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Outsourcing and India

March 31, 2004

India is world's topmost offshore destination
'BPO not to curb US job recovery'
Debate on outsourcing rages on in US
'Outsourcing good for US economy'
HLL to expand BPO unit

March 30, 2004

The BPO skills assessment test

March 29, 2004

BPO boosts US trade, says think tank

March 27, 2004

Thousands of telecom jobs to move to India
More BPO deals in telecom likely

March 26, 2004

Kerry for tax relief to offset outsourcing
Bharti in huge outsourcing deal with IBM
Outsourcing - The economic inevitability

March 25, 2004

Philips incubates 2 BPO projects at B'lore centre
BPO will create more jobs: US think-tank
Stopping data, identity theft via offshoring
BPO: Emerging rivals to challenge India
Tax issue halts foreign firms' BPO march into India

March 24, 2004

Strategy to fight the US backlash
US law firm to join BPO bandwagon
GM to outsource from India
Capital One ends deal with Spectramind

March 23, 2004

Blair impressed with India, defends BPO
BPO market seen at $1 trillion by 2006
US firms seek more space for BPO ventures

March 22, 2004

US firm to hire more in India
LSE too supports outsourcing
US firms downplay Indian connection
BPOs innovate to tackle attrition malaise

March 20, 2004

'Outsourcing jobs can pose security risk'

March 19, 2004

Pennsylvania too okays anti-BPO move
Latest buzz on BPO block: dual shoring

March 18, 2004

India to become a textile BPO destination
Now, research on Indian BPO thrives in US
BPO: India must focus on quality too
India is undisputed BPO king: Gartner
US gets more BPO work than India: US commerce dept

March 17, 2004

61% Americans fear job-loss due to outsourcing
Powell's recipe to soften BPO blow

March 16, 2004

Trade reforms vital to offset job losses: US
eFunds sets up third centre in Mumbai
'Indian BPOs must focus on detailed contracts'
'Indian call centres world's best'

March 15, 2004

Polaris BPO eyes card processing business
Indian firms, too, outsourcing operations

March 13, 2004

The anti-BPO illogic

March 12, 2004

Vajpayee hits out at US on BPO issue
US experts against protectionism
BPO curbs will backfire: Greenspan

March 11, 2004

Motorola to shift jobs to India
BPO may claim 1st casualty at White House
BPO: Shourie junks US criticism

March 10, 2004

India has no right to flay anti-BPO move: Zoellick
BPO backlash to fade post US polls: Shourie
Now, US firms outsource to prisons!
BPO: Bangalore firm opens apparel design unit

March 09, 2004

Twist to BPO: Indian firms can do it faster
BPO gives Aussies the shivers too
Philippines poses challenge to India in BPO
How to be an offshore service provider

March 08, 2004

Bush may use BPO backlash to pressure India
BPO backlash can hurt economy: Shourie
FreeMarkets to recruit 25 engineers in India

March 06, 2004

US adds only 21,000 jobs in February
Global executives say yes to outsourcing
US can't have the cake & eat it too: Advani

March 05, 2004

IT majors mum on US Senate's anti-BPO drive
'India is the land of tomorrow'
US Senate votes to bar outsourcing govt jobs

March 04, 2004

50 US House members support BPO ban
Accenture to manage Dabur's IT functions
US legal firms join BPO bandwagon

March 03, 2004

Nasscom bites its nails over BPO backlash
Nasscom for shorter call centre shifts
Yet another anti-BPO bill in US
Outsourced jobs seen to double in next 3 years
Airbus offers BPO carrot

March 02, 2004

HSBC to move 6,000 jobs to India, China
US trade groups to battle BPO backlash

March 01, 2004

India's joy on BPO justified: The Economist


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