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Outsourcing and India

November 28, 2003

BPO firms face tax on software royalty
BPO firms face tax on software royalty

November 27, 2003

ICICI OneSource to open 1000-seat centre in Mumbai
GTL to set up BPO centre in Pune

November 26, 2003

US data privacy laws may crimp BPO firms

November 25, 2003

Shourie worried over BPO backlash

November 24, 2003

UK financial jobs shifting to India
IT outsourcing fears overblown: IDC

November 22, 2003

BPO backlash! US state nixes TCS deal

November 21, 2003

Amway too joins the BPO bandwagon
P&G to source products from India

November 20, 2003

BPO is a win-win situation

November 19, 2003

'Only 7-9% IT jobs to move out of US'
BPO: An opportunity and challenge for India
Indian BPO goes global shopping

November 18, 2003

Philippines, China threaten India's BPO reign
UK trade secretary backs shifting of jobs to India
BPO: 30mn jobs in India by 2020

November 17, 2003

India to be Electrolux sourcing base
'India can eat Europe for breakfast'
World Bank may ramp up Chennai BPO operations

November 15, 2003

Lawkin buys US-based call centre

November 14, 2003

US IT spend to grow, spur BPO: Forrester
US divided over outsourcing of jobs

November 13, 2003

Foreign cos can't stop outsourcing: Advani
UK firm showers praise on Indian call centres
BPO may hit Indo-US relations: expert

November 11, 2003

India, China set for big boom: UK economist
Outsourcing not a threat to US jobs: Study

November 10, 2003

UK co to buy 60% stake in Mastek BPO
United Telecom joins BPO bandwagon

November 08, 2003

TCS to hive off BPO operations
Essar, Deutsche buy US call centre firm

November 06, 2003

The Wipro guide to outsourcing

November 05, 2003

Attrition rate in BPO arena drops to 25%
BPO: Data protection law mulled

November 04, 2003

BMC Software to hire 250 more; invest $3 million
BPO alarms UK as jobs move to India

November 03, 2003

IBM to hire 10,000 more; India may gain
Blocking outsourcing is retrogressive: Expert


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