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July 29, 2010
Tips to speed up your return filing process
It's that time of the year when the taxman is remembered the most. With just two days left to file tax returns, taxpayers have now awoken to the reality that the due date is at hand.
July 28, 2010
Why and how to trade in Nifty futures
By trading in index futures, an investor is buying and selling the basket of stocks comprising the index, in their respective weights.
July 27, 2010
5 golden rules of common sense investing
These simple rules are the distillation of a lifetime's stunning investment achievements and wisdom. All you want to know about educational loans
Higher education is not affordable to many intelligent students because of their financial condition. But now educational loans are easily available from many banks and financial institution. Hence many students can now go for a higher education without any fear.
July 26, 2010
Here's how to file tax returns without pain
Filing your taxes is not as big a headache as you may make it out to be. All you need is to be clear on some fundamentals and have your papers in place. Here's help.
July 23, 2010
Tax filing for self-employed professionals
The income tax act states, 'Profession implies apparent achievement in special knowledge as distinguished from mere skill, special knowledge has to be acquired only after study and application.' The credit card statement demystified!
Do you tend to procrastinate or ignore reading the bill because you do not understand it. The terminology used is confusing? Read on to understand your credit card statement better.
July 22, 2010
EMI sharing: How it helps those living on rent
EMI sharing is arrangement whereby the home loan taker does not have to pay the EMI for the home loan as soon as the home loan is sanctioned. The developer building the property will pay EMIs on behalf of the home loan taker up to a predefined period, which is typically the period up to the possession of the property. Revised tax code: Things that will make you happy
Though clarity on various aspects is still some way off, let's take a look at the impact of the Revised Direct Taxes Code.
July 21, 2010
Filing tax returns? Keep this in mind!
Filing tax returns is an annual mandate that tax payers have to comply with, the last date for which is in sight: July 31, 2010.
July 19, 2010
How to negotiate for a bigger take-home salary
Tweaking the right components can enhance your monthly income.
July 15, 2010
It's a tough task for elderly to get home loan
However, a co-applicant with a steady income can be of help.
July 14, 2010
Cities where demand for housing is on the upswing
The real estate sector is back in news. Property prices have been on a sharp rise since the last three quarters as there has been an upswing in the economic growth of the country.
July 12, 2010
Paying taxes? Get the benefit
A taxpayer should ensure getting the benefit of all the steps taken on compliance. Want assured returns? Be careful
Seek professional help to manage your money. But monitor the holdings and performance. Here's how salaried people can save taxes!
Finding the right way to save taxes requires a great deal of planning. Here's a helping hand. How to make money from forex trading
Forex trade can be a very profitable venture. But while the money market movements are small, they can hurt big. Tax code change to hit payees
The changes to the original draft of the Direct Taxes Code are going to cost taxpayers, with the government planning to significantly alter the slabs.
July 08, 2010
11 credit card fees that you must know about
There are various charges that come with a credit card usage let on alone the annual charges. Why you MUST file tax returns
It is essential to file returns when your income crosses/exceeds the basic exemption limit even if it means that on account of you investment planning, your tax obligation may be nil.
July 07, 2010
Stock market: What are circuit breakers?
Circuit Breaker is a system to sustain sanity of the stock market
July 06, 2010
Now, check out more options for pension plans
Irda's new guidelines for pension plans guarantee returns, but the rate is too low to beat inflation How good is the senior citizen savings scheme
Extend your scheme by three years, especially if you have not crossed the limit of Rs 15 lakh. Credit card misused? You are liable to pay!
If the credit card limit is exceeded, it is your problem. And, that is true even if the card is stolen. Investing? How to avoid mistakes
Most people starting their careers feel liberated that they are finally earning money and, can actually spend it without seeking it from parents. They forget several important things, saving for the future, creating a retirement corpus and taxes.
July 05, 2010
Tips on home loan repayment
Home loan repayment for an under construction property will get tax benefits only after the buyer takes possession. Smart tips to grow your money
Traditional investments like fixed deposits are good and safe and one must have a part of their savings invested in such risk free options. However, your portfolio is not complete and balanced in the absence of stock investments. Tax code exempts New Pension Scheme from tax
The revised DTC which will introduce several changes if implemented has brought New Pension Scheme under the tax exempt net. This new change will make NPS an attractive investment opportunity.
