December 31, 2010
How Citibank fraudster duped rich investors
Shiv Raj Puri, the alleged mastermind behind the multi-crore Citibank fraud, displayed his credibility to his potential customers, but never pushed them. A look at the world's most talked about nations has captured the glimpse of this story and how some of the leading nations in the world, including India have bagged their place as the most preferred destinations in the year 2010. How high prices spoilt common man's party in 2010
The inflation devil returned to haunt the government struggling to steer the country towards a high growth trajectory, but most of all higher prices of edibles ranging from egg to milk and fruits to onions in 2010 ruined even the most unrefined palate. Scams notwithstanding, India heads for 9% growth
The year saw reform legislations stuck in the logjam between the government and the Opposition over constitution of a Joint Parliamentary Committee to look into the Rs 1.76- lakh crore (Rs 1.76 trillion) 2G scam. How courts protected consumers in 2010
With unrelenting consumerism throwing up varied schemes aimed at fleecing citizens, 2010 saw consumer courts enhancing their proactive role to protect people, often by even enlarging the ambit of consumer protection law. The 20 most popular business slideshows
A glimpse of what happened in the world of business in 2010. Chinese doubt superpower status for China
Majority of Chinese doubt China's status as a superpower, according to an annual survey which also showed declining trend even among those who believed their country to be the most promising among BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) nations. 2010 offered a mixed bag for tourism sector
With a double-digit growth in the foreign tourist arrivals, 2010 was otherwise a good year for the ministry. Radia tapes: What must the House of Tatas do now?
In corporate or military warfare, the rules of the game are the same. An opponent could attack the General first in the hope that if he falls then the army gets demoralised. Rs 3,300 cr gives Sahara keys to Grosvenor House
The deal, struck by group firm Aamby Valley for 470 million pounds (about Rs 3,300 crore), makes it one of the largest acquisitions in the hospitality space by an Indian company. Realty back to pre-crisis peak in 2010
The property party would have been perfect had it not been for the service tax slapped on under-construction buildings and as expected, the burden was passed on to the buyer. Gadgets get sleeker avatar in 2010
Slim is in, not only in the fashion world, but also in the tech world, with gadgets ranging from smartphones to personal computers adopting a sleeker avatar in 2010. Digital revolution: India comes of age
India's digital world has witnessed tremendous growth in the past decade. 'India is net job creator for US companies'
The US has emerged as a preferred destination for Indian investment. In fact, India now ranks second, behind the UAE, in the list of fastest-growing foreign investors in the US, he argued in his article. Will the political troubles impact the Budget?
As 2010 comes to an end, the mood in North Block is not that sanguine. New Mercedes C Class to hit Indian roads in 2011
The battle in the high-end luxury segment is all set to get more intense. How technology will beat poverty in a decade
The year 2010 has been good for India in terms of technology and 2011 holds the promise of taking the country one step forward in harnessing technology to make a dent in some of the problems that continue to challenge it. IMAGES: A year in business, 2010!
Here are some pictures that defined the world of business in 2010.
December 30, 2010
Best advertising campaigns of the year
Here are some broad trends and communication themes that emerged this year. What led to the onion shortage?
Diseases caused by unseasonal rains have ruined almost 70 per cent of the kharif onion crop in Maharashtra this year, which is responsible for the nationwide shortage of the commodity, a senior ICAR official said on Thursday. 2/3 of the cos listed trading in red: BSE survey
An analysis of the BSE-listed companies shows that as many as 44 out of the 69 stocks are trading below their issue prices fixed after their initial public offers. India's global trade set to cross $500 billion
The value of India's inbound and outbound trade in goods is set to touch $550 billion in the 2010-11 fiscal, with imports expected to touch $350 billion, as against $288 billion in the 2009-10 fiscal. Food now costs even more! Inflation at 14.44%
Food inflation surged to a 10-week high of 14.44 per cent for the week ended December 18 as prices of vegetables, particularly onions, fruits, cereals and protein-based products, continued to escalate. IMAGES: Maruti Kizashi to hit Indian roads in 2011
there will be several new launches in the year 2011 from the Maruti stable. Long-term measures for depositors, borrowers
While rising inflation eroded the real returns for retail depositors this year, there were a number of positive moves that will help you in the long run. Europe's snowfall sends tourists Down Under
Countries like Australia and New Zealand are literally making hay while the sun shines, with a 40-45 per cent rise in bookings from India. Silver outshines gold, Sensex in 2010
Prices registering a whopping 65 per cent growth in domestic markets and a 75 per cent jump in the US. 10 lessons from the stock market
Whether it was scams or the threat of recession, the market survived everything with aplomb. Beware! The 9 top cyber threats for 2011
Google's Android, Apple's iPhone, foursquare, Google TV and the Mac OS X platform are all expected to become major targets for cybercriminals. India's biggest scams; worth Rs 80 lakh crore!
Here is a check-list of some of the major corruption scandals and corporate frauds that hit the headlines and the estimated amounts alleged to have been involved
December 29, 2010
2010: Of Supreme Court, and Tata, Ambani, Radia
Legal battles involving corporate czars like the Ambanis and Tatas figured prominently in the Supreme Court in 2010, but it was the Niira Radia controversy that threw the light on the corporate prowess in certain quarters of the government, already under fire over a telecom scam. 2010: Phone tap exposes telecom scam
All hell broke loose after the publication of the tapes, recorded by the Revenue Intelligence department between 2008-09, and the Opposition brought Parliament to a grinding halt demanding a certain probe. Banning pesky calls: What the aam aadmi says
Telecom subscribers who were waiting to the results of the telecom regulator's crackdown on telemarketing companies from making unsolicited calls/SMSes will have to wait longer. Sneak peek: Porsche Cajun, the Rs 25 lakh SUV
Manufacturers across the world are laying emphasis on developing models that appeal to the younger generation. Politics v/s biz: The growing difference
From environmental clearance to regulatory approval, from land acquisition for greenfield projects to displacement of tribals, it's been a season of scams, deep mistrust and hostility among companies, bureaucrats, regulators and politicians. 2010 kept banks busy with interest, deposit rates
While the loans seekers may have to pay higher equated monthly instalments the depositors can hope for better returns on their savings in the coming year. Votes are in! These are India's best banks
Indian banks have successfully weathered the mayhem that shook the financial world in 2008. Want to be an entrepreneur? Don't miss this!
