh Josh, his campaign manager.

May 21, 2004

Relations with Israel may be affected
'The mutual security and military supply relationship would, most probably, be maintained, but in secret.'

Dr Singh: Upright, conservative
Readers share their impressions of the man who will soon be India's prime minister.

'He always has the poor in mind'
'Dr Singh will work for those sections of society whose problems the previous government failed to address. I expect him to focus on agriculture, poverty and the average man.'

How the BJP fared
Find out how the party did in all the zones.

May 20, 2004

How the Congress fared
Find out how the party did in all the zones.

Congress needs a China hand
'Unless it has the foresight to continue to use Brajesh Mishra and C V Ranganathan instead of looking upon them as pro-BJP and avoiding them,' says B Raman.

Dr Singh continues to be a student'
'What has pleased me most is the fact that he has been elected prime minister purely on merit. His religion had nothing to do with it,' says Tarlochan Singh, chairman, National Commission of Minorities

How qualified are our PMs?
Dr Manmohan Singh is probably the most qualified to hold the PM's office.

'Ideas is what he likes to talk about'
'Ideas of development, ideas about creating facilities that would help students, the poor and underprivileged.'

All you want to know about CPI-M
The CPI-M has emerged as kingmaker in the national political scene.

Return of the Reformer
At 71, Manmohan Singh is about to start a new chapter in Indian history by becoming the country's first Sikh prime minister.

May 19, 2004

Meet Dr Singh
How well do you know the prime minister-to-be?

The drama before curtain call
Sonia Gandhi's aides attempted to thwart Dr Manmohan Singh's appointment as prime minister.

Manmohan breaks 57-year jinx
Prime ministers and the letter r.

How will we deal with our neigbour?
The Left Front and DMK could dictate Indian policy towards Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

May 18, 2004

'BJP understands US better'
'Even the worst detractors of the BJP-led government have to concede that it imparted a forward momentum to Indo-US strategic relations without letting itself be pressurised by Washington, DC,' says B Raman.

Sonia: The road ahead
Political pundits agree the new government's dependence on the Communists will impact the nation's economic policies and its policy towards the US.

What is a CMP? Find out!
It will outline what the new government plans to do during its tenure; a broad roap map so to speak.

May 17, 2004

What the Left Wants
A ready reckoner to the pound of flesh sought by the Left parties, an intrinsic part of India's new government

Case For Sonia Gandhi
Sheela Bhatt listens to arguments for and against Sonia Gandhi becoming India's first foreign-born prime minister

Case Against Sonia Gandhi
Sheela Bhatt listens to arguments for and against Sonia Gandhi becoming India's first foreign-born prime minister

The new govt and national security
B Raman on why the Congress is better equipped to handle Pakistan.

Who will Sonia's babus be?
Who are the civil servants who will guide India's destiny?

May 15, 2004

Historic verdict: Advani
He blamed the defeat of the BJP-led NDA in the Lok Sabha election on 'overpowering local issues and effects of alliances at the local level.'

May 14, 2004

Vajpayee, Karnataka's hero
The pro-Vajpayee wave decimated the Congress in Karnataka.

Overconfidence cost BJP dear
'Leaders out of touch:' Blame game begins in BJP.

Do you know the Left Front?
The Communists are back in the reckoning.

May 13, 2004

Deve Gowda, kingmaker in Karnataka
The former PM, whose JD-S has won 61 seats in Karnataka, hold the key to government formation in the state.

'This is the result of my mother's hard work'
'There are no loud celebrations in our family. We might have a quiet celebration.'

May 12, 2004

Outside the gates of victory
A roar went up when YSR came out to meet his supporters.

'Stars favour Vajpayee'
'His horoscope has a very good yoga, the Vasumathi yoga, just now. I predict he will definitely become prime minister again.'

May 11, 2004

A tale of three parties
In Hyderabad, all roads either converged towards Gandhi Bhavan -- where AP's new CM will be anointed -- or Banjara Hills -- where the man most likely to fill that post, lives.

'Chandrababu made many arbitrary decisions'
'In his obsession with IT and bio-technology, he forgot the farmers.'

May 10, 2004

Sidhu Bana Politician
On the campaign trail with the inventor of Sidhuisms.

Six Ways to Woo a Voter brings you the unique campaigning styles our leaders have adopted over the years. Don't miss it!

May 06, 2004

Chasing India's Bahu No 1
Whether she wins or loses, it is unlikely this is the last the electorate has seen of Smriti Irani.

The Rising Son
A new member of Karunanidhi's dynasty joins the fray.

Horror story of Indians in Iraq
'I fear thinking about all those days,' says Faisal about his time in a US camp in Iraq. 'It was a pitiable, miserable life.'

May 04, 2004

Can this man rescue the BJP?
The BJP has sent Sanjay Joshi to UP to revive the party's fortune. Who exactly is this media shy man?

Trailing T R Baalu
Despite the lazy evening, there is excitement, colour and music in the air.

May 03, 2004

PrÍt perfect designers
'There is a lot of economics associated with the fashion. It is about selling, generating funds to expand and only pret can help do that,' says designer Narendra Kumar.

'All parties are youth friendly now'
'Politicians are realising it is important to project young faces,' says actress Malavika.

Know your party: PMK
Rajnikanth's fans are determined to work against the PMK, and a battle royale is in the offing.

Standing up to be counted
Javed Abidi campaign for the cause of India's disabled in the New Delhi constituency.

What the former PMs are doing
Check out what Messrs Singh, Rao, Deve Gowda and Gujral are doing.


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