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Outsourcing and India

August 31, 2004

Call centres, love life don't mix
ICICI OneSource set to acquire a foreign company
Chennai BPO firm eyes buyouts

August 28, 2004

Reuters gets bad news from union

August 27, 2004

Xansa India to up headcount to 7000
India's first interactive BPO vortal launched

August 26, 2004

'All US tech jobs will move out in a decade'

August 25, 2004

Swiss firm to start BPO biz in India
BPO sector seeks policy initiatives
Schwarzenegger's state passes anti-BPO bill
BPO boost for India's travel industry

August 24, 2004

'Look out, Silicon Valley! Bangalore's gaining'
Now, security solutions being outsourced
BPO: Banks too join the queue
BPO wave touches Indian village

August 23, 2004

ICICI Venture to invest in non-voice BPO firms

August 21, 2004

Tier II towns can challenge leading BPO cities

August 20, 2004

BPO = 70% of TN's IT exports

August 19, 2004

BPO: Howlers by typists put lives at risk
Offshoring bonanza on the cards

August 18, 2004

It's reverse BPO; US county woos Indian cos
Progeon plans to expand BPO services

August 17, 2004

Poland, Hungary rising BPO hubs
GDM, the next big thing in IT

August 16, 2004

IDC rates Wipro as world leader
HDFC sells 50% Intelenet pie to Barclays

August 14, 2004

Nasscom wants clarity on BPO circular

August 13, 2004

Rising wages likely to blunt India's BPO edge: Deloitte
TCG plans to merge software, BPO units
Motorola on the lookout for BPO opportunities

August 12, 2004

The BPO bandwagon just got longer
Will BPO survive after US polls?

August 11, 2004

Aviva to hire 1100 more in India

August 10, 2004

Better quality drives outsourcing: Survey
English: India's shield against China threat
Daimler to outsource $100 mn auto parts from India
Foreign firms get BPO tax breather

August 03, 2004

UK's Cartel Group plans BPO unit in Chennai
Outsourcing: India a safe bet


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