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December 28, 2004

Early Morning, Early Warning
A country that forces its poor to scrabble to live on exposed shores, is a country that will see thousands dead in future catastrophes like this.'

November 30, 2004

Trust is hard work
'What might we build here if we learned to live together -- as France and Germany have done, despite hating each other as much and for far longer than India and Pakistan have done?'

November 03, 2004

Is this how we treat our heroes?
'Here's the reality Saurabh Kalia's parents must grapple with: their son is conspicuously missing from the list of Kargil awards.'

October 14, 2004

What do low turnouts say about Kashmir and India?
'You can't help but wonder about an election, an entire society, so drenched in security.'

September 20, 2004

MTNL sucks!
'The due date comes up, so I have to pay. Which, I suspect, was the purpose of this charade. Stonewall until we get the money from the fellow.'

August 30, 2004

The Tragedy of Alang
'Alang is a wondrous place for the mirror it holds up. The ways it make you look at a country that's always familiar, yet always new.'

August 09, 2004

Boys vs Girls: Eternal Dilemma
'In one decade, our preference for boys caused us to kill a million little Indian girls.'

February 23, 2004

India Shining is feeble nonsense
'Governments that issue ads to "inform" us about their "achievements" are governments that have very few achievements to their credit anyway.'

February 18, 2004

The best connected university in India
'The most encouraging aspect of BITSConnect is the coming together of alumni, this voluntary and generous attempt to give back to an institution that gave so many so much. Of the Rs 70 million cost of the project, alumni funded half.'

January 12, 2004

It Doesn't Hurt So Much
'When the gazelle wins --not just wins, but pounds the bull into submission -- you know you've watched something special indeed. Tennis at its sublime and athletic best.'


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