At the Gurukul session, Vijay spoke about 'managing your psycho-dynamics' (a phrase Vijay claims ownership to), various ways of managing it, and why managing it plays a crucial role in an enterprise's success.
December 28, 2010
BSE launches Islamic index; what is it?
The Bombay Stock Exchange, in collaboration with the Taqwaa Advisory and Shariah Investment Solutions -- Tasis -- has launched an Islamic index in a bid to woo more investors from India and overseas. Hyundai may set up new plant in Gujarat
The company officials that visited Dholera will submit their recommendations to the company board for a final investment decision in this regard. Jaya Desai, leader of 'strikers in saris', dies
Desai led a walkout of the Grunwick Film Processing Laboratories in the summer of 1976 in an attempt to convince managers to recognise a unionised workforce. The top 10 mobile marketing trends for 2011
As 2010 comes to a close, MMA provides a guide to new and existing technologies that will dominate the market in the coming year. Images: The conviction of an oil billionaire
The United States has slammed Russia over conviction of jailed tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his associate, saying "selective application" of the law to them will have a "negative impact" on Moscow's reputation. Investing in stocks? 4 GOLDEN tips
Avoid these mistakes, and your money will be safe. Sanjay Sachdev: Tata's new asset
Peers describe Sanjay Sachdev, new chief executive officer of Tata Asset Management Company, as a man who can form alliances with ease. Can Bangladesh sand save Maldives from sinking?
The island nation faces a real threat of being inundated if the sea level rises by even one metre. Stock exchanges: Why Jalan report is being bashed
The ban on listing and other roadblocks on ownership have tainted the Jalan Committee report. The stunning Volvo XC60 at Rs 39.5 lakh
All Volvos carry a 2 year / 60,000kms free service. Many good reasons why diesel price must be hiked
The empowered group of ministers on fuel pricing is to meet this week to take a view on the price of diesel. Highs and lows mark 2010 India
If the economy revived with steady growth, inflation remained a concern and reforms were sluggish. How momentum helps you trade profitably
Momentum indicators are the building blocks of a trading system as they help us firm up trading strategies and entry and exit points from a trade.
December 27, 2010
Air India likely to get Rs 2,000 crore
The Civil Aviation Ministry has recommended an equity infusion of Rs 2,000 crore (Rs 20 billion) in Air India in the next financial year after the beleaguered national carrier gets Rs 1,200 crore soon. Indian IT-BPO sector: What to expect in 2011
The level of the opportunity in hand can be gauged from the fact that India (domestic + exports) accounted for approximately 5 per cent of worldwide technology products and services related spend of $1.5 trillion in 2009. Jobs are here! But fix a speed limit on hiring
India Inc has big recruitment plans in the New Year, but there are already signs of irrational exuberance The inspiring, rags-to-riches story of a farmer
Dnyaneshwar Nivrutti Bodke is a farmer who hates subsidies and loan waivers. He also helps other farmers turn into businessmen and earn good income from their own farms. Sombre market outlook for early part of 2011
Inflation, rate pressure and scams dampen mood, though demand remains strong. Smartphones: The hottest gizmo in 2010
The field of technology in the year 2010 was quite exciting and eventful especially in the segment of mobile phones, which returned as status symbols in India in its latest avatar - the smartphones. Images: The world's most hazardous jobs
This is by no means an exhaustive list of hazardous jobs, but it merely scrapes the surface of such risky jobs. Many other jobs -- like children engaged in dangerous jobs, soldiers and policemen who face injury to life and limb everyday -- have not been featured here. IMAGES: The closest rivals of BMW X1
The Indian version of X1 is slightly different. How old consumer brands are making it big
Iconic consumer brands are much in demand today. Looking for an ideal portfolio? Read this
Stick to asset allocation, use tax-efficient instruments and invest in line with risk profile. Pesky calls, SMSes will continue to disturb you
Operators to miss January 1 deadline, express inability to upgrade system before 4-6 months. IMAGES: All about the Rs 38.70 lakh Audi Q5
As long as you don't take it for a serious off-roader, you're in great and safe hands with Audi's Q5.
December 24, 2010
Images: World's riskiest nations to do business in
The Global Risks Index by Maplecroft in 2010 measured a combination of strategic risks that are having an increasing impact on the global operations, supply chains and distribution networks of corporations. Here's how retail store trials rooms are changing
Once they were just a hole in the background shabby, small and unimpressive. It was more like some leftover space was converted into trial rooms. But, as the Indian retail industry is undergoing a huge change, so are the trial rooms. The rise and rise of mobile gaming in India
In October, Indian mobile users downloaded around three million games from the site. This growth has been largely due to strong localisation of games in this market. Goldman may buy Bengaluru-Mysore expressway pie
May take 10-15% in Phase II of Bengaluru-Mysore road for Rs 500 crore. Who'll rule? China, India or the West?
A great, new book suggests that history favours China's future over India's. SUVs and MUVs that rocked India in 2010!
So, let's take a look at the 10 most popular SUVs and MUVs in the country, according to data assembled by throughout the year. Rs 2,000,000,000,000! That's what India mopped up
The capital raised by Indian companies in the 2010 calendar year was over one-third more than the Rs 1,50,000-crore (Rs 1,500-billion) mop-up in the previous year and was a beacon of hope in a global economy that has been witnessing turbulence on account of the poor health of Western economies. Airbus @ 40: A success story
As the European airplane manufacturer Airbus completes 40 years, few will doubt that it will continue to have its regular share of controversy. IMAGES: 9 most popular sedans of 2010
Some newer names caught the buyers' fancy while some older ones held their ground firmly. Why banks are against corporates in banking
"Banks were not in favour of the proposal due to the unsavoury past experience in India and abroad and that large capital buffer that would be available to the banks sponsored by industrial/business houses would create an uneven playing field with the existing banks," the Reserve Bank said in a statement. Now, no big home loans over 80% of property value!
