October 31, 2010
We didn't recommend anyone for Adarsh flat!
Amid reports that more leaders from Congress and Nationalist Congress Party from Maharashtra could have links with the controversial Adarsh Housing Society, three ex-Maharashtra chief ministers and a NCP leader have claimed they had not recommended any case for membership. PHOTOS: Alexandria Mills is Miss World 2010
Alexandria Mills, an 18-year-old from the United States had her "dream come true" as she emerged the surprise winner of the coveted Miss World 2010 crown, beating off competition from 115 beauties from across the world. Top PHOTOS: The world in the week gone by
We bring you a collection of the best Reuters photos taken around the world last week.
October 30, 2010
Some questions on the latest terror threat to US
It is important for Indian security agencies to pay attention to likely threats from Al Qaeda elements outside the Af-Pak region, cautions B Raman. 'Are we going to fight Pakistan with the US'
Raman Puri asks hard questions about India-US defense ties
October 29, 2010
India, South Korea reach civil nuclear deal
India and South Korea have reached an agreement on civil nuclear cooperation. 'Headley issue won't hit Indo-US ties'
Days before United States President Barack Obama's maiden India visit, US envoy Timothy Roemer told CNN-IBN in an interview that the controversy over the confessions of David Coleman Headley will not affect the ties between the two countries. What George W Bush wanted to do on 9/11
Former United States President George W Bush gave orders to shoot down planes on 9/11, his new book has revealed. They lost their childhood to the 1984 riots
In a moving photo documentary, the children of the 1984 riots reveal personal tales bound together by the common themes of violence, loss and the death of their childhood. What Obama MUST experience in Mumbai
Mumbai junkie and author of Mumbai Fables Gyan Prakash suggests how the US President can experience the quintessential Mumbai Dr Singh, Chinese PM discuss border row, JK visas
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao met on Friday on the sidelines of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations -India and East Asia Summit in Hanoi. Why Sikh Americans feel 'stood up' by Obama
Sikh Americans have expressed their anger and disappointment over United States President Barack Obama's decision to skip a visit to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. The President's decision was revealed after US advance and security teams visited the city and met the temple authorities, leaving the impression that a visit by the US president to Sikhism's holiest shrine was imminent How America unwittingly finances the Taliban
United States aid worth one billion dollars has wound up in the hands of the Taliban and other insurgency groups, according to war analysts and government auditors REWIND: The best PHOTOS in the last 24 hours
We bring you a presentation of the best photos in the last 24 hours from around the world.
October 28, 2010
In PHOTOS: When Indonesia's Fire Mountain erupted
Most of the Mount Merapi volcano's 30 victims died of burns or suffocation as searing ash and clouds of heated gas spewed out of the crater around Tuesday evening. Many were found huddled together in their homes. Why sparks are flying ahead of Obama's India trip
With just days to go before United States President Barack Obama arrives in India, a major controversy has erupted over American terror suspect David Coleman Headley, who had allegedly surveyed locations in Mumbai that were targeted by the 10 Lashkar-e-Tayiba terrorists on November 26, 2008. PIX: Dr Singh unveils Little India in Kuala Lumpur
Incontrovertibly exuding Indian-ness in all its cultural and traditional manifestations, the Malaysian capital has its very own 'Little India', an enclave that showcases the trials and tribulations of the Indian community here. Why you should vote for this social champion
'I don't feed beggars. They can look after themselves. The mentally ill won't ask anyone for food or money,' says N Krishnan who has been feeding them thrice a day for the past seven years. We proudly launch our Independence Day special series: Extraordinary Indians. REWIND: The best PHOTOS in the last 48 hours
We bring you a presentation of the best photos in the last 48 hours from around the world. How India can build a ring of steel around China
outlines the contours of the coming Sino-Indian conflict in East Asia. The first of a two-part series. Why India is the first stop for Obama
'We see India as a cornerstone of our engagement with this hugely important region of the world.' Why Modi's Rs 54,000 cr legacy project is doomed
Modi's hankering for illusory legacy in the Kalpsar mega water project could prove disastrous for the state's environment and economy, writes activist Himanshu Thakkar Revealed: What Obama will do in India
Obama arrives in India on the 6th, spends the 6th and part of the 7th in Mumbai, part of the 7th and the 8th in New Delhi. 'India disappointed with info on Headley'
Home Secretary G K Pillai talks to's about the lack of information from the United States on Lashkar operative David Headley
October 27, 2010
The Return of India's Lost State
It is not in the improved roads or in being able to visit the cinema and restaurants without fear or in the increased spending on education. The biggest change in Bihar is the distinct feeling of optimism -- that something good is finally happening in the state. Pak pounds Indian posts with rockets, mortar
In the second ceasefire violation this week, Pakistani troops pounded Indian posts with mortar bombs and rockets and fired indiscriminately along Line of Control in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday. Cost of Obama's Delhi trip: Rs 15 lakh per hour
United States President Barack Obama's two-day stay in Delhi will be a boon for New Delhi's luxury hotels, depending on who bears his contingent's bills. Top notch Chinese leader to visit India
Amid a row between the two countries over issuance of stapled visas to Kashmiris, a top Chinese leader will make a three-day 'goodwill' visit to New Delhi to hold talks with the political leadership in India. Time to stand with the Indian polity, Mr Obama
The report titled 'Obama in India, Building a Global Partnership: Challenges, Risks, Opportunities', said barely a year after Obama told New Delhi that it was 'indispensable' in the endeavour to build 'a future of security and prosperity for all nations', the US President's vision was being tested. No need for hasty action against Arundhati Roy
B Raman feels that acting against Roy would add to the difficulties already being faced by us in dealing with the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Mumbai's yellow-black cabs still most wanted
,338 Mumbai taxis in 1997 had permits to cater to a population of 8 million. In 2010, only 40,298 cabs have permits and Mumbai's population has shot up to 12.5 million. Obama's advance team moves into Mumbai's Taj hotel
The seven trucks, which all belong to GeeTee carrier service of Saki Naka, Andheri East, are said to contain some of the tonnes of technical equipment required for the US Presidential trip. And from the Mercedes bus, also a GeeTee vehicle, the 20-25 American team members disembarked and poured into the hotel that is now surrounded by a fresh set of seven-feet-high iron barricades US not in 'bags of cash business in Afghanistan'
The White House on Tuesday said it does not indulge in cash transactions in Afghanistan and all its assistance to the war-torn country is accountable to the Congress, after Afghan President Hamid Karzai had said that he received "bags of cash" from Iran and the United States. In PHOTOS: Rubbish protests in Italy
The streets of Naples are stinking! More overpowering than the stench of piled-up garbage is the resolute of the Residents of Terzigno, a municipality in the Province of Naples, who are protesting against plans to build a large garbage tip on the edge of the town. 50 pc Indian kids face sexual abuse in schools!
