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March 31, 2005

Not just about F-16s!
'In the larger game of nations Pakistan is not a crucial determinant.'

March 24, 2005

Religiously against Modi
'Then why does the US grant visas to those hailing from nations noted for their lack of religious freedom?'

How will we play the Great Game?
'India shouldn't succumb to its traditional self-righteous rhetoric at the cost of vital national interests.'

March 22, 2005

Blot on the political landscape
'Indian politics is moving towards a sharper polarisation between parties representing the aspirations of the majority community and those seeking to inhibit the expression of majority will.'

March 17, 2005

Is this Media 'Shakti'?
'The most disturbing aspect of this episode is not the film industry's lack of ethics, but contemporary Indian journalism's lack of it.'

March 16, 2005

That's simply not cricket!
'The ability to suspend judgment while dealing with Pakistani strongmen has been the bane of Indian leadership.'

March 09, 2005

Mumbai's makeover gamble
'The real urban solution lies in men and women in villages finding no reason to shift to cities.'

India sheds its softness
'India has dispensed with constantly appeasing its neighbours despite their provocations.'

March 03, 2005

Why these concessions to Pakistan?
'Once the retreat in J&K turns into rout Pak will resume its assault against India.'

March 02, 2005

Bussing the peace process
'The bus service is the first tentative step in breaking the iron curtain between India and Pakistan.'

February 28, 2005

Uncle Sam's game
'Conceding primacy to US views is shared by both the new and old political dispensations in Delhi.'

February 16, 2005

Kashmir & Iraq: What's common?
'The Kashmir 'problem' has a greater probability of being resolved, thanks to Indian economic growth and tacit nudges from the US.'

February 08, 2005

Nepal: The Chinese squeeze
'Beijing's increasing control over the king should not be taken lightly in Delhi.'

February 04, 2005

India should be a Knowledge Superpower!
'Let us not become the back office of the world.'

February 02, 2005

The pawns without a vote
'Where are Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch now?'

January 27, 2005

Secularism Zindabad!!!!
'By succumbing to blackmail in Kashmir, the government is setting a very dangerous precedent.'

January 18, 2005

Next target: Iran
'From Tehran's viewpoint its status in Washington now appears to be that of a domino waiting to fall.'

January 15, 2005

What's the UN up to?
'This massive human tragedy can only underscore the limitations of a world body that on most occasions is subservient to the interests of a cabal of bureaucrats and opaquely administered nations.'

Leave the Army alone!
'All concerned should be aware that the armed forces are the last pillar of strength of the State that is still not corroded.'


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