Concerned over excessive flow of banking funds to the real estate sector, the Reserve Bank of India on Thursday said lenders will provide loans only up to 80 per cent of the cost of property.
December 23, 2010
Zachariah freed of insider trading charges
Thiruvananthapuram-born Dr Zachariah P Zachariah, a prominent cardiologist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has been exonerated of all charges in a long-standing US Securities and Exchange Commission insider trading case. Why Indian entrepreneurs are stressed-out
The stress levels of Indian entrepreneurs have risen markedly in the last two years, but are still less than their global peers, a recent survey has revealed. Onion saga: Of X'mas gift, imports and promises
A trader in Jharkand is offering free onions on purchase of tyres while a noted humourist in Punjab plans to give this essential kitchen ingredient as gifts to housewives during Christmas as a way to flag people's mounting concern on skyrocketing onion prices. Tata Nano shines! Wins global design award
The award is conferred annually by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design together with The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. The onion sting: Here's what the common man says
We asked around people from every walk of life and culled their reactions on the present price rise. Insatiable! India sealed $55-bn M&A deals in 2010
As the year 2010 comes to a close, a look back at India Inc's deal activity shows a splendid year, with the total deal value surpassing the previous record set in 2007 and big-ticket deals making a comeback as corporate India regained its deal-making appetite with nine billion-dollar-plus deals -- the highest-ever in a single year. Bribery, corruption hit Indian manufacturing
Over 25 per cent of Indian manufacturing sector respondents have been victims of economic crime. Crisis? Inform 3,000 people in just a minute!
ERCC is an inexpensive emergency alert system that can be installed in offices. Mahindra launches 4X4 off-roader the Thar
The Thar CRDe 4x4 BS IV variant priced at Rs 5.99 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) and Thar DI BS III variant priced at Rs 4.47 lakh (ex-showroom Jaipur). IMAGES: The world's 20 busiest airports
The world's busiest airports are ranked here by the number of total passengers, data for which is provided by the Airports Council International. NREGA can't curb distress migration in Rajasthan
The government's flagship programme NREGA has created a source of additional income for families living below the poverty line in tribal areas of Rajasthan, but has failed to check distress migrations minimum 100 days of employment assured under the Act is not provided to all workers. Commexes 2010 turnover will be at Rs 105trillion
It has been a year to remember for commodity exchanges in the country, with their cumulative turnover set to cross the Rs 100 trillion-mark in 2010 and the government also introducing a Bill in the Lok Sabha that aims to expand the futures market. 2010: A year of rebirth for India's IT
According to industry body National Association of Software and Service Companies, the Indian IT-BPO industry is well-poised to reach the $70-billion mark by the end of the current fiscal.
December 22, 2010
Onion prices could remain high till next Diwali
If you think that the government's steps to import onions and ban their export will lead to any significant drop in onion prices, then you might be mistaken. Should diesel prices be hiked?
The increase in prices will impact prices of food and other essential commodities, but it is important if the oil marketing companies are to progress so that the country can meet its ever-growing energy needs We aren't building roads for the future. . .: Nath
India and Malaysia have decided to work on a "price discovery mechanism," a new concept where both sides will arrive at an agreeable cost while undertaking road building projects, Roads and Highways minister Kamal Nath said. Onions: Take hoarders to task, govt tells states
In a bid to cool the skyrocketing retail prices, government has abolished import duties on onion and banned its exports for an indefinite period even as wholesale prices started showing signs of decline. How Kolkata Metro has suffered due to Railways
The country's first underground mass transit system has suffered by being part of Indian Railways. 10 most searched Indian cars of 2010
Apart from brochures and advice from friends, the Internet has become a fine source of information on cars. India's most preferred investment destinations
India is set to become a potential goldmine on the back of investment announcements in the 20 major states that surged during April-September (H1) 2010 to Rs 10,097,472 crore. Budget 2011: This time by two finance secretaries?
The government is not keen to give extension to Finance Secretary Ashok Chawla, a Gujarat-cadre IAS officer, on his superannuation on January 31. VOTE: The 20 best banks in India
Indian banks have successfully weathered the mayhem that shook the financial world in 2008. Tata tests markets for Nano export
The rising prospect of the Nano doing well in international markets has prompted India's largest vehicle maker to hold customer clinics in several countries. The world's fastest growing economies
Asia and Africa account for the world's fastest growing economies, says Economy Watch. Working for rural India from IIT research park
Uniphore Software Systems is one of the companies incubated by Rural Technology and Business Incubator (RTBI) of the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras. India's 5 employers with the best image
More than half of fresh MBAs graduating from India's leading management schools in 2011 would like to work in the FMCG sector as it offers attractive growth prospects, according to a latest study by the Nielsen Company. India still world's No. 1 BPO destination!
India is still the world's favourite destination for offshore outsourcing, but attractive cost structures in the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia and the rapid growth of the business in China are posing tough competition, according to a new study by Gartner Inc.
December 21, 2010
Thousands stranded, but flights to Heathrow resume
Thousands of frustrated travellers remained stranded at airports across Europe on Tuesday, even as authorities warned that disruption could last until after Christmas, following the heaviest snowfalls in decades. 2010: Hospitality sector bids adieu to hard times
An over 10 per cent increase in tourist arrivals and rising hotel occupancies consigned the memories of the economic downturn and the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks to the far corner of the industry's mind. Why onion prices will remain high
The government on Tuesday said prices of onions are likely to remain high for the next three weeks, but the situation is likely to improve thereafter in the wake of its move to ban exports of the commodity. Soaring airfares? Airlines see record traffic
Despite rising airfares, the domestic aviation sector saw an impressive rise in passenger traffic. 12th Plan: Panel to set ambitious growth targets
Clouded by the global economic meltdown that began in 2008, the current Plan (2007-12) needed a lot of scaling down of the targets and the mid-term review was quite straight about it. Can only GM crops ensure India's food security?
explains why a mobilisation like the Kisan Swaraj Yatra is significant and why it is opposed to GM crop. IT: Will purse strings be loosened in 2011?
