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December 16, 2010
The humble American
'Talk of American decline and loss of influence is both premature and overblown.'

November 12, 2010
Who said there is justice in the world?
There is injustice in life not only with individuals, but also with nations.

October 14, 2010
Indians please note: Why are Brazilians so happy?
Brazilians don't read the international press and unlike us, they don't unduly worry about what others think about them. Nor are they concerned about their pecking order in the world.

August 17, 2010
India's austerity drive made a shaadi happen!
'Who am I to say that the happiness of individuals is any less significant than Memorandum of Understandings signed between governments?'

July 01, 2010
Had Mukesh, Anil got together earlier...
'The diplomatic observer in me rejoiced in the clear and unmistakable evidence about the spread of wealth to hitherto unconventional regions and individuals in a fast changing world.'

June 21, 2010
Why I am praying for Brazil to lift the Cup
'Brazil has always been the favourite team for Indians for decades. 43 per cent of Indians regard Brazil as their favourite.'

May 18, 2010
Does memory matter anymore?
Memory was the most important endowment and instrument in the process. And here was someone, questioning the very value of memory?

April 01, 2010
Dancing alone at the Carnival
'Where does the energy and the compulsive gaiety come from, I begin to wonder despite the mind numbing sounds.'

February 23, 2010
Looking for meaning in multilateralism
As one surveys the changing face of mulilateralsim today, we see mutation and multiplication. The underlying reality is that the world is multipolar and with more poles, you tend to get more constellations.

December 30, 2009
Have you switched off your book?
'Think of all the school children saddled with books, voracious readers with huge appetites for current best sellers and so on, and you can see the potential one day in India.'

November 09, 2009
Join the party in Rio!
'The World Cup in five years and the Olympics thereafter will be the call for Brazil to resurrect Rio to its full glory.'

