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Obama's most likely VP candidates

May 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Can you imagine? After all the vitriol and venom, is it possible for the two Democrat heavyweights to share and play nice? While it might not be possible, given the personal enmity that this race has engendered between the two (and their spouses, word is that Michelle Obama cannot STAND Hillary), this pairing does make the most sense, at least logistically. Polls this week show that nearly one third of Hillary supporters would vote for McCain if Obama wins the nomination, while about a quarter of Obama's would do the same should Hillary represent the Democrats.

The only way to make everyone happy, then, would be to put them on the same ticket. The problem some see with this arrangement, however, is that both candidates are 'very liberal' and 'too elitist' for mainstream America. But, given that they're the two most high-profile Democrats at the moment, perhaps the party will go for name recognition over relatively unknown moderate.

Whatever happens, and suffice to say, the Democratic Party cannot afford to screw this one up. With a weak dollar, a woebegone economy, and a disastrous war, America's primed for change. Should the election go to John 'McSame' McCain, it will point to real problems in the Democratic Party, more endemic than a few hanging chads and a couple of swing states.

Image: New York Senator Hillary Clinton interacts with a supporter at a campaign event in Fairmont, West Virginia.
Photograph: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

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