However, the biggest question for the Indian information technology sector is whether purse strings will be loosened for discretionary spending in 2011 or not. Here are some options in tax-saving investments
PPF fits all portfolios, except those earning basic pay of over Rs 8.3 lakh yearly. E-shopping sites: Get the best of online bargains
The festival season is here and it's a good time for bargain hunting on shopping websites. Whether you want to pamper yourself or buy gifts, these websites are a great place to avail good discounts on a range of products. IMAGES: The 11 hatchbacks launched in 2010
It was not only a treat for car manufacturers as their sales figures rose, but also for the car buyers who were spoilt for choice. A comeback year for India's retail sector
The debate over whether to relax FDI norms in the Indian retail sector gained momentum in 2010. New editions of VW Jetta, Passat in India in 2011
"We will launch the new Jetta and new Passat in the Indian market in 2011," Volkswagen Group's Head of Marketing and PR (Passenger Cars) Lutz Kothe said. Why indian aviation is missing the Asian boom
India, the second fastest-growing economy in the world, does not figure in the brighter side of the aviation picture, because Indian civil aviation industry has been hugely loss-making (a $1.75 billion loss in 2009-10) and showing no signs of consolidation. India's FDI inflows dip in 2010
India received less foreign direct investment in 2010 than the previous year, courtesy a modest recovery in the global economy which reduced the risk and expansion appetite of corporates across the world.
December 20, 2010
How the Congress plans to curb rising prices
Expressing concern over rising prices, the Congress party on Monday asked the government to deal with the issue of inflation with candour and courage and take stern action against hoarding and black-marketing. A year of tiffs, truces and tantalising corp tales
An eclectic mix of Radias, Ambanis and Akulas hogged the headlines this year, with many an unfolding plot promising eventful corporate tales in 2011. IMAGES: Heavy snowfall disrupts flights in Europe
Travel plans of millions of people in Europe are disrupted. E&Y faces fraud charges over Lehman collapse
New York prosecutors are poised to file civil fraud charges against Ernst & Young. IMAGES: The all-new Nissan Sunny unveiled!
This new model will go on sale first in China in January 2011. Scams spoil midcap, small cap party in 2010
Small cap stocks can sometimes surprise by yielding large returns to investors. IMAGES: Why Hero exited the joint venture
The pollution rules set to be enforced from 2015 require heavy investment in R&D, new tech. Why Indian aviation grew by 400% in 6 years
Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel on Friday said the airline industry in India has grown by 400 per cent in a short span of about six-and-a-half years. How HR can help organisations succeed
Business strategies of companies are fast outpacing their organisational design. Here's how HR can help reshape organisations to drive growth. IMAGES: Delhi airport's space not used well
T3 is the largest airport terminal in the country. CIL proved to be government's big ticket for 2010
Coal India Limited (CIL) proved a virtual gold mine for the government in the year gone by. The spectacular share sale of the world's largest coal miner ahead of Diwali added glitter and spark to the government's fund-raising plans through divestment in key PSUs.
December 17, 2010
Tatas dub Chandrasekhar's attack a 'cheap gimmick'
Dubbing the debate triggered by Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar with Ratan Tata on 2G spectrum as 'futile', a Tata Group firm on Friday said his attack on a former telecom regulator was a 'cheap gimmick'. This is what threatens the Indian economy
Amid projections of up to over 9 per cent growth in Indian economy this fiscal, ratings firm Moody's has cautioned against overheating that can result in probable asset bubbles. Get a health cover and have a relaxed holiday
A travel policy is not enough as most domestic ones do not provide health cover. On the other hand, only overseas travel plans cover hospitalisation, apart from travel-related risks. Real estate prices soar before planes
With the environment ministry nod to Navi Mumbai airport, money is flying into projects in its precincts. Mobile advtg to go beyond SMSes and flash messages
A recent study revealed that over 72 per cent of Indian consumers were at ease with mobile advertising and over 50 per cent were ready for personalised advertisements. Jobs bonanza: 20% jump in hiring, fatter pay
Led by fast-growing sectors such as telecom, consumer durables and real estate, HR experts feel that hiring is most likely to jump. Win Rs 25,000! Just solve this case
All you have to do is read the case, see the question you have to answer on the last slide, click on The Smart Manager logo below, and post your solutions by January 10, 2011. Jobs in a jiffy: A startup for startups
Khinvasara decided that he wanted to educate people about the benefits of working in startups and in the process build a business. Patent war: Nokia files 13 suits against Apple
Accusing Apple for using its technology in devices like iPod, iPhone and iPod Touch, the world's No.1 cellphone company, Nokia has filed 13 patent infringement suits in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. PIX: Move over MNCs, Made in India phones are here
Most India brands have started offering 3G-enabled phones with a starting price of about Rs 4,000. New Google browser to map human body!
After its controversial Street View programme , Internet search giant Google is all set to unveil a new browser that can map out the entire human body. Stats don't lie! China way ahead of India
The rise of the fastest growing economies of China and India has taken the world by surprise . . . Failed joint ventures are normal in India
India has seen multiple instances of termination of agreements in joint venture contracts, most of which were formed in the early 1980's. The secrets of loss-proof investing
During a stock market top, everyone thinks they can tolerate huge allocations to stocks and see no problem being invested 100 per cent in equity. PIX: Despite Jairam's rap, SUVs become big hits
SUVs are increasingly becoming a rage amongst buyers.