According to Plan International, a children's organisation in London, India is dubiously ranked third among 13 countries in terms of estimated economies cost of corporal punishment. In tiger state, humans conspire to kill big cats
Jhurjhura, the majestic tigress of Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh, was killed on May 18 this year. After her cold-blooded murder by influential people from Madhya Pradesh's political world, six more tigers have been found dead. Or killed in cold blood, notes social activist and tiger conservationist Shehla Masood. Obamania hits Delhi, but all's quiet at Rajghat
New Delhi may be gearing up for United States President Barack Obama's visit, but Rajghat will welcome him just like any other guest. Here's why Chinese blogs must be monitored
The blogosphere in China is expanding fast; thousands of blogs contributed by individuals in the country are appearing every day, conveying their opinions on a variety of topics.
October 26, 2010
Youngest Gitmo detainee pleads guilty to war crime
Pakistani-Canadian Omar Khadr, the youngest detainee at Guantanamo Bay has pleaded guilty to war crimes, including murder of an American army personnel in Afghanistan in 2002. 'I spoke about justice for the people of Kashmir'
Booker Prize winning author Arundhati Roy recently received a tremendous amount of criticism for her speech at the Azadi -- The Only Way seminar in New Delhi, where she shared the stage with Hurriyat hardliner Syed Ali Shah Geelani. In a strongly worded statement, Roy clarifies her stance on the issue. 'The burqa, for us, is liberation. Don't abuse it''s spoke to women from the Muslim community to learn their views on Shiv Sena seeking a ban on burqa. Though reluctant to appear before the camera, understandably, they were not short of words to slam the Sena's obnoxious call. Cong fumes over 'throw Rahul in Ganga' comment
An incensed Congress on Tuesday demanded the immediate arrest of Sharad Yadav for his remark against Rahul Gandhi and said the Janata Dal - United president had lost his mental balance. 'US should expose Pak's anti-India activities'
The United States should 'publicly expose' Pakistan whenever it fails to prevent infiltration across the Line of Control with India, shut down jihadi training operations and make the Inter Services Intelligence and Pakistani military pledge that 'they will not abet violent actors' in Kashmir, a US think-tank has said. Fake money worth Rs 120,000,000,000,000 in India
While India managed to seal the fake currency's Pakistan and Nepal route into India to a large extent, Inter Services Intelligence-sponsored operatives have furthered their activities by shifting base to Thailand. Record Breakers: Shah Rukh, kisses and pillows
Some people know no limits. They don't think twice to challenge the extreme or go the extra mile. Some succeed, other keep trying. Here's a collection of some attempts at breaking records. US Apache chopper pilots guilty of war crimes?
The latest WikiLeaks submission reveals a number of dubious attacks by Apache helicopters and raise the question of whether US pilots committed war crimes.
October 25, 2010
India's future lies in its hands, not in America's
Noting that the United States can only contribute marginally to India's success or failure, a report prepared by the Washington-based think- tank Carnegie Endowment for International Peace says it is in fact the actions of Indians at home and abroad that will determine which path India takes. End of the road for Delhi's killer buses
The blueline buses, which earned notoriety for reckless driving, will be off the Delhi roads completely from December 14. Why is Navy mum on use of junk US choppers?
Navy has refused to disclose any details about procurement of six phased-out helicopters from the US worth Rs 182 crore for which it recently received a rap from the Comptroller and Auditor General. Waiting for President Obama, and the baby
finds out how the India-US relationship's initial zing has been replaced by a calmer, matured relationship. No similarity with BJP on many issues: Nitish
In an interview with CNN-IBN, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has ruled out the possibility of a post-poll alliance with the Congress. The Janata Dal United leader also talked about the alliance between his party and the Bharatiya Janata Party PHOTOS: China learns the Art of Living
China looks to yoga to bring about "spiritual renaissance" for a calming influence on the people troubled by effects of globalisation and rapid economic changes, said a top Chinese official, as Indian spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar opened his 'Art of Living' centre in Beijing. End of the road for Indo-Japan nuclear deal?
The India-Japan civil nuclear deal might not fructify anytime too soon, with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh acknowledging that India was keenly aware of Japanese sensitivities on the matter and "would not like to force the issue". Pak's blackmail makes US pay up again
The Pakistan army's present confidence -- that the US will not act against it for its inaction against Al Qaeda -- will encourage more acts of terrorism against the US. Top PHOTOS: The world in the week gone by
We bring you a collection of the best Reuters photos taken around the world last week.
October 24, 2010
India is trying to underplay Obama's visit
When United States President Barack Obama meets Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during his visit to India in November, Indian authorities expect them to talk about strategic issues, including the balance of power in Asia, according to sources.
October 23, 2010
No new mosque can be built in Ayodhya: VHP
The Vishwa Hindu Parishad on Saturday demanded that a grand Ram temple be built in the 67 acre plot surrounding the disputed site in Ayodhya and said 'no new mosque' can be built there as it has been established as the birth place of Lord Ram. Why Pak DID NOT oppose Indo-US nuclear deal
Pakistan did not oppose the George W Bush administration's move to ink a civil nuclear agreement with India because it expected it would receive a similar deal from the United States, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said. Speak to Obama about Golden Temple visit, PM told
Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal on Saturday requested Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to intervene personally at the highest level of the United States administration to ensure that United States President Barack Obama visits the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Alaskan lake water to be shipped to Mumbai
In a commercial scheme that attempts to rectify some of the inequalities inflicted by the beginnings of climate change, water from a lake in Alaska will be sent to a new, yet-to-be-built water hub in Mumbai and then exported to arid cities in the Middle East. WikiLeaks bomb: Rights abuses galore in Iraq
Whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks has released nearly 400,000 secret American documents on Iraq war, calling it the "largest classified military leak in history", despite Pentagon's warning that it could endanger informants and reveal war strategy. Strategic talks: All that Pak got was more money!
