July 30, 2010
Maruti to launch 5 CNG cars in Aug
It will be the first company to come out with factory-fitted CNG cars. World's 10 most valuable brands
"This (Apple) is a company that has faced setbacks before and bounced back to become the world's most valuable brand -- worth $57.4 billion," Forbes said, explaining the company's number 1 position in its Top 50 world's most valuable brands 2010 list. Price rise: Why an arrogant Congress can get away
The next time you wonder about how the Congress party can get away with arrogance, just look at the BJP. India's 20 largest BPO companies
Unfazed by the global economic slowdown, the top 20 Indian BPO firms grew their exports earnings by 15% in 2009-10 to touch revenues of $6.1 billion. Low-cost PCs fail to boot up fast in India
The government's $35 device gives a sense of deja vu. Will low-cost computing gather steam this time? Indian infrastructure? Bah! There's no planning!
Each ministry has got their mantra: build and improve infrastructure. So, each ministry is doing it. Want to surprise your loved ones? Contact ASAP
Within a month of this incident, with Rs 50,000 at her disposal, Ruchi Chopra left her job and launched ASAP, or Any Surprise Any Place.
July 29, 2010
British PM's mantra: Money and more money
His huge delegation comprising six Cabinet ministers, including Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, too, talked money. Mobiles in the aircraft? Govt may relax rules
You will soon be able to use your mobile phone after your aircraft has landed and is taxiing towards the parking bay. All's well at Delhi's new airport? Well...
,000 passengers used it on the first day. The fastest Internet in the world!
The fastest broadband city in the world is Masan in South Korea, according to an analysis. Low-cost PCs fail to boot up fast in India
The government's $35 device gives a sense of deja vu. Will low-cost computing gather steam this time? Top 20 IT-BPO employers in India
Nasscom recently released its ranking of the top 20 IT-BPO organisations in the country that accounted for over 40 percent of the total employees in this sector. Why Delhi's infrastructure seems to be collapsing
Poised to scale new heights as a world-class metropolis, it also appears to be falling apart.
July 28, 2010
Govt to lease out C'Wealth Games stadia!
The aim to ensure a steady revenue and corporate sponsorship for sports, besides keeping infrastructure in use. India's most debt-ridden states
The minister said this in response to his detractors' claims that the state was reeling under the heavy debt burden. Salaries of top 10 US CEOs in a decade
Larry Ellison, the top-paid US CEO got a salary of Rs 8,587 crore ($1.84 billion) during the last decade. Check out the other top earners. . . Who would want to celebrate income tax?
I don't know who would want to celebrate the creation of the income tax, other than the tax officials themselves, says T N Ninan. Want to buy a flying car? Wait till 2011
The Transition combines the unique convenience of being both a car and a plane. Why and how to trade in Nifty futures
By trading in index futures, an investor is buying and selling the basket of stocks comprising the index, in their respective weights.
July 27, 2010
5 golden rules of common sense investing
These simple rules are the distillation of a lifetime's stunning investment achievements and wisdom. RBI hikes key rates: Bankers, India Inc irked
What impact will this hike in RBI rates have on the banks and industries? What do the bankers have to say? How is India Inc reacting to the rate change? Why RBI raised rates; how this impacts you!
The Reserve Bank of India is highly concerned with soaring inflation and the crushing impact of the weight of rising prices of food items and other essential commodities on the common man. RBI hikes short term rates to tame inflation
Rates hiked by up to 50 bps. Why India MUST push for ethanol blended petrol
Ethanol production in India has an advantage as its production could potentially leave sugar prices unaffected. Further, by blending petrol with 10 per cent bio-fuel, 80 million litres of petrol could be saved annually in the country. All you want to know about educational loans
Higher education is not affordable to many intelligent students because of their financial condition. But now educational loans are easily available from many banks and financial institution. Hence many students can now go for a higher education without any fear.