December 16, 2010
Rajeev Chandrasekhar hits back at Tata
The MP asked authorities to keep focus of investigation on scam to weed out the lobbyists from the telecom sector. Hero Honda splits; Hero to buy Honda's 26% stake
Breaking its 26-year-old joint venture -- Hero Honda, Munjals-promoted Hero Group on Thursday said it will buy the entire 26 per cent stake of its Japanese partner Honda in the company for an undisclosed amount. Why petrol prices were hiked by Rs 3 a litre
The hike in petrol price was necessitated because of increase in prices of crude oil in the international market, Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said. Cities, sectors that created most jobs in India
The organised sector in India generated 1.13 million jobs in 2010, says the Ma Foi Randstad Employment Trends Survey. IMAGES: Ford Figo is Indian Car of the Year
The Ford Figo is a celebration of the best-in-class features, style, comfort and ownership. RBI to infuse Rs 480 bn; raps govt for cash crunch
With the declining trend in inflation and amid reports of liquidity crunch, the Reserve Bank on Thursday announced pumping in Rs 48,000 crore (Rs 480 billion) into the system while keeping the key policy rates unchanged. Sneak peek: The stunning Rs 22 lakh BMW X1
A number of carmakers have launched new products in the SUV/MUV segment within a span of few months. 'We can be a superpower if every Indian is happy'
D Udaya Kumar made history when his design was selected as the symbol for the Rupee. Manu A B profiles the brilliant creator. Meet the man behind a Rs 4,500-crore empire
N Sankar, the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement award at the TiE Chennai Entrepreneur awards 2010, is the Chairman of The Sanmar Group. The turnover of the group is estimated to be around Rs. 4,500 crores. Sankar talks about how he built the empire. Ratan Tata's cup of woes spills over
Questions raised on discrepancies in land rates in West Bengal. Advance tax: This is what the big companies paid
India Inc seems to be leveraging well on the country's growth story and is poised to post better earnings if the corporate advance tax payments made in the December quarter are any indication. Kolhapur bizmen book 180 Mercedes cars at one go!
Professionals, including doctors, engineers, farmers and industrialists, from various sections of Kolhapur, Sangli and Belgaum in Karnataka have made primary bookings for 180 Mercedes Benz cars from a Pune dealer, B U Bhandari, who was also responsible for the Aurangabad deal.
December 15, 2010
The Dragon is here! Deals worth $16 billion signed
Wen said, China is ready to work with India to increase the scale, and expand the scope of bilateral business cooperation. IMAGES: Ducati to launch Diavel in India by April
It would also be launching two more models of its super bike series by Jan. Radia is an economic terrorist, says Praful Patel
Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel, who was at the receiving end in the tapped conversations of corporate lobbyist Niira Radia, on Wednesday wondered how she came to prominence and what was her claim to fame. The zaniest, most jaw-dropping quotes of 2010
India, the year 2010, saw many an upheaval in the often mysterious, at times murky, and occasionally bright world of business, money and economy. Private companies sitting on Rs 150,000-cr cash
Uncertainty on demand growth seems to be crimping investment. The most loved advertisements of 2010
These advertisments struck a chord with people because of their creativity and innovation. 20 facts you must know about India's growth
The economy of India is the eleventh largest in the world by nominal GDP and the fourth largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). Chinese auto makers bet big on India story
China's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, Beiqi Foton, is understood to be considering setting up a greenfield facility in India shortly. This Chinese invasion = Deals worth $20 billion
PM isn't expected to shy away from airing political differences. India vs China: How the 2 giant economies compare
Wen is leading a high level delegation to India for a two-day trip, starting on December 16. What's happiness? Earning more than your friends!
Money can buy you happiness, only if you earn more of it than your friends, scientists say.
December 14, 2010
Petrol price hiked by Rs 2.96
Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL) on Tuesday hiked petrol prices by about Rs 2.96 a litre effective midnight tonight, and other state-owned oil companies IOC and HPCL will follow suit on Wednesday. India Inc's 'lack of ethics' concerns PM
Amid charges for flouting environment laws by some influential business houses, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday said there was a perceived 'ethical deficit' among some corporates which need to follow fair means in their pursuit. Move over Visa, MasterCard. IndiaPay is here
The National Payments Corporation of India, the owner of IndiaPay, will fire the first salvo by charging only half what MasterCard and Visa levy on merchant establishments. Booked a Toyota Etios? Delivery from Jan 2011
Japanese car maker Toyota on Tuesday said it will begin production of its entry-level sedan Etios in third week of December from its second manufacturing facility in India at Bidadi in Bengaluru. Images: The great Indian consumer boom!
According to estimates, there are about 404 million consuming or aspiring consumers in India. World's top 20 BPO hotspots
Bengaluru remains the top outsourcing hotspot for fourth successive year. When personal loans outshine loans against gold
A personal loan can score over a loan against gold in some cases, if you compare the interest rate, tenure and charges for the two products. Here are some special car deals for Christmas
Almost all car makers are trying to catch consumers' eyeballs by offering cash discounts, free insurance and paying registration charges of the car, distributing gift cheques, silver and gold coins and free accessories. How Rao is building low-cost homes profitably!
Former Citibanker and MphasiS founder wants to provide affordable housing to low-income buyers. What's his business model?
December 13, 2010
Lower airfares further, govt tells airlines
<P>Click <STRONG>NEXT </STRONG>to read on . . . </P> <P><iframe hspace=0 vspace=0 scrolling=no src="" frameborder=0 width=462 height=60 allowtransparency='true'></iframe><a href=''><img src= width=0 height=0 target=_blank border=0 /></a> What Chinese PM's visit means for Indian business
China has emerged as India's largest trade partner. The world's 20 most admired firms
Four Indian companies have been named amongst the world's 20 most admired knowledge enterprises by the MAKE research programme established by Teleos, in association with The KNOW Network. MF investments by politicians under Sebi lens
Come January 1, 2011, all the new as also existing MF investors would need to disclose if they are or have been a head of state. World's 5 most influential tech tycoons
When one thinks of technology, the first name that strikes us is that of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Defect in newly bought car? Here's what to do
Newly bought cars often show defects which need to be attended. Here's how. Tata vs Chandrasekhar: What corporates say
Business Standard got in touch with CEOs and corporate promoters around the countr. Is India Inc shocked? Surprised at the tone and tenor of the letters? Most shied away from a comment, some were diplomatic and only a few were ready for plainspeak. How to get high returns from stocks
Highly priced stocks may be expensive but provide better returns. More money in cyber crime than in drug trade now!
