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January 29, 2004

'Writing fills me with the same sense of magic that watching Hindi movies did as a child'
'I know from my two brothers and many cousins and friends how difficult it is to be an Indian male,' novelist Samina Ali tells Arthur J Pais.

January 28, 2004

'It is an honor to have my invention recognized as among the year's best'
Dr Raj Pandian tells Arthur J Pais about his invention, which was among The New York Times Magazine's Outstanding Ideas of 2003

January 27, 2004

'Pakistan is now going to have to show flexibility on Kashmir'
'If we can keep Kashmir cool for the next few years, then the possibility of a solution becomes stronger,' Pak anti-nuclear campaigner Pervez Hoodbhoy tells Pankaj Upadhyaya.

January 23, 2004

'Advani showed great sincerity'
'We are looking at a solution that will maintain the dignity of the Government of India, the government of Pakistan and the people of Jammu and Kashmir,' says Hurriyat Chairman Moulvi Ansari.

January 22, 2004

'Nobody pays attention because we don't have oil wells'
'No Musharraf or Vajpayee can solve this problem till the people of Kashmir are involved,' JKLF leader Yasin Malik tells Syed Firdaus Ashraf.

January 21, 2004

'Politics is a great teacher'
'Every entrant in the political field must know that the path he chooses need not necessarily turn out to be the road on which he envisaged his political destiny', says P A Sangma.

January 20, 2004

'Kashmiris want independence from India and Pakistan'
'The two countries should help resolve the Kashmir issue keeping the aspirations of the Kashmiri people in mind,' says S A R Geelani.

January 19, 2004

'Change in RSS is positive'
'RSS leaders have now accepted that Muslims are part of this country. Muslims and Hindus are brothers. It is a good sign,' Jamiat leader Maulana Abdul Hameed Nomani on the talks with the RSS.

January 14, 2004

'If you want to make sense it has to come from silence'
'People are not such fools. If they don't get what they want they leave,' Sri Sri Ravi Shankar tells Salil Kumar.

January 12, 2004

'There is a modernity lacking in the Indian fashion industry'
'In New York, fashion is in a dreadful state. The emphasis is on commerce,' designer Richard Singh tells Shakti Bhatt.

January 8, 2004

'My book is about the American dream'
'Immigrants come with a dream but not everyone has achieved it,' S Mitra Kalita tells Arthur J Pais.

January 5, 2004

'I oppose any so-called peace moves'
'If India could be divided on the basis of religion in 1947, why can't it be similarly divided now?' asks Pakistan's Jamait Islami chief Qazi Hussain Ahmed.


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