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August 28, 2003

The enemy within
'There is no need to fear Al Qaeda, the enemies we are looking for are closer home.'

August 21, 2003

What did the Congress want?
'This was definitely the weirdest no-confidence motion tabled in the Lok Sabha. There was no mystery whatsoever about the eventual outcome.'

August 12, 2003

This is the truth and it's scary
'AIDS should concern us all, because the scary truth is that our politicians and bureaucrats are giving this monster a very low priority.'

August 07, 2003

What's wrong with synchronised polls?
'I don't care what the Chief Election Commissioner says, synchronised polls are a good idea in themselves.'

July 30, 2003

India may send 'humanitarian' aid to Iraq
'In Amman everybody is sure the presence of an Indian contingent is only a matter of time. So what do the Jordanians know that we do not?'

July 24, 2003

A vote for Principles
Antony's stubborn stand on principles may have caused him some problems to begin with, but that same integrity also saved him.

July 14, 2003

Will the Congress get its chemistry right?
At the Shimla brainstorming session the Congress (I) seems to have taken three eminently sensible decisions -- which, if pursued in good faith, should go some way to restoring the party to health.

July 10, 2003

How Rajiv Gandhi scuttled Ayodhya deal
'Rajiv later regretted his impulsive decision but it was too late by then. The last chance to resolve the Ayodhya squabble before the disputed structure came down had been lost.'

July 4, 2003

Will we be the keepers of peace?
'Iraq would be a major headache even if the invitation to send troops comes from the United Nations rather than just the United States.'

June 19, 2003

Lessons from the past
'History suggests that Indian soldiers shouldn't act without a clear mission statement, nor operate under Western officers unfamiliar with Asian conditions.'

June 11, 2003

Getting over the Pak obsession?
'Now, there seems to be a recognition by both India and the US that the two nations have much more to talk about than Pakistan.'

June 4, 2003

Wah Behenji!
'Love her or hate her, Mayawati has emerged as the tallest Dalit leader in India's most populous state.'

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