Symantec Corp, a global data security provider, has said that cyber attacks against critical infrastructure providers in India were becoming more frequent and effective in the recent past. No laws for poor contract workers!
A new law for contract labourers intends to remove the illusion that they are cheaper and exploitable. 'Jewellery tops online product sales'
The Indian e-commerce sector is getting a good response from rural and Tier-III cities, Sharat Digumarti, head (operations), eBay India said at the launch of the eBay India census 2010 at Hyderabad. IMAGES: What do Indians search for on the Web?
What 81 million Indian netizens have been searching for on the web? Stock mkt probe:Sebi to snoop on Facebook, Twitter
Recently, a number of blogs have cropped up where members discuss stock market trends. IMAGES: Check out the stunning Audi A7 Sportback
The luxury car segment of the country is likely to get a new car soon. Plan for your tomorrow, today!
The average fund at the time of retirement is just Rs 52,000 per individual, people are still keen on contributing to a retirement fund, because traditional structures, such as the joint family, or children supporting parents, are changing.
December 10, 2010
More billionaires agree to give away wealth
Giving People asks its signatories to commit publicly to give away majority of their wealth. IMAGES: Mahindra launches REVAi at Rs 310,000
The company plans to launch a slew of models in the domestic as well as overseas markets in the coming year. Yamaha launches 998cc FZ1 at Rs 8.7 lakh
The wholly-owned subsidiary of the firm - India Yamaha Motor - also introduced a 153cc motorcycle -- SZ-R, carrying a price tag of Rs 55,500 (ex-showroom, Delhi). The 20 largest companies in India
Indian companies have become bigger and stronger in the last ten years with the average revenue of a company on the Fortune India 500 list standing at Rs 7,632.5 crore (Rs 76.32 billion). IMAGES: The world's largest solar boat
The marvellous boat is covered in 5,300 square feet of photovoltaic solar panels consisting of 38,000 next-generation cells by SunPower. Ramesh sold out India on climate issue: BJP, Left
Under attack from opposition parties and NGOs back home, Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh on Friday admitted to 'nuancing' of the Indian position that it will not accept internationally legally binding emission cuts. IMAGES: Rs 5.6-lakh Nissan Micra diesel is here!
With an overall length of 3780mm and overall width of 1665mm the car easily tackles traffic. 3 hot hatchbacks to look forward to
With the rapid growth of the Indian market many new carmakers are going to enter the country and the existing ones are going to come up with newer models. GRAPHICS: The booming Indian economy!
Here's a graphical representation of the Indian economy. . . IMAGES: World's 15 biggest malls
Malls have become an inevitable part of the retail boom all over the world. Fiscal deficit in states:Maharashtra tops the list
Fiscal deficit is essentially the difference between what the government spends and what it earns. It is expressed as a percentage of GDP.
December 09, 2010
2G spectrum: Govt to probe allocation since 2001
The government on Thursday appointed a one-man committee of retired Supreme Court justice Shivaraj V Patil to probe the alleged irregularities in the allocation of 2G spectrum since 2001, a period involving the NDA regime. Why Ratan Tata hired Niira Radia's PR agency
Stating that Tatas did not have a 'captive' connection to counter a media campaign against it by an unholy nexus between certain corporates and journalists, Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata on Thursday said that this necessitated engagement of external PR service provider Niira Radia. Why the Sensex fell over 400 points
Several factors, like fear of FII withdrawals, high inflation numbers, telecom scam, RBI warning, etc, saw the markets plummet on Thursday. 3G tech vulnerable to cyber crime
As 3G mobile services are set to be rolled out soon in the country, cyber experts sound a word of caution about the high tech enabled mobile phones, which they say are more vulnerable in the world of technology related crimes. The world's most corrupt institutions
As many as 74 per cent Indians believe that corruption levels have increased in the past three years. Globally, 60 per cent people hold the same view, and one in four people report paying bribes in the last year. A 7-point plan to improve the govt's performance
Here are some ways the government's performance can be fine-tuned for better marks: India says NO to legally binding emission cuts
The United States, India and China are not in favor of accepting a legally binding agreement. Trade secret? How to protect it
Violations of business and intellectual property rights are on the rise and pose a huge challenge to corporations and innovators. IMAGES: All about 4 stunning SUVs
How powerful are the four recently launched SUVs/MUVs. Orissa: 10,991 villages lost over 50% crop
Mayurbhanj district has been the worst hit where a total of 2442 villages under 18 blocks have reported a crop loss of more than 50 per cent. Next is Sundergarh district where 1656 villages under 17 blocks have suffered a crop loss of more than 50 per cent. Many telecom flip flops during BJP regime: Tata
Tata group chairman Ratan Tata has blamed the Bharatiya Janata Party for many telecom flip flops that took place during its regime. Special: Dollar's gain = Sensex's loss?
While the dollar's appreciation could influence the markets in the near term, experts suggest a look at the fundamentals and other macro indicators before taking an investment call. India can grow faster than China: Roubini
Roubini said countries like India, Indonesia, Brazil and Turkey, with their increasing reliance on domestic markets, have a "distinct edge" over China which is still dependent on trade and a weak currency to spur its growth story. China's fastest train aims to speed at 575 km/hr!
Aiming to break the 574.8 km/h speed record set by France, China has signed agreements with Thailand and Laos to build high-speed railways. Images: India's 25 most competitive cities
According to the City Competitiveness report by the Institute for Competitiveness, Delhi is the most competitive.
December 08, 2010
Now, a common entrance test for bank jobs!
Aimed at reducing recruitment-time and the hassles associated with recruitment -- for both banks and candidates -- there will now be a common all-India entrance test from next year onwards for those seeking to join public sector banks. China building super-cities, but what about jobs?