July 26, 2010
Moody's ups India's rupee rating; here's why
Moody's on Monday upgraded India's local currency sovereign rating by a notch on the country's efforts toward fiscal reforms and the economy's capacity to face a crisis, a move that that will result in greater capital inflows and appreciation of rupee value. IT firms turn tough on notice period from staff
A large number of information technology companies in India are becoming stricter with departing employees and are asking them to serve the full notice period to ensure that business activities are not affected by a sudden shortage of manpower. Here's how to file tax returns without pain
Filing your taxes is not as big a headache as you may make it out to be. All you need is to be clear on some fundamentals and have your papers in place. Here's help. Maruti bets big on new Alto
Expects to sell an additional 7,500 units of the model per month. Why India's $30-laptop joke isn't funny anymore
The government is wasting tax money and making a laughing stock of Indian technological prowess. It isn't its job to create and sell cheap PCs. 'Bengaluru is like Silicon Valley of 10 years ago'
An interview with Snapfish's managing director Bala Parthasarthy. Unregistered chit funds having a field day
The total size of unregistered chit funds is almost Rs 30 lakh crore (Rs 30 trillion). Viswanath Prasad, a peon at a broking house in Kolkata, subscribed to a 'chit fund scheme' two months back. Bengal villages offer lessons in water self-help
Join hands to clean water, ensure regular testing at little cost. States use Naxals to get more funds from Centre
With the Centre showing readiness to spend on development to counter Left-wing insurgency, getting more of their districts declared Naxal-affected seemed to be a common idea across state chief ministers at today's National Development Council meet. Mobile money: The next e-revolution for masses
From small kiranas to banks to potentially entire FMCG chains all have a digital date with money transfers on cellphones.
July 23, 2010
This is the $30-laptop developed in India!
India has unveiled a $30 'laptop' which makes it the world's cheapest computing device of this kind. Where is the economy headed? Top panel's view
It forecast a growth of 9 per cent for 2011-12. Tax filing for self-employed professionals
The income tax act states, 'Profession implies apparent achievement in special knowledge as distinguished from mere skill, special knowledge has to be acquired only after study and application.' Push your career, don't 'poke' it
Update, tweet and share all you want, but be mindful of how it can affect your life and career. The credit card statement demystified!
Do you tend to procrastinate or ignore reading the bill because you do not understand it. The terminology used is confusing? Read on to understand your credit card statement better. China, the hungry giant, on a shopping spree!
China is using the crisis in the West to secure natural resources around the globe. Winning ways of unique start-ups
From bus search on mobile, free photocopying services to preserving rare Indian art forms, these start-ups are already tasting success. Wipro records 31% YoY growth in PAT
Total income has increased from Rs 6,345.7 crore for the quarter ended June 30, 2009 to Rs 7,371.5 crore. How GST can make India a $2-trillion economy
Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has said that the successful implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) can give a trillion-dollar boost to the economy, taking the total output to $2 trillion in a short span of time. India's first 3G tablet is here!
Designed as a multi functional device, Olive Pad operates on an Android Operating System and supports 3.5G High-Speed Uplink Packet Access, Wi-fi, and Bluetooth.
July 22, 2010
Porsche Cayenne at Rs 1.27-crore
German luxury car maker Porsche, on Thursday launched its second-generation Cayenne, priced between Rs 65.82-lakh (Rs 6.58 million) to Rs 12.7-crore (Rs 127 million) in India (ex-showroom). EMI sharing: How it helps those living on rent
EMI sharing is arrangement whereby the home loan taker does not have to pay the EMI for the home loan as soon as the home loan is sanctioned. The developer building the property will pay EMIs on behalf of the home loan taker up to a predefined period, which is typically the period up to the possession of the property. Amazing story of world's largest exporter of roses
Today, his company Karuturi Global Ltd has 3,000 sq km of agricultural land in Ethiopia (5 times the size of Mumbai) and 239 hectares of land for rose cultivation. Revised tax code: Things that will make you happy
Though clarity on various aspects is still some way off, let's take a look at the impact of the Revised Direct Taxes Code. Notebook or netbook? This should help you decide
Portability or horsepower should help you decide between a notebook and netbook. Millions starve, grains rot: What the FCI says
'We can't lower wheat price beyond a point' Top 20 IT companies in India
The revenues do not include their business process outsourcing revenues. Which is exactly why Infosys Technologies is not included in the top 20 list.
July 21, 2010
Govt proposes 20% GST on goods, 16% on services
Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Wednesday proposed a three-rate structure for the Goods and Services Tax -- which will simplify the indirect tax regime -- under which goods will attract 20 per cent levy, services 16 per cent and essential items a concessional 12 per cent. How 10,000 cows can power 1 MW data centre!
HP Labs research says cow manure and heat output of data centres can help create an economically and environmentally sustainable operation. How India can be an economic giant: A 10-pt plan
So how does India achieve a super rate of growth? The Confederation of Indian Industry has come up with a 10-point plan to achieve this goal by 2014 and to catapult India into the league of economic giants. Old rupee note in the wallet? It may make you rich
Collectors are interested not only in currency notes which are out of circulation but also those which are currently in use. Of course, they must have some special feature to be of interest to a collector. Make your voice heard with podcast
A guide to get the best from your gadget. Filing tax returns? Keep this in mind!
