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January 9, 2004

Musharraf's tango
'Part of his adroitly walking the tightrope between Islamic extremists and the Americans in order to hang onto power.'

August 8, 2003

Largest democracy or loudest demagoguery?
'The govt should implement a UCC, irrespective of religious leaders raising hell in the name of heaven.'

January 15, 2003

What political breakthrough?
'Unless the expatriate Indian community finds effective techniques through utilizing its strengths and prudent management, political success will continue to be a mirage.'

March 19, 2002

A wounded civilization
'Politicians specialise in stirring up riots, not quelling them. While some are careful enough to lend covert support, others are openly involved with the air and attitude of heroes leading a crusade.'

November 27, 2001

Wield the pen, not the sword
'It is critical that India take a proactive role in the Afghanistan-Pakistan drama and prevent a Nehru-style debacle in reshaping international opinion on Kashmir.'

October 29, 2001

Is Bush cunning or a simpleton?
'The Northern Alliance consists of a bunch of brigands whose crimes obscure anything done by the Taleban. Unfortunately, George W Bush Jr, seems to be incapable of reading the writing on the wall.'

September 17, 2001

India is a bad role model for USA
'Barring its legendary restraint , the Government of India has precious little to offer to the US government despite its familiarity with the nature of the tragedy currently plaguing the US.'

July 5, 2001

Jayalalithaa's latest antics
'It would be interesting for the GoI to explore the necessary legislation for expelling politicians with a time-tested record of violating democratic procedure.'

June 1, 2001

'Will India watch as Hindus perish in Afganistan?'
'The GOI should restrain itself from playing Nero to a burning Rome and prevent the certain massacre of the Afghani Hindu-Sikh community.'

April 28, 2001

The great Afghan tragedy
'India should extend a warm welcome to the Afghan refugees just as it opened up its gates and heart to other refugees in the past.'

March 23, 2001

Overlook the obvious and repent at leisure
'If the Taleban is mule-headed, the rest of the world has been muddle-headed not to predict the obvious -- Mullah Omar's bearded men would destroy anything and everything deemed "un-Islamic."

March 5, 2001

Wanted: A politically correct solution to natural calamities
Horror of horrors! It turns out that there exists no mechanism in place to help victims of a natural catastrophe. Today's earthquake, tomorrow's cyclone and the next year's flash flood will have half-hearted relief efforts consisting of measures inefficient at best and impotent at worst under the present circumstances.

January 19, 2001

India should brace itself for an abrasive US ambassador
'Who would make a better candidate than Florida's Katherine Harris? Her bull-in-china shop attitude would help her woo and boo India as and when necessary.'

December 29, 2000

The cure for de-administration
'State division in India may actually accomplish the feat of converting India into a functioning democracy from an administrative aspect.'

December 9, 2000

Losing through winning
'While desi community members in Canada may have become high-profile, it is doubtful if the community will benefit.'

November 3, 2000

Veerappan & Co: Divide and fool
'Unless there exists a significant level of understanding about the habits and beliefs of the local population, more and more Veerappans and Dara Singhs will sprout and flourish.'


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