Despite managing to get $2.29 billion in fresh military aid, Pakistan failed to extract anything from the US on two key issues of civilian nuclear deal similar to that of India and American intervention in resolving the Kashmir issue. REWIND: The best PHOTOS in the last 48 hours
We bring you a presentation of the best photos in the last 48 hours from around the world. Shocker! Malaria kills 200,000 Indians every year
Malaria kills more than 200,000 people in India every year, nearly 13 times higher than a 'misleadingly low' World Health Organisation estimate, a new study has claimed, but the United Nations body disputed the finding.
October 22, 2010
Stalled Indo-Pak talks: Gilani blames Singh
Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Friday blamed his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh for lack of progress in Indo-Pak dialogue, saying that he was unable to stand the pressure inside and outside the Indian Parliament. America's latest gift to Pak: $2 bn military aid
The United States on Friday announced it will provide a whopping $2.29 billion in new military aid to Pakistan to bolster its army's anti-terror capabilities, notwithstanding India's concerns that Islamabad has been diverting a portion of such assistance against it. When US president's nuke attack card went missing
Secret codes that allow the United States President to order a nuclear attack went missing 'for months' when Bill Clinton was in the White House, his former top military commander says in a memoir How Nitish Kumar is wooing voters in Bihar
Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has promised voters that he will end the rampant corruption in the state if he returns to power. Did Kennedy's charisma kill him?
Former US President John F Kennedy wanted to stand up in an open-top car and wave, get out and shake hands, unencumbered. And that may have been why Dallas happened, says a new book Love commandos to counter 'honour killings'
Pyaar karna paap nahi hain, Virodhi humaara baap nahi hain (Love is not a sin, we won't get bogged down by oppressors). With these lines, a group of likeminded individuals in New Delhi united to help inter-caste couples tie the knot without fear of getting killed for 'honour', reports Sahim Salim. NSA warns of 'limited war under nuclear backdrop'
Warning of the possibility of a limited war under a nuclear backdrop in the future, India on Thursday sought a new 'open, balanced and inclusive' global security architecture that corresponds to modern threats such as hi-tech terrorism and cyber conflicts. Untouchability clouds India's hottest tourist spot
Kale family's saga speaks the tale of how untouchability still shamefully rules the roots of rural Goa despite 40 years of liberation. The shocking case of Orissa's dwindling wildlife
While poachers were active in Orissa's lone National Park at Similipal, the state's Wildlife Crime Cell to tackle growing and rampant wildlife crime remained defunct. There is no dedicated intelligence staff on wildlife crime. 100 years on, Mumbai then and now
We bring you images from exhibition hosted by The World Luxury Council (India) at The Oberoi in Mumbai. 7 in 10 Indians have confidence in Obama. Do you?
When US President Barack Obama travels to India next month, he will be visiting a country where both he and America are immensely popular along with its own leaders like Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi, according to an opinion poll. India stoops to 122 in World Press Freedom Index
France-based media rights organisation Reporters Without Borders issued its annual press freedom index for 2010, in which India dropped 17 positions and was ranked at 122 among the 178 ranked countries. Will the 20-ton Grizzly ever arrive in India?
European aerospace major EADS is on the verge of bringing into markets its new A400M Grizzly to compete in Indian military proposals for inducting giant airlifters to boost its strategic reach. When do earthquakes occur most? Here's the answer
Seismologists at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre have found that the earthquake counts go up steadily when the moon comes closer to the Earth (perigee) and also when it is Full Moon.
October 21, 2010
'Junk food loving dads giving diabetes to kids'
Prospective fathers please take note-- men who eat junk food could be passing on diabetes to their to-be-born children, a new study has claimed. Using a mouse model, a team of Australian and American researchers found that those who hooked onto junk food may be sowing the seeds of obesity among their future generation. What was Al Gore doing in Chennai?
Former US vice president and Nobel Peace prize winner Al Gore compares the importance of the heart in the human body to that of the Earth in the ecosystem. Shobha Warrier listens in Pics: 2 Jaish men killed as gunfight rocks Valley
Two Jaish-e-Mohammad militants were killed in a daylong fierce gunfight with security forces on the outskirts of summer capital Srinagar on Thursday, reports Mukhtar Ahmad. 42 terror camps active in PoK, says Army chief
Anti-India terrorist infrastructure in Pakistan is intact and currently 42 terror camps, including new ones in Pak-occupied Kashmir, are being run, Army Chief General V K Singh said. Now even women are being trained to wage Pakistan's proxy war against India, he told PTI in an interview. PIX: At 20, she is Mexico drug war town's top cop
A town in Mexico has left most astonished after it appointed a college going mother-of-one to head a police force in the heart of a traditional route for narco-traffickers. Living in? Fulfill 4 criteria to get maintenance
A woman in a live-in relationship is not entitled to maintenance unless she fulfils certain parameters, the Supreme Court held on Thursday while observing that merely spending weekends together or a one night stand would not make it a domestic relationship. Pak shouldn't seek nuke deal with US, says Burns
Former Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns, who was the star diplomat in the Bush Administration who negotiated the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal, has rubbished Pakistan's request for a similar accord saying the A Q Khan network was the mother of all nuclear technology proliferators and said Pakistan's concerns over India's involvement in Afghanistan are over-rated. 'Once we lectured on morality, now we copy China'
Nobel laureate Amartya Sen on Thursday rapped India over its Myanmar policy, saying the country "completely abdicated" its responsibility on morality after getting a "bit of power" and pleaded for global scrutiny of the November 7 general elections under the military junta. In one year, about 800 brave men lost their lives
Around 800 police and paramilitary personnel sacrificed their lives in the past one year during operations or attacks on them with Central Reserve Police Force topping the list with 191 such cases. How 1 Parliament action can kill Indo-US nuke deal
In a scathing indictment of the nuclear liability bill passed by Indian Parliament, Nicholas Burns, former under secretary of state in the Bush administration, has warned that if the bill was not amended it could sound the death knell of the historic Indo-US nuclear deal and adversely impact on the envisaged US-India strategic partnership. 'Sena should not lecture Muslims about the burqa'
The Shiv Sena should mind its own business and not dictate terms about the burqa, say Muslims in Mumbai. Indo-UK war games begin at WB airbase
Indian Air Force's frontline Su-30 MKI fighter jets and Eurofighter Typhoons of the Royal Air Force on Wednesday began 17 days of war games codenamed Ex-Indradhanush at the Kalaikunda airbase in West Bengal. Now, many Mumbaikars can afford a Merc to office
Mercedes, the world famous luxury automobile company, has lent three buses to Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport undertaking in Mumbai to find the road-worthiness of the vehicles on an experimental basis. REWIND: The best PHOTOS in the last 24 hours
We bring you a presentation of the best photos in the last 24 hours from around the world.