Filing tax returns is an annual mandate that tax payers have to comply with, the last date for which is in sight: July 31, 2010. Affordable homes: Dream or reality for aam aadmi?
Affordability can be defined as the consumers ability to purchase, but it is a relative term. It may vary from individual to individual. It may also vary from location to location.
July 20, 2010
Mukesh ups ante against oil min; junks its orders
Reliance Industries has refused to give natural gas to new customers by cutting supplies to power and fertiliser plants. Cars that we have drooled over in the movies
Let's recall some cars used in movies that made us drool all over them What is Mamata's thinking on economic matters?
The Trinamool will be as vulnerable to traders' blandishments as the CPI(M) is. He sells more than one book per minute
Chief executive officer Sachin Bansal of quit his high-paying job at Amazon and along with fellow IITian, Binny Bansal, decided to launch a business of his own. Satyam: Raju's brother, four others get bail
The Andhra Pradesh High Court on Tuesday granted bail to B Rama Raju, former managing director and brother of B Ramalinga Raju (the disgraced founder of Satyam Computer), and three others accused in the over Rs 7,600-crore (Rs 76 billion) Satyam scam. The hospital with a heart
Naresh Trehan is confident the world-class medical care offered at his new hospital facility in Gurgaon will make it profitable in a year. Railways cool to Montek critique
Freight corridor project slipping, needs supervision revamp, says Plan panel. No more cashless mediclaim? Common man suffers
One can no longer get these facilities at high-end hospitals in Delhi, National Capital Region and in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai. BMW-X3 crossover to come to India
BMW X3 is a true blue Sports Utility Vehicle and a trendsetter in its class.
July 19, 2010
The new rupee symbol deserves more respect
As one of the world's oldest currencies, the Indian rupee's new symbol deserved a more dignified debut. The great highway robbery
Haldea's report requires serious rethinking of the NHAI model, not an outburst by Kamal Nath. City planning: People must control public spaces
campaign to assert their 'right to walk'. The campaign is led by a middle-aged lady who finds it offensive to have to walk past patches where men relieve themselves -- and these in turn will point to the extreme scarcity of public conveniences. How to negotiate for a bigger take-home salary
Tweaking the right components can enhance your monthly income. Battle of the bourses: Will BSE rebound?
Bombay Stock Exchange, under new CEO Madhu Kannan, wants to re-invent itself. Is it too late? We can't afford staff attrition: TCS chief
In an interview to , Chandrasekaran spoke on the general business environment, European crisis and growing concerns on staff attrition. New faces, roles for India's economic think tanks
It's a season of change at economic think tanks. Top 20 IT services exports firms in India
The 24th annual survey saw the Top 20 IT companies -- from both IT services export and domestic IT sector -- post a mixed performance, with the 8 fastest growing companies recording double digit growth.
July 16, 2010
A success story: From Rs 500 to Rs 25 lakh!
Dream Weaver makes eco-friendly textiles. Cheryl and Denise are also event mangers. The enterprise now has a turnover of Rs 25 lakh. Now, the new entrepreneurs' dream is to capture the international market. Rupee: Which of the 5 final designs do you like?
All the finalists made sure the design reflected Indian-ness and at the same time had an international appeal. The day Manmohan Singh almost quit
Bureaucrats's memoirs are usually insipid versions of events and steer clear of controversy. Former Union home secretary C G Somiah, who retired as India's Comptroller and Auditor General, has chosen to take a refreshingly frank route in his autobiography The Honest Always Stand Alone (Niyogi Books). Meet the man who gave India the Rupee symbol
"It is a great honour to be a part of India's history," said an excited Udaya while speaking with Rupee symbol: What the aam aadmi thinks of it
The rupee will join the elite club of US dollar, British pound-sterling, Euro and Japanese yen to have its own symbol. Hyderabad Metro to be ready in 5 years
The foundation stone for the prestigious Hyderabad Metro Rail Project will be laid in January 2011.
July 15, 2010
Indian Rupee has a symbol now!
