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The stupa at Sanchi, 95 km from Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, houses the Buddha's remains. The original stupa, built in brick in the third century BC during Emperor Ashoka's reign, was reconstructed in stone in the second century AD during the reign of the Sunga dynasty. Shown here is the southern entrance, with its magnificently engraved torana .

Japanese architect Takeo Kamiya, who travelled to India several times between 1976 and 1996, single-handedly photographed and documented 612 buildings in 287 Indian cities, towns and villages in his book The Guide To The Architecture Of The Indian Subcontinent (Toto Shuppan, 1996). Through the efforts of Indian architect Gerard da Cunha, who chanced upon the book during a visit to Japan in 2000, an English edition was published this year by the Jindal Art Foundation.

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