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December 2004

Did Osama miscalculate?
Mullah Omar alive: Newsweek
Another Laden tape surfaces
3 top Taliban leaders held
US admits 8 Afghan jail deaths
Karzai sworn in as Afghanistan president

November 2004

Hamid Karzai wins Afghan presidential election
Karzai named Afghan president

October 2004

Karzai clear victor in Afghan poll
New Afghan army woos recruits
'We don't want the Taliban to re-emerge'
Karzai rival cries foul
Counting Afghan votes
Karzai has only a 50-50 chance
19-year-old Afghan casts first vote in Pak
Most candidates boycott Afghan polls

September 2004

Karzai meets Singh; appreciates help
Attempt to assassinate Karzai
'US will be defeated in Iraq, Afghanistan'

August 2004

'Americans are heading for bloody September'

July 2004

Abdullah splits with Karzai
Afghan agents get in touch with Mullah Omar

June 2004

12 Chinese workers killed in Afghanistan
US Marines kill 21 Taliban

April 2004

Osama offers truce with Europe
Afghan warlord hails Iraq uprising
'We are hunting Americans like pigs'
US wants road between India, Afghanistan

March 2004

UN fears anarchy in Afghanistan
Afghan aviation minister assassinated
'Kabul needs both India, Pakistan'
US readies Afghan offensive
US to launch non-stop hunt for bin Laden
Chip helped nab terrorists: Report
Taliban preparing to attack: Report

February 2004

Osama trapped, likely to be seized soon: Report

January 2004

Continue jihad, bin Laden urges Muslims


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