July 01, 2010
What is base rate; how it hits home loan borrowers
Floating rate home loan borrowers, stuck on higher interest rates, can expect some relief from today (July 1).
June 29, 2010
Know your taxes to save better
Keeping a track of the latest developments will help you plan your investments wisely Personal finance management tips for women
Women need to handle their finances differently from men because of the differences in the earning patterns and priorities that women set for themselves.
June 24, 2010
Real estate: How the new tax code impacts you
Here is a list of some of the noteworthy changes proposed in the draft code.
June 17, 2010
Tips to earn extra money as passive income
Everybody is in the race to earn as much as they can. While your job or occupation generates income and is the primary source of livelihood, you can earn extra money by means of passive income.
June 16, 2010
Guard your credit card against frauds
Credit card information is privy and prone to theft. Therefore it is your responsibility to keep it safe from miscreants who may illegally use it and make you pay the price for the same because after all, you are the owner of the card.
June 15, 2010
Filing tax returns? Avoid these error traps
Every individual has to necessarily file the income-tax returns if the total income, before allowing any deduction, exceeds the exemption limit.
June 14, 2010
How your wealth need not plunge with the market
There are different instruments which help in hedging the portfolio. Here's some help.
June 10, 2010
Why New Pension Scheme has failed
Hailed as a revolutionary offering, the NPs has found few takers even after a year of its launch.
June 09, 2010
Tips to file income tax online
Filing your Income tax returns electronically through the internet is a simple, easy and convenient process.
June 08, 2010
Car insurance gets costlier on rising collisions
The special hit could be for 'own car insurance', better known as 'comprehensive motor insurance policy'. This covers damage for both, third party and self.
June 07, 2010
Golden tips to save more tax
Afterall a rupee saved is rupee earned...
June 04, 2010
Rent an apartment or take company accommodation?
A company-leased apartment is treated as a 'perquisite.
June 03, 2010
What to do when markets are jittery
Buy on dips, redeploy funds and, most important, stay invested. How tax on retirement corpus can hit you
Investors in the Employee Provident Fund (EPF), Public Provident Fund (PPF) and insurance plans for retirement have a reason to worry.
May 24, 2010
Mutual funds: Beyond returns
A look at stocks in the portfolio, corpus size and comparison with peers can help in selecting a fund. Gold loan: A more precious debt option
The amount of documentation and the excessive verifications before your personal loan gets processed can be a nightmare. Equity always pays in long-term
If you understand industry trends, invest in blue-chip stocks. Going abroad? How to use cash
The challenge for individuals is to consider several other factors that determine the manner of usage of this amount.
May 21, 2010
ETFs: Safe bet for passive investors
Exchange traded fund is an instrument listed on the stock exchange having characteristics of both a mutual fund and listed security.
May 20, 2010
Check out these options for your financial needs!
Financial markets in India now provide several loan products that will help you to keep intact your assets but at the same time provide you with the finances you need to tide over the situation.
May 19, 2010
New fund offers ride on reforms theme
Fund houses bet on growth, divestment and deregulation.
May 18, 2010
Investing in foreign stocks to be easier now
Just as investors abroad can participate in Indian companies' issues through the American Depository Receipt and Global Depository Receipt route, Indian investors can now invest in foreign companies through the IDR. Standard Chartered Bank will be the first IDR issue, opening May 25.
May 17, 2010
How to define risks and rewards
Sharpe and Treynor ratios are important. However, there is no guarantee that future performance will resemble the past. Tips to cut bank charges
Small charges might seem inconsequential. They can pile up, though. Invest in these steady funds
The long-term track record is good for these funds. MFs: Don't be confused by face value
When mutual funds change their unit values, investors think there is a real change. In reality, it is not.
May 14, 2010
A cheque is not just a piece of paper. Know more
It's imperative for you to know more about cheques to ensure that you don't end up losing your hard-earned money.
May 13, 2010
'Gold to give 15-20% returns for next 5 years'
With gold scaling all-time high levels and now trading at $1,241 per ounce, questions arise whether this is the right time to book profit from investment in gold or time to invest more.