India has finally got a symbol for the Rupee and joined a select club of countries whose currencies have a unique identity. Emirates flies superjumbo A380 to India
The 517-seater superjumbo Emirates EK516 landed around 1500 hrs at IGIA. Navi Mumbai airport: What the mess is all about
Let's take a detailed look at why this project is yet to take off. India's top 10 states with lowest poverty
Amidst acute poverty across South Asia, the five states of Delhi, Kerala, Goa, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh have the least number of poor people in India, according to a new measure of global poverty developed at the University of Oxford for the UNDP. 3 Indian American techies ring Nasdaq bell
They created MyCityWay apps on the mobile device that provides information for over 50 resource categories in the city. It's a tough task for elderly to get home loan
However, a co-applicant with a steady income can be of help. Rupee has a symbol! Cabinet okays IIT-ian's design
The five-member jury set up to finalise symbol for the rupee is said to have selected the design presented by IIT-ian D Udaya Kumar, said The Indian Express. Rupee symbol on your keyboards soon
It will be just a matter of a few months for India's new rupee symbol to be a part of the software code to be easily accessible to users across the world. 'Campus offers, the real challenge for Infosys'
He spoke on key strategies the company is adopting to tide over the rough times. What is card cloning? How can you be safe?
Plastic money that lets you buy almost everything by just swiping the card can also turn out to be your worst nightmare.
July 14, 2010
Why food prices are rising: An economist's view
During an informal chat, economist Abhirup Sarkar explained in a layperson's terms why the prices in India are escalating so fast. Indian shoppers flock to London's West End
The study by financial services firm Global Blue shows there was an 89 per cent hike in the number of luxury goods purchased by Indian visitors in June. Astrology biz booms! GaneshaSpeaks to go global
GaneshaSpeaks today offers astrological predictions across media like the Internet and mobile phone. The astrologers are specially trained for delivering instant service. Cities where demand for housing is on the upswing
The real estate sector is back in news. Property prices have been on a sharp rise since the last three quarters as there has been an upswing in the economic growth of the country. College dropout makes low-cost flying car, more!
You can zoom, at a maximum speed of 120 kmph, in his car that runs on compressed air! 6 great tips to succeed as an entrepreneur
A good and successful idea can often be found with deep introspection rather than by reading external sources. Only those ventures attain success whose creator is passionate about it and works on the idea in spite of the market's highs and lows.
July 13, 2010
Want to buy Nissan Micra? Read the review
Nissan Micra is an Indian A2 hatchback with a difference. BSE chief on Sensex and the bourse's bold plans
'We have a lot of hope from mobile, algorithmic trading and the small and medium enterprise segment. The journey has just begun.' Meet the man who 'powers' Kolkata
RPG Enterprises' vice-chairman is upbeat about retail firm Spencer's and talks of a pan-India growth plan for power company CESC. That's innovation! 'Selling' weather for a living!
He is a man who sells weather. Kolkata-based businessman Angshujyoti Das is the owner of Express Weather, a firm that sells weather forecast to farmers, corporates, agri-input-based industries and even film production companies. Chinese textile cos may go bankrupt if yuan is up
A yuan stress test conducted by the government in March this year, showed profit margins of labour-intensive textile companies would drop by one percentage points if the it appreciates by one per cent. Rural tours! Super holiday packages for aam aadmi
Rural tourism in the country is still evolving and The Rural Tourism Network Enterprise is here to make life simple, yet attractive. The rise and fall of Dubai
Even though a huge number of buildings lie empty, rents are down and few people are interested in buying real estate, the old homely feel is back in Dubai. Infosys Q1 net down 2% at Rs 1,488 cr
The consolidated revenue of the country's second largest software exporter rose to Rs 6,198 crore
July 12, 2010
More poor in 8 Indian states than in all of Africa
Acute poverty prevails in eight Indian states, including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, together accounting for more poor people than in the 26 poorest African nations combined, a new 'multidimensional' measure of global poverty has said. Here's how salaried people can save taxes!
Finding the right way to save taxes requires a great deal of planning. Here's a helping hand. Make your PC run as fast as new. 7 tips
All you need to do is tweaking some settings to breathe new life into your PC. Don't withdraw cashless mediclaim: Fortis, Ficci
Chains such as Fortis generate a significant portion of their revenue through health insurance policy reimbursements. Rising milk prices: Common man suffers again
Between January 2007 and March 2010 the price of milk rose seven times in Delhi. The story is similar elsewhere in the nation too. In the last one year, prices increased from Rs 17 to Rs 22 a litre. In some cities, like Mumbai, the rise has been steeper. Nike makes football jerseys from recycled bottles!
This season the football extravaganza was not all about great football, but about a green revolution that has taken the world of sports by storm. World Cup keeps India Inc awake
It's been a challenge, especially being glued to the TV set for the late night matches.