October 06, 2009
Obama and your grandmother
'Delayed gratification' is a fancy psychological phrase for an old lesson to forego immediate pleasures for later benefits. 'No gain without pain.' We have been brought up by our grandmothers believing in this. 'Don't waste all your time on the movie/television/cricket. Work now and if you do well, rewards will come later.'
September 10, 2009
What makes Indian companies excel abroad?
The knowledge component and managerial competence gives Indian companies an edge to be competitive.
August 14, 2009
In Brazil, the ball is the world
Is football to Brazil, what is cricket to India? No. It is much more.
July 29, 2009
Can you be greedy and good?
Ultimately life is finite and though money is important, it is not everything. Didn't our grandmothers always tell us that?
June 25, 2009
Indian soap opera taking Brazil by storm
Passage to India brings India into the living rooms of Brazilian homes night after night.
June 12, 2009
What tweets tell us about the human condition
'First, it reminds us about our essentially narcissistic nature. The basic premise is that others care about what we are doing and hence the instinct to broadcast. Second, the incessant urge to remain connected, to be part of a network that modern communications tools are driving us towards.'
May 29, 2009
Brazil: Pele, Ronaldinho, Samba
'That India would get ruled by the British and not by Portuguese except in some parts was a historic destiny. Why, even Mumbai was given away as a dowry gift by the Portuguese, when their princess, Catherine de Braganza married Prince Charles of England in 1661.'
February 10, 2009
Is hard work worth it?
This financial world, experts now tell us was sometimes almost a make believe, a maya, which had got disconnected with the real economy of homes and factories.
January 12, 2009
Can BRIC save the world?
BRIC represents the recognition that new perspectives were emerging in the world, that these emerging economies had their own weight and views.
November 25, 2008
Where have the real friends gone?
The encounter made me think once again of the force and total hold of Facebook and Myspace on generation next.
October 20, 2008
Fission, Fusion, Confusion?
I had been told that academic fashions are even more fickle and consequential than sartorial fashions. It is as important to keep up and know the current trends in discourse, and a researcher still stuck in colonial studies is as lost as a designer bringing out mini-skirts when the hemline is two inches below the ankle, says B S Prakash.
September 30, 2008
Hey, where did my country go?
I look for signs of India or Indians. And see none. To live in this day and age without the daily diet of Bollywood masala, cricketing capers, and fellow argumentative Indians seems strange.
August 21, 2008
Inside every blogger is an aspiring author
Behind and beneath a book lying unbought and unread in a bookshop there is an entire universe of ambition, aspiration and frustration.
June 02, 2008
All that shines is not silicon
Don't to rush into marriages with visiting NRIs, don't marry in a hurry to repent in leisure.
May 09, 2008
Finding love on a flight
'My best friend just moved to San Francisco, doesn't really know anyone there. You guys should really get together,' the passenger was telling the air hostess, who he had first seen, half an hour back.
April 08, 2008
Understanding the hyphen
Are there some unique aspects which make a hyphenated identity possible in the US compared to elsewhere in the world?
March 25, 2008
Excess in Vegas
I landed in Las Vegas among counters, not at its casinos, but in a convention hall.
March 06, 2008
The war of India's Independence -- in America
A year before Mahatma Gandhi's return from South Africa to India, a cry for India's freedom was heard from the shores of the Pacific Ocean.
January 15, 2008
The mind in a burger
'Understand a McDonald's and you will understand America,' said Paul sounding like an ancient rishi with a key mantra.
December 05, 2007
Swara across the seas
Saluting Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. A true Indian treasure.
November 01, 2007
Rock Star Rocket Scientist
With all of Dr Kalam's American interlocutors, the idea that a scientist could reach such a high public office in a democracy evoked awe and admiration.
October 16, 2007
The UN at its cradle
The UN Secretary General was greeting me in Hindi. He had started his foreign service career in the Korean embassy in New Delhi and had retained a love of India.
August 19, 2007
Videshi Dosa
`Globalisation had brought the Udupi to the West, but not the sensibility and samskriti to truly appreciate its blessings.'
August 14, 2007
Which part of India are you from?
After 60 years, we know from our own everyday experience that there is 'an idea of India' which transcends sub-identities and unifies us when needed.
July 18, 2007
Weaving it together: Web 2.0
'It is early days as yet and what is certain is that like all technology Web 2.0 will irrevocably and irreversibly change the way we interact with the Web and with each other.'
June 19, 2007
The Chinese Encounter
'The manifest curiosity about India in a near exclusive Chinese audience in America was a new experience for me.'
May 30, 2007
America: Guns and Losses
The US has fought many wars. But more Americans have lost their lives as a result of random domestic shootings than all the loss of lives from all the wars!
May 16, 2007
An American Passage to India
The curiosity was about the India of 2020 and our specific challenges. .
April 19, 2007
Neti Neti or Indian identity?
The most useful word to describe Indian identity and reality is 'multi'. We are multi-ethic, multi-religious, multi-linguistic, multi-cultural and any other multi that can be thrown at us.
March 29, 2007
Get up and get rich
'No wonder I had not grown rich. My one or two untutored adventures in the past in this direction had disappeared like Harshad Mehta from the financial pages.'
January 30, 2007
Abhinaya, Arjuna, Google
'To meet someone in Silicon Valley without Googling them in advance is the professional equivalent of declaring that you don't use a computer. It is suicidal as I have learnt.'
January 10, 2007
What it means to be an American?
'Whatever' I thought, best describes the spirit of being truly American.
November 28, 2006
India -- Shining or whining?
It is difficult even for us as Indians whether the image of India that is being evoked is accurate, true-but-selective, untrue and deliberately distortive, or plain bizarre.
November 01, 2006
The allure of an MBA
'In the US, it is a different business model for business management.'
October 11, 2006
'Acting' a President
'I was curious about the concept of a Presidential library, an American institution which every President since Roosevelt has had virtually as an entitlement, to store his papers, keep his memorabilia.'
September 20, 2006
The Indian-American Gen Next
'Can't you just say to your daughter -- Do whatever you want,' I don't care? I asked. 'For me, for an Indian to get to that attitude, it will take another generation,' said my friend.
August 24, 2006
Single-minded/Multi-tasked: What should your child do?
We were brought up in the old school: 'One thing at a time'. It is a different world today and a different younger generation.
August 01, 2006
Hitting a six for a home run
'Education is never complete, particularly for a diplomat as I was discovering.'
July 06, 2006
Samman for Rahman at Stanford
Rahman changed the sound, utilising new musical idioms that can be understood by Westerners and Indians alike, she said.
May 31, 2006
Only an exit visa
Irfan had nothing, no passport, money, visas. He just wanted to go back.
May 08, 2006
Silicon Valley Revisited
What makes Silicon Valley what it is, a frontier locale for high technologies?
March 31, 2006
Guns and Roses
'Guns define our identity,' he said.
March 07, 2006
The Indian success story
In the Diaspora 'To each according to his English' had some relevance. This enables Indians to be at the top among Asian-Americans.
February 07, 2006
'Just a passport, sir'
'Will you tell some one in the office here? After all you came with the VIPs,' said Kulwant.
January 19, 2006
Can America afford to shop?
America's net savings rate is minus 1% percent. People spend more than they earn and put the deficit on their credit cards.
December 20, 2005
An UNhappy Birthday
'Sixty is a time for aches and pains, for arthritis, for retirement, I reflected. Is this true of the UN?
November 18, 2005
Vikram Seth returns to the Golden Gate
'His devoted readers are thankful he decided not to take a few more laps in the Californian pond.'
November 11, 2005
War of the Geeks
'Some of this is universal, but some of it, I guess, is uniquely American. Is this good or bad?'
October 21, 2005
Protocol for alcohol
'Wine has always spelt trouble, literally so. Who can either spell or pronounce Bordeaux or Cabernet Sauvignon.'
September 29, 2005
The lady on seat 17A
'If you die, remember what I said. You will go straight to heaven,' said the lady on the flight to LA.
September 01, 2005
E-mail disabled!
Web-based ready access means in church, concert or cemetery, the restless mind can find its comfort in the gizmo in the pocket.
August 11, 2005
'What do diplomats do?'
India has changed so much that new paradigms need to be internalised. But the craft of diplomacy remains the same.
July 13, 2005
Reversing the call culture
Globalisation is indeed a two-way street and Udipis will be as ubiquitous as Pizza Huts one day.
June 10, 2005
How to become a millionaire!'
'I had no ideas, skill, and was utterly bereft of ambition. But the sheer energy at Tie Con made me perspire.'
May 13, 2005
Sounding silly in Silicon Valley
'Silicon Valley is not a point on the map but a state of mind.'

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