May 12, 2010
Sensex: Expect 15% returns in two years
Though the bailout package for Greece brought some cheer to the global markets, doubts remain about how long the party will last and the impact on domestic markets. How timing the markets can fetch better returns
Even in an idealised case, where two people make exactly the same decisions buying and selling the same stock on the same day, very different returns can result.
May 11, 2010
Education loans set to become more attractive
The Union ministry of human resource development, headed by Kapil Sibal, has drafted a proposal on educational loans, which entails changes that will increase the accessibility of these loans -- the objective being an equitable distribution. Advantages of a pre-approved home loan
A pre-approved housing loan is essentially an in principle sanction given by a bank for a particular loan amount. A fairly robust process is followed by the banks to determine the loan amount.
May 10, 2010
Investing for good post-tax returns
Investors often get very excited when banks and companies offer returns of 8 per cent and 10 per cent because they seem extremely high. Hurry! Invest in tax-saving plans now
If salaried, do early homework on your tax-saving investments. Educational loans may get cheaper
Recently, there have been reports that the government is working on a scheme to offer education loans at a minimum rate of interest of 4 per cent.
May 05, 2010
How to invest in 'unique' IPOs
The recent IPOs which fall into the category of unique business plays have delivered handsome gains compared to their offer price.
May 03, 2010
Selling shares? How to reduce your tax outgo
Are you aware of the impact corporate actions (rights issue, bonus, split, dividend) have on you from a tax perspective? If not, it is essential you understand the same so that you are able to minimise tax incidence and increase return on investment. How to allocate active and passive investing
Neither active nor passive investing style is an automatic winner; learn when to apply which and why. A close look at taxation for gifts
While most non-cash gifts are taxable, How the I-T department values them is the tricky part. Benefits of a demat account
A demat or 'dematerialised' account holds shares in electronic form, thus saving you the bother of holding shares in paper form. Read your health policy with care
Knowing the inclusions and exclusions of the insurance plan tells the coverage limit of your plan.
April 30, 2010
Get rid of loans, start investing
Bank employees will get a lumpsum that should be used to meet financial goals.
April 28, 2010
It pays to make yourself creditworthy!
On the consumer front, CIBIL is working towards simplifying the process of fetching credit scores -- it is tying up with a payment gateway which will help individuals fetch theirs scores online by making an online payment. Buying property under construction? Read this now!
If you want to free yourself from worrying about the builders' documentation and the legality of the construction, it's best to look for a pre-approved property. What you need to know about Esops
Esops, which give employees a stake in the ownership of the company, are provided by the company to employees to boost their motivation and loyalty.
April 26, 2010
How to build an infrastructure stocks portfolio
An infra-focussed portfolio requires careful assessment of news and its impact on balance sheets. How to read signals from the RBI
If RBI slashes its borrowing rate, banks lend at a lower rate. Also, deposit rates go down. Wary of markets? Check these investment options
With the information revolution and the high amount of money chasing financial assets, it is imperative that investors look at alternatives to have an extra edge to their returns Why you NEED a personal accident policy
Teena Jain Kaushal examines why you need to get personal accident policy, now. Got a pay hike? How to manage it well
The recession taught Indians value of money. So how to manage/use the salary hikes in an effective way so that it brings a fruitful return? Is it the time to splurge or go slow? Or is it prudent to continue with the austerity measures that one discovered during the lean time? How to plan finances for you child
Any parent would be worried about how the various needs for his children would be met. The list too is long; that by itself is a cause of worry. This article will look at some of the common needs for children and ways to achieve them thorough financial planning.
April 23, 2010
Investing? Going beyond the numbers
With the corporate results season on, many investors would be keenly looking at companies they had invested in. There will be a range of experts with advise on buying and selling.
