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May 19, 2005

Dara Singh's death sentence commuted
Dara happy, to move SC for acquittal
CBI may move apex court
Gladys Staines refuses comment
The case so far

June 30, 1999

Catholic schools ordered not to admit students under pressure

February 23, 1999

Pathanamthitta pastors' attackers believed to be in Bombay

January 19, 1999

Anti-Christian attacks started in Nov 1997
VHP disagrees with PM's views on conversions

January 18, 1999

Worried allies get together as BJP fails to rein in Sangh Parivar
No move to ban conversions: Vajpayee
Congress may yet demand Central rule in Gujarat

January 16, 1999

Attacks dominate CWC meeting

January 15, 1999

Sangh Parivar demands minority status for Hindus in 6 states

January 14, 1999

VHP meets US envoy, clarifies Dangs violence

January 13, 1999

Snubbed on the economic front, Sangh turns on the Hindutva heat
Dangs reverts to normalcy
Congress will demand President's rule in Gujarat at the 'appropriate time'

January 12, 1999

Violence resumes in the Dangs, two chapels set ablaze
VHP claims Hinduism is in danger
Pawar assails PM's stand on Dangs incidents

January 11, 1999

PM refuses to sack Gujarat government
BJP calls for rules to govern conversions

January 09, 1999

Advani in a dilemma as Christians, Sangh Parivar harden stand on conversions
President forwards letters of concern to Centre
Uma Bharti sees conspiracy against India in Christian attacks

January 08, 1999

'Sangh Parivar forcibly reconverted tribals'
Attacks not good for Indian culture -- Sonia
PM will be off to Dangs on Saturday evening
Christians are safe, India assures US

January 07, 1999

US gets set to take up attacks on Christians
RJD demands ban on RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal
BJP, Congress criticise Pak meddling
BJP flays Congress for 'hyping' attacks
Pawar embarrasses Congress

January 06, 1999

Vajpayee to visit Dangs this week
37 Adivasis re-converted in Nasik

January 05, 1999

Veteran Gandhians demand ban on conversions
Congress for step-by-step approach to remove Gujarat government
Joshi promises full protection to Christians
Christian leaders offer to talk to VHP, BJP
'Why should I apologise for everything that is happening in the state?'

January 04, 1999

Dangs limps along road to peace
BJP gives Gujarat government a clean chit

January 02, 1999

Congress complains to President against Gujarat government
Attacks will mar BJP's credibility: Hegde

December 31, 1998

Peace may be long in returning to the Dangs
'The Christians are more loyal to the Roman Pope than our Lord Ram or Krishna'

December 30, 1998

Vajpayee promises to rein in Singhal
PM orders punishment for un-Christian acts
Christians are safe in India, Vajpayee asks embassies to tell the West
Dangs "cent per cent" normal, says Keshubhai
Gujarat Congress calls central panel a farce
VHP accuses Sonia of backing Christians to appease minorities

December 29, 1998

Singhal sees 'foreign hand' in violence against Christians
VHP denies involvement in Dangs violence
More trouble is not ruled out in the district
Congress to stage rally against attacks

December 28, 1998

Gujarat Christians urge PM to protect them
Centre may declare 1999 the Year of Christ
Missionaries mixed up with Naxalites: Singhal


'Why should I apologise for everything that is happening in the state?' -- Keshubhai Patel

'The Christians are more loyal to the Roman Pope than our Lord Ram or Krishna' -- Jayantibhai Kewat


The RSS is wrong -- Pritish Nandy

Don't Buy the Lie -- Pritish Nandy

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