July 10, 2010
A farmer's hunger strike to fight land acquisition
Land acquisition for special economic zones has been a major bone of contention across the nation.
July 09, 2010
How unique ID can help aam aadmi, build nation
With the first phase of Unique Identification Authority of India aiming to enrol 600 million residents of the country into its database in next four years and its possible use in improving the Public Distribution System, UIDAI chairman Nandan Nilekani on Friday said the journey will be 'long' and 'tough'. School-dropout's amazing machines beat power cuts!
While industrial units in Jalgaon, like most parts of rural Maharashtra, comes to a grinding halt due to load shedding, Jahangir's miraculous innovations have helped him move ahead in life. India 'blacklists' Chinese telcos; Beijing upset
Voicing its concern over reports that its telecom companies have been blacklisted by India, China on Friday asked New Delhi to treat its firms fairly and called for an open and transparent system for them to operate in. Images: The factory of the world!
China's consumer price inflation will probably pick up in the coming months as resource prices rise and consumption gathers steam, a government think-tank said in a report recently. Of Rolls-Royce and Indian royal families
The obsession of the royal families for expensive things and their crazy spending habits are funny stories for the present generation. Their fancy for cars is well-known. These are some stories China plans Asia's biggest IT manufacturing hub
Chongqing, a populous economic hub in south-western China, is hoping to become Asia's largest manufacturing base for information technology products. Forests in Madhya Pradesh go hi tech
In Kanha and Satpura Tiger Reserve, the entire forest staff has been equipped with the PDA phones not just only to report sighting of wildlife, but also illegal felling of trees deep inside the forests. India less affected by economic crisis: US
Due to India's limited dependence on external demand and strong fiscal and monetary stimulus measures, the global economic and financial crisis had a relatively muted effect on the country, the Obama Administration told the US Congress on Thursday. US economy is going in the right direction: Obama
A year-and-a-half ago, he said, the American economy was shrinking by six per cent a year and now it is growing. Yet another SEZ controversy
And this time it is not just a question of taxes foregone. Setting up business: India scores over China
It takes 166 days for foreign companies to set up shop in Brazil and 99 days in China. Graphics: India's per capita power consumption
Indian economic activity in graphics.
July 08, 2010
Petrol prices may change every 15 days
Those in favour of a 15-day cycle for price adjustment argue that oil firms already have a mechanism of calculating the desired fuel prices on 1st and 16th of every month. Mashelkar to lead Mukesh Ambani's PE initiative
The association of Mashelkar and Mukesh Ambani is not new. Indians grab maximum number of H-1B visas
Until May 14, the USCIS had received 19,000 petitions in the general category and 8,100 in the advanced degree category. 11 credit card fees that you must know about
There are various charges that come with a credit card usage let on alone the annual charges. India's never ending power crisis
The problem lies in the fact that unlike in telecom, centre- and state-owned public utilities continue to dominate the power business. Why you MUST file tax returns
It is essential to file returns when your income crosses/exceeds the basic exemption limit even if it means that on account of you investment planning, your tax obligation may be nil. India's largest IPO: CIL to hit market in Oct
State-run Coal India Ltd is likely to hit the market by the third week of October with India's largest ever public offer to raise up to Rs 15,000 crore (Rs 150 billion). Lessons Kamal Nath should take
His outburst has to rank among the most bizarre episodes of two arms of the government fighting in public. More Indians to buy cars this year
Coming out with its first ever such forecast, SIAM said rising commodity prices, supply constraints from components makers and a declining low-base effect will be the major factors that will impact the sales growth. Employment woes: What Indian states can do
Without adequate growth of employment opportunities, the labour supply bulge could spawn major problems of unemployment, underemployment and low incomes. 8 top ideas to make India an innovation powerhouse
The central problem haunting our nation is that of employment, one can almost reason all the issues the country is facing to that of employment and hence employability of our citizens.
July 07, 2010
Gandhian innovation & amazing Indian pioneers!
C K Prahalad and R A Mashelkar on how a few Indian companies have figured out how to do more with fewer resources -- for more people. Social networking now a mainstream business tool
Businesses are now putting faith in the social networking medium and the fact is evident with the revelation that well over a quarter of businesses world-wide (27%) have set aside a proportion of marketing budget -- hard cash -- specifically devoted to social networking activities, it said. ADB gives Rs 40 crore for Kashmir project
The money will be used for drainage systems development. Water harvesting: How it can ease water scarcity
With urban India growing by leaps and bounds, it is expected to experience a severe water crisis by 2020 and the per capita availability of water is projected to be less than 1,000 cubic metres. Life sciences: India at No.2 behind China
The combined revenues of Indian life sciences companies was $21 billion taking India to the number two spot behind China. India plans 5 new mega cities by 2015!
