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V P Singh roots for Narayanan to be made President

Former Prime Minister V P Singh has proposed that Vice-President K R Narayanan be elevated to the apex office of the President.

He pointed out on Friday, March 28, that Narayanan was the unanimous choice of all parties for the vice-presidentship and this ''shows his wide acceptance''.

He was confident that all parties would show similar unanimity in sending Narayanan to the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

''His elevation will also fulfill partly the unrealised aspiration of the Father of the Nation that a member of the scheduled castes become the first president of India,'' he said.

V P Singh said there were many worthy candidates for the presidentship. But Narayanan fitted the bill remarkably. ''He has shown his mettle and merit as vice-president and the chairman of the Rajya Sabha. He also represents the aspiration of a ''vast section of our people''.

The former prime minister said precedence had often been cited in the past in making out the case for elevating the incumbent vice-president to presidency.

By that yardstick as well, Narayanan should be the automatic choice for presidentship, he added.

''Otherwise, a wrong signal will go out - that when it comes to a scheduled caste candidate, the standards become different.''


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