April 21, 2010
Defaulted phone, power bill? You may not get loan
Banks might reject your loan application if you defaulted on your telephone or electricity bill, soon. Right time to invest in short, 1-yr debt schemes
With the Reserve Bank of India raising the repo rate, reverse repo rate and cash reserve ratio by 25 basis points in the annual monetary policy, fund managers expect ultra short-term and short-term funds to continue to do well. However, if
April 19, 2010
Why telecom stocks are hot picks
Investors with a 3-4 year time horizon should pick up telecom stocks. Investing: Be careful about paperwork
Neglecting the administrative work on an investment is a common mistake. It could prove costly Keep adding to your wealth with SIPs
For building long-term wealth, financial planners always advise that the systematic investment plans (SIPs) in equity funds is the best way. Earn more with these diversified funds
Higher than average returns, lower risk and a well diversified portfolio make these funds a sound proposition.
April 16, 2010
SBI's special home loan scheme
Under the earlier scheme, borrowers were charged fixed interest rate of 8.5 per cent for Year 2 and Year 3 for loan amount less than Rs 50 lakh (Rs 5 million) and a rate of 9 per cent for first three years for loan amount of greater than Rs 50 lakh. Year 4 onward the interest rate was fixed at PLR minus 2.75 basis points.
April 15, 2010
SBI's special home loan scheme
Under the earlier scheme, borrowers were charged fixed interest rate of 8.5 per cent for Year 2 and Year 3 for loan amount less than Rs 50 lakh (Rs 5 million) and a rate of 9 per cent for first three years for loan amount of greater than Rs 50 lakh. Year 4 onward the interest rate was fixed at PLR minus 2.75 basis points. Things to learn before you invest in stocks
A detailed analysis of the company's financial statements is important before investing in its stock How to save yourself from credit card fraud
Here are a few things one can do to guard your credit cards. Now company health insurance post-retirement too
Firm offers no-pain switch from company cover.
April 12, 2010
Why Sebi view on ULIPs is good for investors
Sebi has done a good job on regulating mutual funds so Sebi's move to regulate ULIPs may be a blessing in disguise for ULIP investors. How daily interest on savings a/cs is calculated
From April 1, 2010, interest on all savings bank account deposits is being calculated on a daily basis, thereby earning account holdres higher interest income.
April 07, 2010
Tips to benefit from credit card reward points
credit cards offer card owners an opportunity to earn while they spend through reward programmes Buy your dream home now
Buying a house it somewhat like a gamble. Knowing the market scenario is important to make a decision.
April 06, 2010
How a joint home loan saves you more tax
Do remember that though the banks insist that all co-owners of the property should also be co-applicants in a joint home loan, the reverse need not be true. Buying a home? Read this first!
Here is a checklist of what you should consider when opting for a loan. What you must know about your housing loan
Before getting a housing loan take stock of your finances and assess your loan repayment capacity. Then shop for the best offers available. You can also approach a financial counsellor for optimum allocation and utilization of your money.
April 05, 2010
Check out these funds for high returns
The investment strategy would revolve around structuring the portfolio so as to capture the positive price movements and minimise the impact of adverse ones. Non-residents must obtain PAN for proper TDS
The department feels that the non-quoting of PANs by deductees is creating problems in the processing of returns of income and in granting credit for tax deducted at source, leading to delays in issue of refunds. Rules to make stock market investment safer
Stocks with high dividend yield are preferable. Banks offer innovative education loans
Banks are coming up with innovative products to attract B-school aspirants. Take your pick... A loan with no frills, cheaper too!
Credit card owners can get a personal loan with little or no paperwork, and the rates are quite comparable. Tips for investing in stocks
Individuals following this approach need to be more disciplined, optimistic and need some serious luck. No PAN number? Tax burden to rise
Pan card has to be submitted for financial transactions. Otherwise, tax burden will go up.
April 01, 2010
Now, quote PAN or pay 20% TDS
The provision, made in Budget 2009-10, is applicable from today and is aimed at plugging the loopholes leading to tax evasion and compelling more and more people to obtain PAN. Why a personal budget is a must!
Good control over your personal finances will help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself and cope with changes in your life. How can you achieve that? The answer is having your own personalised budget. Buying ULIPs? Read on. . .
The last few months have been action packed for insurance companies having a ULIP (unit-linked insurance plan) product in their portfolio. This, primarily on account of a cap levied by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority on the total expenses that can be charged by insurance companies on such products with effect from October 1, 2009. Insurance claims to cost more
Making non-life insurance claims is going to become more expensive in the new financial year.
February -March 2010