China's secondary cities are building infrastructure on a massive scale, but the factories that will generate jobs for the poor are still nowhere in sight. Petrol, diesel prices to be hiked soon
State-owned oil companies may raise petrol prices by Rs 1.50-Rs 2 per litre early next week, while a Rs 2 a litre hike in diesel rates is under the government consideration, a senior official said. Intel threatened Russia with sending jobs to India
Intel, the American chip giant, won a key concession from Russian government after threatening to shift research and development (R&D) work from the country to India or China, according to a United States Department of State cable leaked by the whistle-blower WikiLeaks. Why Bengal is the most indebted state in India
Revenue deficit of the state is the highest among Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat. Philippines, not India, is the world's BPO capital
The Philippines has become the BPO capital of the world, overtaking India as the number one player in the global business outsourcing market. IMAGES: Inspired by Nano, TVS plans cheaper bikes
low-cost plans dovetail perfectly with the company's decision to make affordable new models. Airtel: Spend on customer service or brand revamp?
Bharti Airtel says the makeover is in tune with the paradigm change the industry is about to witness. Images: Toyota's stunning Rs 5-lakh Etios sedan
The Etios sedan will be available in four variants. How to identify an operator-driven stock
Stay away from small companies that are easily manipulated. Why we should take the Internet seriously
Is it time to consider the Internet as mass media? Maybe. Is Indian basmati under threat?
The old farming practices will have to be changed to save the basmati export business. 2011: Could it be worse than 2010?
The year 2010 failed to deliver on the promises that it's first few months held. It might not have been quite the annus horribilis that 2008 was, but the last few months have shown some rather ominous trends. Let's just hope that these trends reverse in 2011. It certainly doesn't have the makings of a good year. GST: A bullock cart stuck in the mud
The GST reform has virtually come to a standstill. World's highest remittances: India is No.1
With a rising population of more than 215 million international migrants in the world, remittances received by developing countries, is estimated to be $325 billion in 2010, states a World Bank study.
December 07, 2010
Gold, silver at all-time high
Brisk buying for the ongoing marriage season and rising demand from industrial units resulted in this rise. Jobless Indian ragpickers heat up climate meet
Vatsala Gaikwad and Supriya Bhadakwad from Maharashtra hopped on a plane for the first time to protest about the loss of their jobs to rubbish-guzzling incinerators. Anil is building a mansion, but not for himself
Multiple residential units are being developed for housing senior executives of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group at a plot in Pali Hill of Bandra. Europe crisis could hurt India, warns Pranab
The government on Tuesday attributed higher economic growth projected in the mid-year economic analysis for this fiscal than the Economic Survey to robust economic expansion in the first half. Indian economic engine roars; growth to cross 9%
In its mid-year analysis of Indian economy, the government said high inflation, which was a major concern, has started declining and hoped that it may fall to 6 per cent by March, 2011 from over 8 per cent now. Act, before we are all dead: Ramesh to US
Ramesh expressed deep concern about the US offer to reduce carbon emissions by 17 per cent from 2005 levels. Spectrum scam: An MP's open letter to Ratan Tata
Chandrasekhar's letter seeks to convey the impression that the Tata Group kept quiet when it stood to benefit from violations of norms. Top 10 IT predictions for 2011
11 will be about the consolidation of disruptive technologies and customer segments. How Nitish plans to make Bihar an economic power
After sweeping the Bihar elections, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar says that the main task before him is to tackle corruption and ensure fast economic growth. Images: The world's largest employers
here is a list of 23 giant enterprises which are the world's largest employers.
December 06, 2010
Media: Of burying the 'paid news' report
It is time for all us, as citizens, to assert that newspapers and television new channels are fundamentally social institutions, says . Govt must not dictate air fares: Mallya
Protesting against the government efforts to reduce high prices charged by airlines on tickets booked at short-term notice, Kingfisher Airlines promoter Vijay Mallya on Monday said that airfares should not be capped by the regulatory authorities, whether it is in upper or lower band. SBI hikes deposit rates by up to 150 bps
The new rates will become effective from Tuesday. IMAGES: This is Huaxi, China's richest village!
In this village of Huaxi, a booming market town of 36,000 in the affluent eastern province of Jiangsu, every family has at least one house or villa, two cars and $250,000 in the bank. Do this first, then ask people for higher airfares
Whatever post-reform Indian capitalism is, one thing it isn't - and that is an untrammelled 'free market' system, says . 5 most important house facts, you must know
You need to evaluate aspects related to your house carefully and bring them under the scanner to identify loopholes. This is especially true of the agreement you need to sign with the builder. 10 things that can prevent future scams
The only permanent way for us to stop scams is to work on both prevention and deterrence. Can Dell XCD win the smartphone race?
After taking leadership in the personal computer space in India, Dell now wants a piece of the market for smart phones. IMAGES: 6 mega carmakers and their plans for 2011
Talks of new car launches and model upgrades kept car lovers enthralled throughout 2010. After 26 years, Honda to part ways with Hero
To sell its 26 per cent stake to the Munjals for $1.2 billion. Renting a house? Here is your legal checklist!
The verification of certain documents are critical, though commercial establishments that take office premises have a legal team to handle the formalities, often the lone individual in search of a comfy apartment does not often realise the significance of such things nor do they actually get a chance to verify any details.
December 03, 2010
Govt rejects massive fare hike plan by airlines
Asserting that the government can't remain a mute spectator to the move by the air carriers, Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel said there can be 'no justification' for airlines to hike fares in an 'arbitrary manner'. IMAGES: The world's top 25 luxury trains
Luxury knows no bounds in these magnificent trains that take you on an unforgettable trip across some of the world's most beautiful destinations. How economic reforms have transformed India!
