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July 1, 2004

House-hunting for Dr Singh
'The low excitement among Congressmen in inviting him to stand for the Lok Sabha from their states proves one of two things. Either they are not sure he can romp home or their sycophancy doesn't extend beyond 10, Janpath.'

June 18, 2004

Coming soon: Quota Raj
'Much as the fat-cats of industry might wail, the truth is that a greater role for the private sector in paving the way for social justice is inescapable.'

June 9, 2004

Is Vajpayee a poor poet?
'That a party which sought to justify even the grossest protest by its lunatic fringe in the name of freedom of expression should feel so incensed by the criticism of a Jnanpith Award winner is telling.'

May 19, 2003

Whose bill is it anyway?
Saving money -- or at least the pretence of saving money -- is a big middle-class fixation, and it is one that the BJP-led government is happily pandering to.

May 9, 2003

What are the MPs afraid of?
'Our political masters should be glad if more doctors and engineers opt for the civil services. They should be happy that those who could have earned millions in the private sector are willing to work for the government for a pittance.'

March 19, 2003

The most boring World Cup ever?
Where are the nerve-tingling chases and fightbacks that are the hallmarks of a great championship, asks Krishna Prasad.

March 2, 2003

Right-arm over to God
How does Sachin Tendulkar have so much courage, certitude and cool? And why does it elude us all, asks Krishna Prasad.

February 16, 2003

Why should India win all the time?
Why does a nation of spineless, riskfree coasters expect victory from its cricketers each time they step on the field, asks Krishna Prasad

August 7, 2002

Silence of the Paper Tigers
'If the media is not free to seek accountability from the government of the day, how free is the ordinary citizen we serve? And how free is the democracy that hosts us all?'

July 25, 2002

An eleven-and-a-half-point manifesto for President Kalam
'Swear in the next ministry at a time and on a day of your choice. Choose a time, day and date that are generally considered "inauspicious." Friday the full moon 13th would be nice.'

July 15, 2002

India finally play 21st century cricket!
'We go into the middle believing it is possible only if Tendulkar clicks. Kaif and Yuvraj have exposed the fallacy of that drivel.'

July 11, 2002

EC versus netas
'All the Election Commission is seeking to do is make more information on the candidate available to the voter. If our politicians were clean, would they have to worry at all?'

July 2, 2002

What makes Yashwant Sinha so indispensable?
'In retaining Mr Sinha and getting him to swap places with Mr Jaswant Singh, Mr Vajpayee has sent a very clear message that Charles Darwin was right about everything except the origin of the political species: it is the survival of the unfittest.'

June 24, 2002

'Why not listen to the message instead of shooting the messenger?
'There is a dangerous flip-side to the government's tirade against Time. That, somehow, the prime minister's health is beyond debate. All India sees Mr Vajpayee walking and talking with much effort. Aren't the people entitled to know why?'

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