October 20, 2010
Kashmir issue not UN business, says Tharoor
Asserting that the Kashmir issue does not fall under the purview of the United Nations, Congress MP and ex-UN official Shashi Tharoor has said there are specific instances when the world body can be involved in 'Caste will always remain Lalu's hidden agenda'
Bihar expert Dr Shaibal Gupta tells Sheela Bhatt why the upcoming assembly election is a benchmark in the state. Images: A dash of glamour in Bihar polls
One is a budding cricketer and the other is a wannabe actor, but politics is what they have in common. Tejaswi Yadav, a cricketer, is better known as the son of Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad's son. Chirag Paswan, who is looking for a break in Bollywood, is the son of Lok Janshakti Party chief Ram Vilas Paswan. Shantiniketan, India's next World Heritage Site?
Shantiniketan, the abode of Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore, and Western Ghats can well be the India's next World Heritage Sites, if the UNESCO accepts the country's proposal. Headley issue may spoil Obama's party in India
The Indian establishment may get a leverage while talking to American officials on bilateral efforts of counter-terrorism while the media splashes scary details about what Headley did in India, points out Sheela Bhatt How Rs 2,000 brought Bihar's biggest change
After 10 years of inaction where no new schools were opened and no teachers recruited, one of the best indicators of a changing Bihar is a group of girls cycling to a government-run school. 'Obama can wear a baseball cap in Golden Temple'
Sikh Americans, who were ecstatic that United States President Barack Obama will make a stopover in Amritsar and visit the Golden Temple, are still hopeful about him doing so despite rumours that he may forego this visit because of 'logistic issues'. Opinion poll says Nitish will sweep Bihar polls
The poll results give the ruling Janata Dal-United-Bharatiya Janata Party alliance 170 seats in the 243-member house. The Laloo Prasad Yadav-Ram Vilas Paswan alliance is set to be reduced to 34 seats, according to the predictions. Five things I like about Suresh Kalmadi
Commonwealth Games Organsing Committee Chairman Suresh Kalmadi took all the criticism he faced in his stride, but he's not the villain he's made out to be, says .
October 19, 2010
We didn't know time, place of Mumbai attack: US
The United States has admitted that two of the three wives of Lashkar-e-Tayiba terrorist David Headley had multiple conversations with its officials in 2007 and 2008 about his radical connection, but they could not provide any specific information about the time and place of the terror attacks. Will India rise for 8 mn uneducated children?
After a long time, a meaningful campaign to create social awareness for Indian children's right to education was launched by the UNICEF on Monday. Awaaz Do, the project, is timely, direct and uncomplicated, notes Sheela Bhatt 'Nitish govt has given Bihar its lost identify'
The man who has studied Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar from a vantage position in Patna's corridors of power speaks to Sheela Bhatt about the upcoming Bihar assembly election. India ignores Nobel laureate Chandra's centenary
Both the central government and the Tamil Nadu government have chosen to ignore the birth centenary of Nobel laureate S Chandrasekhar, one of the brightest sons of India hailing from Tamil Nadu, which falls on Tuesday. Why ISI orchestrated the 26/11 terror strike
The Inter Services Intelligence was heavily involved in preparations for the Mumbai terror attacks, according to classified Indian government documents obtained by The Guardian newspaper Top separatist leader on the 'war' in Kashmir
A little-known Kashmiri separatist leader is spurring the stone-throwing protests against security forces in the Kashmir Valley with tactics such as YouTube recruitment videos and protest calendars published in the local media. Aditya: This 'cub' knows the rules of the jungle
He may not have the whip-cracking baritone or crowd pulling charisma of his grandfather, but he has one of the most powerful surnames in Maharashtra. 20 years-old Adtiya Thackeray, the fourth generation in Prabodankar Thackeray's lineage, is being portrayed as the poster boy of Shiv Sena, reports N Ganesh.
October 18, 2010
Hu next? Meet China's president-in-waiting
Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping was on Monday promoted and made vice-chairman of the powerful Central Military Commission of the ruling Communist party, in clear indications that he will succeed Chinese President and party chief Hu Jintao in 2012. 'Valley's most wanted separatist leader' arrested
In a major success, Jammu and Kashmir police on Monday evening arrested Masarat Alam Bhat, the most wanted separatist leader and a close aide of hard-line Syed Ali Shah Geelani, from the outskirts of Srinagar. Jayalalitha hold mega rally in DMK bastion
Following up on her successful rally in Trichy in the run-up to the 2011 assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, All-India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam president J Jayalaithaa on Monday staged a mammoth rally in Madurai. 'Ayodhya judgment is clear: We have to co-exist'
Kamal Farooqui, member of the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board and former chairperson of the State Minority Commission, believe the Ayodhya verdict gives all warring sides a golden opportunity to come to a settlement and end the vexed issue which has caused untold violence and harm to the Muslims. In a candid interview with Vrinda Gopinath, he many of the perplexing issues and outlines a strategy for a final settlement. PIX: World's most wanted under ISI protection
World's most wanted terrorists Osama bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri may be hiding close to each other in houses in northwest Pakistan, protected by some members of ISI, a media report has said. Here's what Obama and Dr Singh should do
On the eve of US President Barack Obama's visit to India next month, a new report has urged, as a top priority, that the US unambiguously and unequivocally endorse New Delhi's bid for a permanent seat in the United Nations. Science at Work: From depression cure to T-Rex
A look at some of the latest scientific discoveries around the world in recent days Double Take: Odd PHOTOS from around the world
PHOTOS you may not see every day PIX: Bal Thackeray launches his grandson Aditya
Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray on Sunday night launched his grandson Aditya into politics anointing him as the head of its youth wing at a Dussehra rally, which also witnessed three generations of Thackerays sharing the podium. PHOTOS: When PM, Sonia and Rahul slayed Ravan
Giant effigies of demon king Ravan along with his son Meghnad and brother Kumbhkaran went up in flames as part of the Dussehra celebrations in all its colour symbolising the triumph of good over evil.
