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February 28, 2006

Meet the most hated man in Pakistan
'Many in Pakistan believe Bush is using the Kashmir card to achieve his own objectives.'

February 27, 2006

N-pact: the biggest deal breaker
'When the Americans started to re-interpret the July 18 statement, there was an uproar in India, and a demand to return to the basics of the Joint Statement. Now, the problem over the commitment on testing comes straight from that document.'

Without N-deal, nothing spectacular about Bush visit
'The most spectacular way to save the visit is to announce that he will support India's candidature to the UN Security Council.'

February 25, 2006

Is Zahira a victim or accused?
'While we celebrate our victories, we need to remember that not every case can go for retrial at the hands of the Supreme Court.'

How to judge the Bush visit
'It will be like elephants making love: lots of dust and noise, and the result gets known after 18 months.'

February 23, 2006

N-deal: Be careful what you wish for
'The truth is, in international politics, no one really cares for the 'nice guy'. America wouldn't care to acknowledge that India exists if it did not somehow impinge on US national interests.'

Why I am not giving up chicken
'Without eating chicken and eggs, I cannot see myself leading a normal life.'

February 22, 2006

Jessica's real culprits are those who didn't speak up
'There were many eyewitnesses to the killing. They chose to look the other way. This is social bonding at its worst.'

February 20, 2006

It's not about nuclear weapons
'The central feature of the July 18 agreement is about the means by which the Indian civilian nuclear sector can benefit from being enabled to enter the loop of global nuclear commerce.'

February 16, 2006

Time to redeem or reject nuclear deal
'If India decides to resume nuclear testing, it will have to choose between civil nuclear cooperation and national security.'

February 15, 2006

'Indian foreign policy has had a basic consensus'
'The burning issues of the day have always been debated and contested hotly. However, what has remained constant has been a basic understanding across the political spectrum on core elements of our foreign policy.'

February 14, 2006

Muslims in the Army: A dangerous census
Is there no limit to 'vote bank' politics, for the sake of which a government is prepared to destroy the cohesion of its armed forces and jeopardise the nation's security?

February 13, 2006

'It was a crime that I was born a woman'
Indira Jaising on why she will join the dharna today.

February 09, 2006

Insults to the Mahatma, ignored by India
'George W Bush's protocol handlers have notified South Block that the American President's deep belief in his born again faith precludes his visiting Mahatma Gandhi's Samadhi.'

February 08, 2006

Japan, don't forget how the Buddha smiles
Why should the Japanese become so mealy-mouthed now about something to which they have been deeply committed, emotionally and pragmatically, for 60 years?

February 02, 2006

The 5th Baloch war
21 aircraft, 19 military helicopter gunships and artillery guns have been used to terrorise the Baloch.

The N-deal:What's on India's mind?
India should not compromise its technological independence or its R&D program for implementing this deal.


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