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August 14, 2003

Laloo! Laloo!
'Laloo never struck a false note, never said anything that might displease the Indian Foreign Office and not once did he ruffle the feathers of his Pakistan hosts.' says Virendra Kapoor

August 13, 2003

Has Ram told them to fight?
'The Ayodhya problem has become a political one and can be solved only when the political class takes the initiative. Religious figures or communal leaders can't solve this problem for us.'

August 9, 2003

'We ought to fire the President and get a new one'
George W Bush has been running an administration on the basis of lies, assumptions and vested interests, saddling the American people with a slew of bad decisions and putting them in harm's way, says the former US vice-president.

July 28, 2003

Beijing's Arunachal card
A few years ago when Gegong Apang was chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh, he was invited to a conference in China. When he requested a visa from the Chinese embassy, he was told he did not a visa because he was a Chinese national!

July 25, 2003

Aksai Chin for Arunachal?
'Once the Lhasa railroad is complete, Beijing can bring troops to the Tibetan capital, located less than two days by road from both Arunachal or Ladakh.'

July 22, 2003

At what point would you say 'Enough is enough'?
'We don't use our power to vote out politicians who are dismantling the national security they were sworn to uphold.'

July 21, 2003

Vajpayee lacks guts!
'The meek surrender to the play-safe lobby has once again proved that Vajpayee can be relied upon to tread the beaten path, that he too continues to live mentally in the Nehruvian era of instinctive distrust of the West and the US.'

July 17, 2003

Kashmir: Tourism, Terrorism & Talks
How long will the euphoria last?

July 16, 2003

Noor's cure: A contrast in views
'The fruits of the Pakistani education dim the possibilities of peace and also, the future of the Pakistani people.'

July 15, 2003

'He was incomparable'
'He was the one man acceptable to everybody; Singhalji, Advaniji, Vajpayeeji.'

'Indian soldiers are good at bringing peace'
'Peacekeeping is an art, and we have professional excellence in practicing it.'

July 14, 2003

Musharraf: What about Baluchistan?
Vajpayee's assurances to Zia, the man who initiated the policy of 'death by a thousand cuts' to destroy India, ensured that the Baluchis were forced to leave their camps in Rajasthan and all financial, military and diplomatic assistance was cut.

July 3, 2003

India-China: Changing themes
'For Beijing, stable relations with India is critical for its policy toward South Asia; for New Delhi, better ties with China can dilute its defence burden and increase its capacity to cope with Pakistan in J&K.'

July 1, 2003

Beyond Awara Hoon?
'While the media repeatedly harped on historic ties between India-China -- or the lack of it -- Vajpayee's trip had revived interest among the general populace of an India they had been kept ignorant off,' says Bivash Mukherjee.


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