October 17, 2010
Mysore's Dusshera ends in pomp and splendour
Over two million people witnessed the famous 4 km-long Jumbo savari which marked the end of the grand 10-day celebration of Dusshera held in Mysore.
October 16, 2010
Navratri PHOTOS: Garba nights in Mumbai
The festive spirit in Mumbai reaches a new level during the Navratras. captures some moments... 'Good work Delhi. Just don't change now!'
Delhiites have received a pat on their back from Union Home Minister P Chidambaram for being better behaved during the Commonwealth Games and hoped the behavioural changes are not temporary. What US President Obama will do in India
Barack Obama's trip to India next month would be his longest stay overseas in a country as US President, which reflects the importance he attaches to building strategic relationship between the two largest democratic countries of the world. Revealed: FBI knew Headley's motives before 26/11
Three years prior to the 2008 Mumbai attacks, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was warned of the strikes and David Headley's links with the Lashkar-e-Tayiba by the wife of the Pakistani-American terrorist, says an investigative report. Who says Games are over? They are just starting
With the Commonwealth Games coming to a close, Suresh Kalmadi and others involved in organising the event are being put in the dock. Even Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit is not being spared. REWIND: The best PHOTOS in the last 24 hours
We bring you a presentation of the best photos in the last 24 hours from around the world.
October 15, 2010
Puja fervour peaks on Mahashtami
Hundreds and thousands of devout throng puja pandals as festive fever grips Kolkata on Friday, the second last day of Durga puja. But if weathermen are to be believed the rain gods may just play spoilsport. Why India is still bird in the bush for America
Ahead of US President Barack Obama's visit to India in November, B Raman talks about how the US will ultimately need both China and India to maintain its economic prosperity. Yet, for now, China, not India, is a bird in hand. Exclusive: 'No doubt Pakistan voted for us'
Hardeep Singh Puri, India's Permanent Representative to the United Nations and the architect of India's stunning diplomatic victory this week, speaks to Aziz Haniffa. Shehzad's replacement has arrived! US wary
Recent intelligence has indicated that the Pakistani Taliban, which orchestrated the failed Times Square bombing, may have successfully placed another operative inside the United States to launch a second attack in the 'Target Number One' country for terrorists, sources revealed. Flood woes lead to Talibanisation of Pak army?
The seeping unhappiness among soldiers unable to reach out to their families affected by the disaster is not only likely to affect its counter-insurgency performance, but it would also add to the sympathy for the Taliban in the lower ranks. Madhukar Vadu takes Warli art to Paris
Meet Madhukar Vadu, who has written a book on the tribal art of Warli paintings, titled Unter Dim Regan Boga. PIX: Khagendra Thapa, the world's smallest man
Nepalese teenager Khagendra Thapa Magar has been named the world's smallest man, after being just two feet tall. These 2 men are running the show in Pakistan!
"It is interesting that the US claims to want a democratic Pakistan, but whenever there's a congressional delegation that goes to Pakistan, they don't meet their counterparts in the National Assembly. They all want to meet General Kayani and General Pasha, because they understand that's where the power lies," said Christina Fair of the Georgetown University.
October 14, 2010
Video: Bukhari thrashes scribe over Ayodhya query
Shahi Imam of the Delhi Jama Masjid, Maulana Syed Ahmed Bukhari, on Thursday lost his cool when a journalist questioned him regarding the Ayodhya verdict during a press conference, following which he was thrashed by supporters of the cleric. Bihar is Rahul Gandhi's litmus test: Gadkari
Nitin Gadkari, had an exclusive chat with readers on Thursday afternoon, where he discussed a score of issues with our readers, ranging from price rise, Karnataka crisis to 'Rahul charisma' and Ayodhya verdict. PIX: Chile erupts in joy over inspirational rescue
Sixty-nine days after the San Jose gold and copper mine collapsed in Chile, the last of the 33 trapped miners was raised from the depths of the earth on Wednesday. It prompted an eruption of applause and cheers that seemed just as heartfelt as the outpouring that followed the emergence of the first miner nearly a day earlier. In PHOTOS: Berlin sizzles in the night
Over a million visitors are camping in the German city to witness the annual festival of lights. Not interested in becoming 'super CM': Paswan
Voicing confidence about a favourable poll verdict, Lok Janshakti Party supremo Ramvilas Paswan on Thursday said he would play the role of a 'mahout' and not that of a 'super CM' in case the Rashtriya Janata Dal-LJP combine is voted to power in Bihar. Nitish seeking votes for development, not caste
Confident and upbeat for changing the face of Bihar in the last five years, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is seeking votes only for 'development' during his ongoing hectic campaign for the upcoming state assembly polls. India's UNSC vote may be all-time record
'Even though a two-thirds majority was sufficient, we secured 187 out of a possible 192 votes… We may never know which five countries were either absent or did not support India in the secret ballot,' diplomat T P Sreenivasan who was present when India last served on the United Nations Security Council 18 years ago. 'India awaits Obama's visit with great hope'
"We look forward to President Obama's visit to India next month with great hope and optimism and as an opportunity at highest political level to steer our relationship onto a new higher plane," said Meera Shankar, Indian envoy to the US. When I met the family of a Kargil martyr
Gaurav Negi recalls his heartwarming and humbling meeting with the family of Major Padmapani Acharya, who was awarded the Mahavir Chakra posthumously for his heroism in the Kargil war in 1999. Obama may lift 21-year-old arms embargo on China
Obama has initiated what appears to be the first step towards the possible lifting of the arms embargo imposed on China after the Tiananmen Square revolt by protesting students in 1989.
