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December 10, 2003

A Prize, Then a Murder
'A country in which a Satyendra Dubey is killed as he was is a country that is already wallowing in disaster.'

November 17, 2003

Going gaga about Bobby Jindal
'How we yearn for approval from foreigners, and specially American foreigners! How we long for them to recognize us as equals!'

October 20, 2003

Use Gandhi to undermine Gandhi!
'What must one think when a government, extracts one sentence that, taken in isolation, makes quite the opposite point? If you trust such governments, you do so at your own great risk.'

September 19, 2003

Of Whirlwinds and The Usual Suspects
'The wind blew the Parivar's boys into power, which is what they had wanted all along. The rest of us are left to cradle the bloodied bodies of fellow citizens.'

August 18, 2003

A Babe Shows A Way
'How many chords did Noor, the Pakistani child operated in Bangalore, touch in this country? How many parents saw their own children in those round cheeks.'

June 28, 2003

Because The Bag-Lady Matters
'Let's take our country back from everyone who thinks a fellow citizen mining our garbage for food is an acceptable sight in India. From everyone who has grown up to look the other way.'

June 21, 2003

Cognate, Meet Agnate; Now Get Lost
'If we have traditions that lead to injustice and discrimination then the faster they are thrown on the dung heap they belong on, the better.'

June 14, 2003

BHAGs under my eyes
'It's experiences like Enron that raise questions today about linking rivers. This time, we want answers. Every step of the way.'

May 31, 2003

Politics By Pipeline
'There's no explanation for why the revision resulted in an eight-fold -- yes, eight times! -- jump in the estimated cost.'

May 23, 2003

Patriotism Before A Fall
'When I see Indians strive to better others' lives, and the bettering happens as I watch, that makes my Indian spirit soar in ways that all the consumer gadgets in the world, or missiles rolling down Rajpath on January 26, simply cannot.'

May 17, 2003

Peace: The nitty gritty bang bang
'India and Pakistan come to the table with mistrust clinging to every word, with the albatrosses of six hostile, violent decades hanging from their shoulders. How do you trust again, so you can start believing the other guy, then move on?'.

May 10, 2003

Grace at birth, too
'Now you need 35 per cent to pass a subject at the University of Bombay. 35 per cent, that's right: seems absurdly low to me, but there you are,' says Dilip D'Souza

May 03, 2003

My country, right or wrong?
'Who are the Iraqi patriots? The men who fought to defend a regime like Saddam's? Or the grateful Iraqis who welcomed victorious foreign troops with hugs and kisses?'

April 28, 2003

Call The Doctor, I'm a Patriot
'When Shiv Sena's Raj Thackeray announced that we Mumbai patriots must start boycotting non-Maharashtrians, I was a little nervous about finding more measures; but resolute nevertheless in my determination to do what needs to be done.'

April 19, 2003

Immorality Play
'What can morality even begin to mean when humans -- vast numbers of humans -- have to exist like they do in the slums of Dharavi?'

April 13, 2003

Routine enough to preprint
'I would like to know how the prime minister sleeps at night when kids are assumed to be malnourished, and when some of those kids die from that malnutrition.'

April 5, 2003

Used To Futility
'That's the thing about being anti-war in a time of Saddam and Gujarat, pseudo-religion and soft states, Bush and suicide attacks. You get used to futility.'


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