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December 29, 2005

How India can use the Bush visit
The US President has many pleasant surprises in store for him when he visits this country.

Where the World is Without Fear...
'India has endured 60,000 deaths from terrorism and all the officials we met were worried that no one is safe so long as terrorists operate.'

December 28, 2005

Patriots be damned, forgotten
Like the Jews during the Holocaust, Kashmiri Hindus too have been assigned an official number.

Where the World is Without Fear...
'India has endured 60,000 deaths from terrorism and all the officials we met were worried that no one is safe so long as terrorists operate.'

December 20, 2005

An UNhappy Birthday
'60 is a time for aches and pains, for retirement. Is this true of the UN?'

Time for reservations in minority institutions
'Reservations won't solve fundamental problems, but it will promote social harmony.'

December 09, 2005

Safe nuclear energy: India showed the way
India has been a pioneer in using thorium in reactors.

How the quake changed Pakistan
Whether it will strengthen the JuD in the region or lead to the alienation of Kashmiris from Pakistan, only time will tell. But one thing is certain: things have changed irrevocably in Pakistan since October 8.

December 05, 2005

India & US:Emerging Global Partnership
'Our world today is one of unique peril and unprecedented promise, bringing the United States and India ever closer together. I can't imagine a more exciting time in the history of our two countries.'

November 29, 2005

A plea to Uncle Musharraf
A seven-year-old quake victim's appeal sends tremors through Islamabad and provokes charges of media manipulation.

Hurdles remain for Volcker probe
The government of India's inquiries into the Volcker Committee report have procedural flaws that need to be ironed out for the sake of credibility.

No Excuses: Chinks in the army's armour
It is unrealistic to expect a "zero error state" from the Army. This is just not possible. Military men are not saints. The military honour system by itself is not enough to curb human frailties.

November 28, 2005

Naxalites: India's ticking time bomb
The Maoists are united, the strategies to counter them are piecemeal.

November 25, 2005

The politics behind Kutty’s murder
There was a certain sense of urgency about the message that the Taliban wanted to convey to New Delhi.

November 18, 2005

Vikram Seth returns to the Golden Gate
His devoted readers are thankful he decided not to take a few more laps in the Californian pond.

November 17, 2005

The dangers of the November 24 vote
'The utter futility and hollowness of the government's decision to vote against Iran stands exposed.'.

November 11, 2005

Who will judge the US and UN?
'This is the bigger scandal -- that the US takes control of the UN escrow account meant for humanitarian aid and diverts it as it sees fit. The world and India by being mute spectators to this fraud have become accomplices in this crime.'

November 10, 2005

Nuclear pact gives US lever over India
'It can influence India's foreign policy, besides giving enormous control over India's nuclear capability.'

November 08, 2005

What Indian laws have been broken?
'It is pertinent to remember that the allegations levelled against Natwar Singh do not suggest even remotely that Indian tax payers' money has been embezzled.'

The clock has turned full circle
'Today Punjab is one of the most peaceful states in India and for the first time, India has a Sikh prime minister and a Sikh army chief,' says Payal Singh Mohanka.

November 04, 2005

After the quake, brace for political aftershocks
'The fact that the Indian Army's image has soared among the Kashmiris and the army is no longer perceived as an occupying force but as a friend, has lent an urgency to the terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir.'

For the US, it's advantage India
'Iran is only one of several issues where Washington expects India to perform in conformity with US interests.'

November 02, 2005

Changing times in Kashmir
'The shops are full, of goods and shoppers; roads are choking with the newest make of cars in Srinagar; there is evidence of a construction boom across Kashmir.'

The mayhem after the assassination
More than 3,000 Sikhs were burnt or butchered in Delhi itself. A helpless community was embittered: 'This is the nation we made so many sacrifices for! Why?' writes Payal Singh Mohanka.

October 31, 2005

That horror 21 years ago
'The only Sikhs spared were the six with us. And all because of the cooperation of the passengers in our coach,' writes Payal Singh Mohanka.

October 27, 2005

NATO arrives in Kashmir
'The earthquake has speeded up the process of forging a formalised partnership between NATO and Pakistan,' says M K Bhadrakumar.

October 26, 2005

Needed: Quiet diplomacy
Teresita Schaffer on why we shouldn’t expect any dramatic breakthroughs in the India-Pakistan peace process in the near furture.

It's a slow road to peace
The most encouraging development in the past six months is the start of discussions between Kashmiris and the governments of both India and Pakistan, says Teresita Schaffer.

October 25, 2005

India-China: Long haul ahead
China appears to be hardening its position on the Arunachal Pradesh section of the border, which it says is under the 'illegal' occupation of India.

October 24, 2005

Pakistan: Hobson's choice
If it fails to respond to India's demand of a crackdown on jihadis, all bets are off on the peace process; if it responds positively, then it would have to face a jihadi fallout.

October 21, 2005

Protocol for alcohol
'Wine has always spelt trouble, literally so. Who can either spell or pronounce Bordeaux or Cabernet Sauvignon.'

October 20, 2005

The difference between India and Pakistan
'The Indian government would do well to publicly, if subtly, highlight development in Kashmir including the contrast between infrastructure and responses on either side of the LoC.'

October 18, 2005

Cellphone can warn of earthquake
The October 8 quake has posed new problems for scientists..

October 17, 2005

India could regain lost ground
The Indian-led resolution should seek the deferring of any referral of Iran to the UN.

October 14, 2005

A refreshing approach from India
'India has begun to live up to its position as one of the major players, with a rapidly growing economy and with the ability to influence the region and the world.'

October 13, 2005

Why the Reds turn Green
The Left's preference is for an agricultural Bengal instead of helping it recover its position as a leading industrialised state.

October 07, 2005

Iran: America's options
A change in regime seems to be the most viable option.

October 06, 2005

'We are a nation of bleeding hearts'
'India has always been a sanctuary for those who came out on the wrong side of politics and religion, and remains so to this day.'

October 05, 2005

The argument for India
'India, so fascinating and yet so incomprehensible to many, is today emerging from the recesses of history.'

October 04, 2005

Don't ditch Iran!
It won't buy India enough brownie points with the US to bag the Indo-US deal.

A leaner Cabinet for the PM
'Governance, after all, is not always a function of an efficient minister at the helm.'

October 03, 2005

How dare you kiss in Chennai?
Welcome to the city of the Big Brother.

In defence of homoeopathy
A Supreme Court judgment holds that those qualified in one science and practising another are 'quacks'. By that reckoning those damning homoeopathy are no better than quacks.


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