October 13, 2010
5 injured as stone pelters clash with cops
Five persons including three students and a policeman were injured in clashes between stone-pelting protestors and law-enforcing agencies at several places in strike-hit Kashmir Valley on Wednesday. Ruling marks end of the road for Ayodhya litigant
School dropout Aslam Bhure sold half his house and spent 19 years in pursuing the Ayodhya title suit. When the verdict was finally announced on September 30, Bhure's world crashed. Two days after the verdict he died of a heart attack, depressed and defeated Jailed Nobel winner's wife seeks his release
The wife of Chinese activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, who is serving an 11-year jail term for inciting subversion of state power, is demanding 'unconditional' release of her husband and also considering appealing to a higher court to seek retrial in his case. 'LeT planning 26/11 style attack on CWG ceremony'
Pakistan based terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Tayiba is planning to attack Delhi on Thursday during the build-up to the closing ceremony of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, according to Indian intelligence agencies. VOTE! Do women make better politicians than men?
France's Finance Minister Christine Lagarde has claimed that women actually make better politicians than men as they're not prisoners to their libido and testosterone. Chile miners out of 'devil's' hole
Eleven of the 33 miners trapped in a mine in San Jose, Chile for nearly ten weeks was brought back safely to the surface on Wednesday by a rescue capsule. The capsule has now gone down to rescue the second miner. PIX: Curious case of the McDonalds Happy Meal
Manhattan artist Sally Davies bought a McDonalds happy meal six months ago on April 10 of this year, and has photographed it everyday -- and six months later, the meal shows almost no signs of decomposing. Delhi CWG: 14 states, 100,000 cops, one mission
Within India, the Games have brought together policemen and policewomen from 14 different states to carry out the mammoth task of maintaining law and order during the much publicised event. 'Obama won't mention Kashmir during India visit'
Veteran diplomat Howard B Schaffer pinpoints the reasons behind United States's reluctance to get involved in the Kashmir imbroglio, and the changing hues of the insurgency in the Valley. 'India will bring legitimacy to the UNSC'
analyses India's election to the UNSC after 19 years.
October 12, 2010
'Credit Dr Singh not Atal for peace with Pak'
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh deserves 'full marks' for his 'sincere' efforts to resolve the Kashmir issue and have peace with Pakistan, but is held back from taking a bold step over fears of domestic political backlash, former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has said. Ig Nobel for research on bat sex, whale snot
The Ig Nobel Prizes are given out in ten fields for quirky and strange scientific achievements and are considered to be a satirical take on the prestigious Noble Prize. PIX: Stuck in mine for 69 days, they sniff life
A single ringing bell and a roar of delight from exhausted rescue workers signalled the moment on October 9, when a 2,067ft shaft broke through to the 33 Chilean miners who have been trapped for 69 days. It's Meter Jam day. Say NO to cabs, autos today
Taxis and autos in Mumbai may find it hard to get a passenger on Tuesday following a protest call against the high-handedness of the unions besides faulty meters and drivers who refuse to travel short distances. Activist Chakrabarti in UK's Most Influential list
Indian-origin activist Shami Chakrabarti has grabbed a top spot on the list of Britain's Most Influential Women, just behind Queen Elizabeth II. Indira's Cong took money from US, claims book
An allegation that the Congress party took money from the United States during the Indira Gandhi era has been made in a book to be released on Tuesday, but the party dismissed the charge as 'unsubstantiated and malicious.'
October 11, 2010
PIX: This baby was born on 10/10 at 10:10:10
Born on October 10, 2010, at 10 seconds after 10 past 10 AM in Britain, Niamh Bond has been hailed as the world's luckiest baby by numerologists. Lalu's wife is richer than him and owns 60 cows
Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad has no immovable assets but Rabri Devi, his wife who is also former Bihar chief minister, has over Rs 1.41 crore in terms of landed property. India's 19-yr wait for UN high table seat to end
India is all set to get a seat on the Security Council as a non-permanent member after a gap of 19 years through the elections to be held on Tuesday in the United Nations General Assembly. 'We will deal with Salahuddin when he infiltrates'
Gen Singh said that to counter infiltration, the Army had evolved a strategy under which even if somebody manages to infiltrate Indian territory, "he gets killed later on". In PHOTOS: Spirit of Navratri in New Jersey
The Indian American community in New Jersey, US, has been celebrating the festival with fervour since October 8.
October 10, 2010
NATO resumes supply after Pak lifts blockade
NATO on Sunday resumed supplies for its forces in Afghanistan after Pakistan reopened the main supply line, which it had closed to protest the death of its two soldiers in a cross-border raid, even as United States drones killed 7 militants in North Waziristan tribal area in a fresh attack. LeT's trick to dispatch terror: Legal infiltration
A new phenomenon called 'legal infiltration' is causing concerns among security agencies in Jammu and Kashmir as reports emerge that youths are visiting Pakistan on regular visas, which are extended to facilitate their basic training in handling explosives and weapons.
October 09, 2010
Navratri PHOTOS: Smashing fun at the Garba
Navratri, which began on October 8, heralds the season of festivities in India. PIX: A sexy calendar for Russian PM Putin
Students from Moscow university have made a racy calendar asserting their love for Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who turned 58 on Thursday.
October 08, 2010
Live-in partner entitled to maintenance: SC
The Supreme Court on Friday held that an adulterous relationship may become matrimonial by consent and referred to a larger bench the question as to whether a woman in a live-in relationship was entitled to maintenance from her man. Pak govt not India is the main threat: Musharraf
Dubbing his political detractors as "cowards," Pakistan's former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has said that the greatest threat his country is facing today is "failure" of governance than India or Taliban. 'India's neighbourhood a volcano waiting to erupt'
Describing the current security scene in India's neighbourhood as "a volcano", Air Chief Marshal P V Naik on Friday said it could "erupt" anytime and asked the air warriors to be "prepared and vigilant" to meet any eventuality. Peace Nobel for jailed Chinese rebel Liu Xiaobo
China had warned Norway that relations between the two countries would be at risk if the Nobel Committee gave the prize to the Chinese dissident. It had also strongly criticised Oslo after the 1989 prize went to Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama. PHOTOS: It's an odd, crazy world out there
PHOTOS you may not see every day When Winston Churchill won the Literature Nobel
Let's take a look at some lesser known facts related to the distinguished authors who have won the Nobel Prize in Literature Ayodhya verdict is the best of a bad bargain
Maintaining the balance of disappointment within the two communities at the present level is the best of a bad bargain. Kashmir: 'It's a dangerous situation for India'
Veteran diplomat Howard B Schaffer says if Delhi continues to be in denial, and Islamabad is tempted to stoke the fires as it always has, the Kashmir situation could unravel fast.
