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March 27, 2003

The reply to evil is to stop it
'As we fight the war against evil, we must also wage peace, guided by the lesson of the Marshall Plan -- vision and generosity can help make the world a safer place,' says Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

Sorrow, fear rule over Kashmir
'We would tell Sushma we will be your shield,' sobs Shehnaz Akhter. 'But the day it happened, we could not keep the promise,' says Basharat Peer.

March 26, 2003

Gulf War: What Week 2 will bring
Despite pre-war hopes, there is no collapse of morale on the Iraq side, says Colonel (retd) Anil Athale.

March 25, 2003

The story of a sanyasi
Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal began his 50th year as Shankaracharya of Kanchi on March 22. Shobha Warrier takes a look at his journey so far.

March 24, 2003

This did not happen in my Kashmir
Basharat Peer shares a bond with the Pandits. They are partners in the grief and misery of a beautiful valley.

March 23, 2003

Dar realized Kashmir had no future outside India
Dar was concerned about Pakistan's intentions to continue violence in Kashmir.

March 19, 2003

Saddam's bomb
'You have done enough for your country,' Saddam told Ramanna. 'Don't go back. Stay here and take over our nuclear programme. I will pay you whatever you want.'

The freedom to move
Elizabeth Herridge has gifted movement to 350 people with her wheelchair project.

March 18, 2003

China, a colossus with clay feet
'The new leaders may be tempted to divert public attention by threatening India, but it is a risky game, especially if the Indian government remains determined to defend the nation's interests.'

March 11, 2003

'Return to Kashmir for what?'
Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed's plan to bring home migrant Pandits is met with cynicism. Chindu Sreedharan reports.

March 3, 2003

Doctors from Ladakh
19 Ladakhi girls want to specialise in medicine. Helping them achieve their dream is Lieutenant General (retd) Arjun Ray.

February 26, 2003

The Gujarat Riots: A year later
Most of the 5,067 rioters who were arrested have now been released on bail

Coimbatore blasts: Five years on
Fear no longer hangs over Coimbatore. But the scars left by the serial bomb blasts on February 14, 1998 are yet to heal completely.

February 24, 2003

'We live for Saddam'
For Iraqis in India, America is the biggest terrorist discovers Basharat Peer.

February 22, 2003

The Nowhere People
They have Pakistani passports, but claim to be Indian. All they want to do is die in the land where they were born

February 20, 2003

The Intelligence game
While US intelligence agencies are willing to help India deal with terrorism, they are not willing to help prove that Pakistan sponsors terrorism, says B Raman

February 19, 2003

Polio: The final frontier
UP accounted for most of India's 1,323 polio cases last year, 85 per cent of global polio figures.

February 18, 2003

Chutney pop!
Surinam's Krieshen Ramkhelawan is a doyen of chutney music.

February 15, 2003

'Kalpana was proud of her roots'
Sam Kannappan will always regret that the Indian community in Houston did not honour Kalpana Chawla in her lifetime.

February 14, 2003

History, anyone?
Roland Joffe's Invaders seems to be an obvious effort to perpetuate the myth of the brave European and the 'honourable' natives who venerate a dead enemy, says Anil Athale.

February 12, 2003

'She was one of the seven best people in the world'
The American media has not spared newsprint in paying tribute to Kalpana Chawla, says Arthur J Pais.

February 11, 2003

'It's Eid. Let the sheep be'
Traffic constable Muhammad Yousuf likes his mutton very much. But during Eid, he gets more of it than he can swallow.

January 30, 2003

At the click of your mouse
A Bangalore-based lawyer has come up with a model for e-governance, at minimum cost and infrastructure. M D Riti reports.

January 27, 2003

Winter of death
For the homeless, this is the season of death, when life slips quietly away from freezing bodies sleeping on sweet tea and leftovers. Basharat Peer reports from Delhi..

January 24, 2003

The Third Axis
Time India and France came together to oppose America and defuse the Iraq crisis, says Claude Arpi.

January 23, 2003

Had Netaji lived
Would Partition have taken place? Excerpts from a forthcoming book by Anil Athale and Eric Vas

January 21, 2003

Choosing Chief R
New Delhi's new dilemma: who should succeed Research and Analysis Wing chief Vikram Sood?

January 20 , 2003

Beat it: Congress to minorities
A Congress Working Committee meeting has decided to pamper the majority community in the coming polls, reports Sheela Bhatt.

January 17 , 2003

From a cobbler's hovel to the CM's bungalow
'He always had the desire to do something in life,' long-time associate Jayant Patil said. A profile of Maharashtra's new head of government.

January 13 , 2003

Without remorse, your sincerely, America
'Nixon had toyed with the idea of using nuclear weapons in the subcontinent in 1971. And today, the US being the only surviving superpower, no international body can restrain its wilfulness,' says Lt Gen Ashok Joshi.

January 10 , 2003

Understanding the unnatural alliance
'The US can win over governments in Pakistan, but not its people. The US-Pakistan partnership is without roots and plants without roots never grow,' says Hamid Mir.

January 9 , 2003

Abandon no-first use policy, Security Board tells govt
In an exclusive report published in India Abroad, the weekly newspaper owned by rediff.com, the National Security Board recommended, 'India may consider withdrawing from this commitment as other nuclear weapons state have not accepted this policy.'

January 8 , 2003

'We need India and India needs us'
'The Pravasi Bharatiya Divas would be an exercise in futility if we are unable to build bonds of solidarity between India and the Diaspora,' says former Fiji prime minister Mahendra Choudhry.

Why the Diaspora needs India
'Dual nationality is not a matter of a passport, but of personal identity,' says Lord Bhikhu Parekh. 'It could even be our destiny.'

The Phantoms of Chittagong
The novel Tamarind Mem is about an Indian mother amazingly like your own, says Sonia Chopra.

January 6 , 2003

Ma, is that you?
The novel Tamarind Mem is about an Indian mother amazingly like your own, says Sonia Chopra.

January 3 , 2003

Active in Peace
The Eastern Air Command stays busy serving soldiers and civilians at remote outposts, writes G Vinayak.

January 2 , 2003

Art as therapy
Painting can help patients cope with Parkinson's disease, discovers Shobha Warrier.

December 31, 2002

Storing up trouble for the future
'India's non action in 2002 has made it absolutely certain that an even more audacious attack will be mounted in the coming year,' says Colonel Anil Athale (retd).

15 minutes, time up!
'Indian rock, it is now established, isn't dead -- it was only comatose,' says Bijoy Venugopal.

'Don't squeeze Yahya at this time'
This was the message of then US President Richard Nixon when told about the atrocities in East Pakistan, writes Suman Guha Mozumder.

December 30, 2002

'Selective Genocide'
The US diplomatic corps voiced its anguish at the wanton killings that were taking place in East Pakistan, but to little avail, writes Suman Guha Mozumder.

December 20, 2002

The looming crisis in Tibet and China
Médecins Sans Frontières' decision to pull out of Lhasa reveals that Beijing has hardened its position vis-à-vis Tibet, says Claude Arpi.

December 19, 2002

To hang by the neck until dead
The number of death sentences has risen over the years, but data on them is still lacking, discover George Iype and Onkar Singh.


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