, University Professor, Economics and Law, Columbia University, delivered the Third Hiren Mukerjee Memorial Annual Parliamentary Lecture in the Central Hall of Parliament House on December 2, 2010. Here are the edited excerpts of his excellent analysis of how the economic reforms have benefited India: The Honda Brio: Here's a sneak preview
Pictures from the Bangkok Motor Show where the car has been displayed show a well designed car by Honda that resembles nothing anyone has ever seem in a Honda stable. Smart ways to save and still have fun!
With the economy of the US currently in a tailspin, the effects are far-reaching, so it's especially wise, at this point, to take a good look at how you spend, and where your hard-earned money is going. Want to buy a villa in Gurgaon? Price Rs 8.5 crore
Realty major Emaar MGF said it would develop 200 luxury villas in Gurgaon , which would generate a revenue of at least Rs 900 crore (Rs 9 billion) to the company. 2010 hottest year ever recorded
Over the 10 years from 2001 to 2010, global temperatures have averaged 0.46 C (0.82 F) above the 1961-1990 average. China has 670,000 dollar millionaires!
China has the third largest number of dollar millionaires in the world, after the United States and Japan, with the number touching 6.70 lakh (670,000) in 2009, an increase of 60 per cent compared to the previous year. How Tata plans to rescue the Nano
Stung by dwindling sales of the Nano, the world's cheapest car, Tata Motors has embarked on a nationwide campaign to promote and market it. Some great Bluetooth devices; how to choose them!
Not long back, talking on the phone meant you could do just that. Not any more. Explore multi-tasking! Meet Ashish Goyal, world's first blind trader
Ashish Goyal breaks new ground by becoming the first blind student in foremost finance school and first blind trader in the world. 5 COOL stocks in a hot market!
Even with the market on fire, here are a handful of stocks that could give investors good returns in the longer term. India's brain gain & how UID will curb corruption
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Thursday that India has overcome the problem of 'brain drain' and is drawing on the global 'brain bank' of people of Indian origin.
December 02, 2010
Local airlines want upto Rs 40,000 one-way fare!
Air travellers may have to shell out hefty amounts if the fare bands proposed by airlines -- which will also take into account the distance factor -- are approved by the civil aviation regulator DGCA. Photos: The world's 50 greatest thinkers!
It talks of people who has big dreams to change the world, and change it for better. Montek Singh may be in race for IMF chief's post
International Monetary Fund managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn on Thursday said he favoured new heads of the World Bank and the Fund to be from countries other than Europe and the United States. The grand new Audi A6 is round the corner
The car is scheduled to be in showrooms next year and it will be tough competition for all the fellow sedans in its segment like the BMW 5 series and Mercedes E class. Corruption hurting Brand India? Aam aadmi's view
While some accuse the government of taking a soft stance, others want it to come up with punitive measures against the offenders at the earliest. Fake gold scam hammers Hong Kong jewellers
The gold-mad city has woken up to a massive scam as investigators discovered that at least 200 ounces of fake bullion, worth about $250,000 have been traded at the island`s fabled jewellery souks so far this year, Financial Times reported. Photos: 215 million children work as labourers!
The economic exploitation of children is an insult to humanity, says the World Bank. Auto sales skid, Nano sales drop by 85%
The much hyped 'world's cheapest' car Nano has failed to live up to the expectations as it witnessed a massive decline in sales to 509 units in November this year compared to 3,065 units sold in the previous month. How to decide when to sell a share
When trouble strikes a company, it's best to sell its shares and reassess the situation. How to use market volatility to your advantage
Retail investors should park only a small portion of money in arbitrage funds. Crude oil may test $100/bbl level by 2011
The Opec output has fallen slightly in November at around 29 million barrels a day since last August. Meet one of India's topmost admen
Every brand deals with different challenges and strategies at different points in time and communication needs to change accordingly. 10 golden keys to a RICH financial future
Ace financial advisor shares insights on how the next generation can build positive financial habits that may benefit them for years to come.
December 01, 2010
Indians are the biggest apartment buyers in Burj!
Indians top the list of buyers in the world's tallest tower having acquired space worth $7.9 million in the first seven months of the skyscrapers opening. Nobel laureate Yunus stashed away $100 million?
Bangladeshi Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus has been accused of stashing some $100 million originally for microcredit operations of his Grameen Bank to his another venture in 1996, breaching agreements with donors and violating the country's financial rules. Pesky SMSs/calls: Major relief to users from Jan 1
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India on Wednesday imposed a hefty penalty of up to Rs 2.50 lakh (Rs 250,000) on erring telemarketing companies which also face the prospect of getting blacklisted. Gold @ Rs 21,000 per 10 gm! Why are prices rising?
Gold price surged to all-time high of Rs 21,000 per ten grams; while silver rate sets a new record of Rs 44,000 per kg in the Delhi bullion market on Wednesday on hectic buying from stockists triggered by sharp rise in the global market. Government housing gets makeover
"The new project will bring down some pressure on the general pool residential accommodation," says Vishnu P Das, chairman and managing director of the National Buildings Construction Corporation (NBCC), an arm of the Urban Development Ministry, which is executing the project. How to make customised travelling cheaper
Group travellers get discounts at almost every stage. While airlines give up to 15 per cent discount on bulk bookings, discounts by hotels can be 30-40 per cent. Toyota Etios is here! Price begins at Rs 496,000
The Etios sedan is powered by a 1.5-litre motor with twin cams and four valves per cylinder. Economic boom? India's GDP per capita rank at 127!
India with a per capita GDP of $3,015 has one of the lowest ranks at 127, according to the IMF. Now, insurance agents can't mis-sell to you
A look at some terms used in these policies and what they mean. IMAGES: 16 super cars that will make you drool
Carmakers like Porsche, Rolls Royce, Bentley, etc have a number of products to offer in this segment. Top 8 IT forecasts for 2011; cyber attacks to boom
The world's leading IT research and advisory firm Gartner has forecast that by 2015, online sabotages will become multi-modal and very damaging and that even a G-20 nation's critical infrastructure will be disrupted and damaged by such cyber attacks. Hi-tech manufacturing: India, China marching ahead
In less than 15 years, China has moved from 14th place to second place in published research articles.
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