October 07, 2010
Won't give up claim on Ayodhya: Sunni Waqf Board
Ruling out giving up its claim on the mosque in Ayodhya, the Sunni Central Waqf Board on Thursday said exploring possibilities for an amicable solution to the dispute without a concrete proposal was a 'futile exercise'. Interpol warrant against Pak's 26/11 plotters
International arrest warrants have been issued by the Interpol against five Pakistani nationals for their alleged role in the Mumbai terror attack and plotting to carry out more strikes. Bring up Kashmir issue in India, Pak tells Obama
Pakistan on Thursday expressed hope that United States President Barack Obama would make efforts to resolve the Kashmir problem during his visit to India in November, saying it has always encouraged its 'friends' to use their influence with New Delhi on the issue. HuJI terror suspects may be in Mumbai: Goa cops
Goa police have alerted their Mumbai counterparts about possible presence of a Harkat-ul-Jihadi-Islami terror suspect in the metropolis after he left the coastal state two days ago. In a wheelchair, this spunky teen bats for others
The story of Antara Telang is a hopeful reminder that the incredible spirit of some of us is sometimes capable of hoodwinking even the greatest odds. 43 pc of Bihar candidates have criminal records
In spite of the Election Commission's repeated pleas against the criminalisation of politics, few political parties have paid any heed to it and have continued to field candidates with a dubious record in the forthcoming Bihar assembly polls. Does the future of Afghanistan rest with Taliban?
The Obama administration has said it is supportive of the peace talks between the Karzai government and the Taliban, but asserted that there is no change in its position that this requires a renunciation of Al Qaeda, following Afghan law and renouncing violence. What's in a name? Plenty, for the Mumbai mafia!
Ever heard of Mohaamed Iqbal Memon, Rajendra Nikalje and Salim Kuttanelur? Probably not, because these men are more popularly (or notoriously) known as Iqbal Mirchi, Chhota Rajan and Salim Kutta respectively. All of them are dreaded gangsters of the Mumbai underworld. All of them are better known by the funny or strange monikers they have acquired over the course of their criminal careers. Lalu, Bihar's favourite punching bag this election
The man who changed the rules of the game in the state for 15 long years but failed in the last assembly elections is at the centre of attacks and counterattacks. Veerappan killer to Naxal hunter, CRPF boss speaks
He had vowed to shave off his head the day he killed the notorious forest brigand Veerappan. On October 18, 2004, when he appeared before the media and announced the death of the dreaded sandalwood smuggler, he became a hero in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.Today, K Vijay Kumar is the Director General of the elite Central Reserve Police Force, which faces the task of combating the Naxal menace.
October 06, 2010
Why is Yeddy the target of dissidents so often?
The first Bharatiya Janata Party government in south India is in disarray yet again. This time Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa will have to prove his majority on October 12 with 21 MLAs resigning from the government and bringing the numbers down to 96. The magic figure is 113. Rahul Gandhi has lost his mental balance: BJP
Reacting strongly to Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi's remark that the Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sangh was no different from banned terror outfit Students Islamic Movement of India, the Bharatiya Janata Party on Wednesday said the young leader seems to have lost his mental balance and has shown political immaturity by his comments. This mobile app could be terrorists' new friend!
The Plane Finder AR application, developed by a British firm for the Apple iPhone and Google's Android, allows users to point their phone at the sky and see the position, height and speed of nearby aircraft. 'No possibility of an out-of-court settlement'
All India Muslim Personal Law Board Abdul Raheem Qureshi and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi voice their concerns about the Ayodhya verdict. PIX: Indian forces train with US in East China sea
Indian and the United States navy are conducting their annual amphibious training exercise -- Habu Nag -- in the East China Sea, which is designed to enhance their bilateral interoperability, including humanitarian assistance and disaster response. PIX: How Pak brought a superpower to its knees
The powerful Pentagon has been crawling before the Pakistan Army in its effort to reopen a crucial supply route, considered to be the lifeline of its thousands of troops in Afghanistan, which Islamabad had blocked last week following deaths of its three soldiers. PIX: Hectic activity in Pak's Khushab nuke site
Pakistan is going ahead with the construction of its third heavy nuclear reactor at the Khushab site at a much faster pace, a Washington-based think tank has said. PIX: IAF's new C-130J Super Hercules gets airborne
India has placed order for six of C-130J Hercules, which are said to be the most advanced airlifter ever built.
October 05, 2010
'I can't praise the judgment, but accept it'
Jamiat Ulema e-Hind chief Moulana Mehboob Madani speaks to's Sheela Bhatt in an exclusive interview. Fight polls against Rabri, angry Lalu tells Nitish
Rashtriya Janata Dal supremo Lalu Prasad on Tuesday challenged Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi to contest the state assembly elections against former chief minister Rabri Devi, who is contesting from two constituencies. Congress plays safe, stays mum on Ayodhya verdict
In a balancing act, the Congress on Tuesday said it would welcome efforts for a negotiated settlement of the Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute, but made it clear that the Allahabad high court verdict does not condone the demolition of the mosque. Images: Mangalore crash memorial desecrated
In a horrific incident, the memorial built for the victims of the disastrous Mangalore air crash was found desecrated by miscreants on Tuesday. Yes, we trained militants against India: Musharraf
Former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has admitted that Pakistan had trained underground militant groups to fight in Kashmir, the first such admission by a top leader of the country. We can't forget the Babri Masjid demolition
Though religion is no longer the hot topic, the government should be on its guard Images: Europe's landmarks on terror hitlist
The names of the high-profile targets were revealed as the US issued a travel advisory asking its citizens to guard against potential terror threats while in Europe. Ayodhya verdict vindicates my rath yatra: Advani
Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader L K Advani felt 'vindicated' about his Ayodhya 'rath yatra' in the wake of the Allahabad high court verdict and preferred a negotiated settlement for building a Ram temple at the place where the makeshift now stands. The cyber worm that can destroy N-plants
In June, a deadly cyber worm called the 'Stuxnet' was discovered in Belarus, and experts worldwide realised that it had the capabilities of a missile, which could destroy a factory or even a nuclear plant.