The plan is to have five brand new cities, which are bigger than Navi Mumbai, in the next five years.
July 06, 2010
India's hiring soars 21% in June's monthly job index -- JobSpeak -- moved up to 947 in June this year compared to 784 in the same month of 2009. From flunking Class X to building an empire
GMR is a stickler for detail and gives innumerable examples of how he always keeps a close eye on quality control, on technical processes, and on the nitty-gritty. He is lighting up Indian villages with rice husk!
For the villagers of Tamkuha, a dusty hamlet in rural Bihar, Gyanesh Pandey is the modern day alchemist who transformed piles of discarded rice husk to light up their lives. How parched villages save water in Rajasthan
The water preservation methods followed here are believed to have been developed by the Paliwal brahmins around 500 years ago. The secret behind the success of Brand Infosys
A dedicated team makes sure the information technology brand grows from strength to strength. Here's how
July 05, 2010
Rs 130,000,000,000! The cost of Bharat bandh
How effective are these strikes to solve an issue as vexing as this? Aren't strikes a bane for a nation already reeling under a heavy dose of inflation? Don't strikes put more pressure on an inflationary economic structure like India's? India to create 570 million new jobs in 5 years
The United Progressive Alliance government has announced an estimated 2.5 per cent annual growth in employment and a possibility of creating 570 million (5.7 crore) jobs over the next five years, if an economic growth rate of 9 per cent is maintained. Nath blasts Plan panel, dubs it armchair advisor
Road Transport Minister Kamal Nath said on Monday he was forewarned that the Plan panel would not allow him to achieve a 20 km-a-day road-building target. India's biz groups: Who's the fairest of them all?
The point is that the Ambanis are not in a business league of their own; they have plenty of company. Other leading business houses have done well, often better, says T N Ninan.
July 03, 2010
Delhi has a new airport
India's services sector income is on the rise, but what of the quality of people, asks Sanjaya Baru.
July 02, 2010
Why China's bullet trains may turn out to be duds
The high-speed rail service linking Shanghai and Nanjing, one of China's most developed economic zones was opened to passengers on Thursday. US to welcome best and brightest: Obama
In his first major policy speech on the thorny issue of immigration, Obama revealed the broad contours of his vision of reform, which if implemented would be helpful to hundreds and thousands of people from countries like India, who are professionals and law abiding and add value to the American society. Flying car is here! Here's what it looks like
If you are dreaming of a car that can also fly in case of traffic jams, it could soon come true as the United States aviation authority has given its green signal for the commercial production of such a vehicle. Price rise: Bharat Bandh no solution, say people
How effective are strikes to solve an issue as vexing as this? Aren't strikes a bane for a nation already reeling under a heavy dose of inflation? Now, Tatas plan to do a Nano with power!
From micro wind turbines to rice husk, low-cost solutions are being tested to drive the huge market hunger for energy. Traffic jams: Delhi world's 5th worst city
Cities like Beijing, Mexico City and Johannesburg top the global poll of the worst driving commutes in the world. India Inc high on healthcare opportunity
India Inc's love affair with the health care business has just begun to blossom.
July 01, 2010
Trains at 4,000 kmph? It's possible with ETT!
Evacuated Tube Transport, or ETT, works like this: Pressurised passenger capsules hurtle through maglev tracks enclosed in parallel tubes without any resistance at a speed of 4,000 kmph. What is base rate; how it hits home loan borrowers
Floating rate home loan borrowers, stuck on higher interest rates, can expect some relief from today (July 1). Tatas' Croma plans to make it big
The retail chain, which opened just 50 stores in the last four years, is launching three stores every month in the current financial year. Over 100,000 amazing innovations from rural India!
A cycle that runs on water and land, a scooter powered-flour mill, solar mosquito killer, a cycle powered washing machine - these are a few of the over one lakh outstanding innovations that have come from school dropouts and poor people who belong to rural India. Infosys to give stocks to staff on its 30th b'day
All employees of India's second largest information technology services company, Infosys, will get a stock bonanza on its 30th birthday on July 2. How ICICI Prudential became profitable
Some smart moves and course corrections have helped ICICI Prudential turn profitable.
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