October 04, 2010
Is India the American buffer against China?
Aziz Haniffa reports from Washington, DC on how the American Enterprise Institute, a leading neo-conservative DC think-tank, wants the US to boost its military relationship with India. US Senator backs India's fear on Pak aid 'misuse'
US Senator Carl Levin, chairman of the powerful Senate Armed Services Committee, told that he appreciated India's concerns over the massive American military largesse for Pakistan, considering the reports that such aid has often been diverted for a potential military confrontation with India. Indian Air Force is short of 600 pilots
The Indian Air Force on Monday said it was short of around 600 pilots and over 5,000 personnel below officer rank while maintaining that several steps were being taken to fill up the manpower gaps. Meet the 7-year-old who mesmerised Games audience
Keshav, the child prodigy who endeared himself to millions of viewers through his spectacular jugalbandi with 1000-odd drummers at the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, is just an ordinary seven year-old who is 'happy' to be playing the tabla. Astad and Delhi's street kids ready to woo CWG
Astad Deboo and his students at the Salaam Baalak Trust are ready to thrill the world on Monday with their performance at the Commonwealth Games. Why Mumbai shops today say 'SIM Cards Unavailable'
In an astonishing revelation, Mumbai Police in a survey has found that 60 per cent of prepaid SIM cards were procured using fake documents in the city. Net effect: What Ayodhya didn't have in 1992
Passions ran high as Indian users reinvented social activism by discussing the Ayodhya verdict on social networks like Facebook through status updates and over tweets on Twitter. Where have the beggars in Delhi gone?
Almost all roads and temples complexes are now looking beggar-free and hawkers selling balloons, magazines, pens and cheap accessories at traffic signals have also quietly disappeared overnight without explanation. CWG venues need more cleaners, snake charmers
There is a genuine risk that Indian hospitality extended to our guests, despite the last-minute engagement of the highest authorities in the land, may yet leave many deficiencies Congress on resurrection course in Bihar
Riding high on the euphoria generated by recent visits of All India Congress Committee general Secretary Rahul Gandhi and a battery of its Union ministers, the Congress is going it all alone this assembly elections in Bihar, hoping for a better showing. What is Pak's ulterior motive in Afghanistan?
Pakistan and its spy agency Inter Services Intelligence is supporting the United States' war in Afghanistan simply to ensure that Indians do not get strategic 'advantage' in the war- ravaged country 'It's time Muslims, Hindus resolve Ayodhya issue'
Hashim Ansari, who was the first Muslim claimant to the 16th century Babri Masjid 61 years ago, took everybody by surprise on Sunday when he took the first step to draw the final curtain on the Ayodhya issue.
October 03, 2010
26/11-style threat to Europe: The Pak connection
Some Pakistan-based terrorists who were plotting a Mumbai-style attack on London and other European cities have been identified by investigators, who matched their voices in intercepted calls with a secret database.
October 02, 2010
Ayodhya verdict is like Gandhiji's blessings: Modi
Terming the Allahabad high court's verdict on Ayodhya land as a blessing from Mahatma Gandhi, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi said the verdict is a good sign to realise Gandhji's ideology of 'Ram Rajya'. Cong wary of the 'landmines' of Ayodhya verdict
Slowly, the debate will shape up in such a way that support to the judgment will be interpreted as support to the Hindu cause and opposition to the judgment considered as identification with Muslim disappointment, believes Sheela Bhatt.
October 01, 2010
India gets real about China, to upgrade Leh base
India will upgrade Indian Air Force's Nyoma advanced landing ground in Ladakh into a full-fledged air base closer to the borders with China to deploy its top-notch fighter jets, including the Sukhois there. Day after verdict, Muslims mull radical response
Sheela Bhatt speaks to Muslim leaders to plumb the emotions in the community after the court verdict in the Ayodhya title suit Ayodhya verdict: Some are happy, others are not
A lot is being said about the verdict delivered by the special bench of the Allahabad high court in the Ayodhya case. We compile some of the comments made by political and social figures. Pix: Day after Ayodhya verdict, India remains calm
A day after the Ayodhya court verdict was pronounced, the nation remained calm on Friday, with no untoward incident reported from any part, as tens of thousands of security personnel kept a hawk's vigil. 'The next battle will be before the Supreme Court'
"The matter is to be settled now by the Supreme Court. We cannot accept the sharing formula, which has been ordered/suggested by the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad high court," says Zafaryab Jilani, chief counsel for the Sunni Central Waqf Board, in an interview. Ayodhya: Mixed reaction from Indian Americans
Hindus and Muslims in the Indian American community expressed hope and disappointment respectively to the Allahabad high court's verdict on the Ayodhya title suit on Thursday. Why India is unfazed about China's role in S Asia
about the recent remarks by Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg assigning a major role for China in South Asia and saying that India has a role to play in East Asia, National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar Menon said that in today's globalised world, this was no big deal September's best PHOTOS from around the world
A collection of some of the best photographs taken by Reuters photographers in September from around the world. Al Qaeda planning terror strike on Delhi's CWG?
Al Qaeda and a North Waziristan-based terror group 'Brigade 313' have reportedly prepared a plan to launch an attack on the 19th Commonwealth Games, which are due to be held in New Delhi from October 3 to October 14. Temple pillars used to make Babri Masjid: Judge
Remnants of demolished Hindu temples were used to build the Babri Masjid, Justice Dharam Veer Sharma of the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad high court has held and cited evidence provided by the Archeological Survey of India to support the findings. Images: India accepts Ayodhya verdict peacefully
The nation heaved a sigh of relief on Thursday with tempered responses to the Allahabad high court verdict on the Ayodhya title suits and no untoward incident being reported.
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