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Outsourcing and India

December 31, 2003

'BPO not to blame for job losses'

December 30, 2003

UK students enlisted to fight job-loss
Barclays Bank to shift jobs to India

December 29, 2003

US-based Concerto plans India help desk
The dizzy growth of call centres

December 27, 2003

Calling all graduates

December 26, 2003

Now, call centres for farmers
India to be direct diamond sourcing base after Belgium
Textiles to be the next major outsourcing area

December 25, 2003

Hughes BPO arm on hiring spree

December 23, 2003

AOL to hire engineers in India
Outsourcing unavoidable for US: <EM>Forbes</EM>

December 22, 2003

US not opposed to outsourcing: Jaitley

December 20, 2003

Lehman not to curb outsourcing

December 18, 2003

Now, Christmas carols against job-loss

December 17, 2003

iGATE bags $20 million BPO deal
Technological handicap haunts Indian BPOs

December 16, 2003

Lehman's move has not hit TCS pact
Lehman shifts BPO unit from India to US
Progeon to ramp up headcount

December 15, 2003

Curbing BPO will harm America, says US study
And now, insurance cover for outsourcing
4,700 IBM jobs for India, China

December 13, 2003

Only 40% Fortune 1000 firms outsourcing

December 12, 2003

UK to raise skills to counter BPO to India
BPO flood to India likely from UK
Siemens plans to move 10,000 jobs
UK lawyers shift legal records jobs to India
Hughes open to BPO services for third parties
UK committee to study BPO gains

December 11, 2003

VAT issue not to hit BPO to India: UK
Confirmed: UK rail enquiries India-bound

December 10, 2003

Infogain acquires BPO firm in Gurgaon
ICICI BPO arm to set up Mumbai centre
Surya Lighting, UK firm in outsourcing pact
Snooping on recruits is good biz
The response to offshore backlash

December 09, 2003

Nicholas Piramal in outsourcing deal with AMO
BPO payback: Open up market, US to India
Why offshore outsourcing is good for the US
Taiwan's BENQ plans call centre in India

December 08, 2003

India invites Japan to outsource business

December 06, 2003

The non-stop growth kings
Franklin Templeton plans backoffice in Hyderabad
Tax muddle stunts BPO

December 04, 2003

UK rail inquiries jobs in danger

December 03, 2003

Blair powerless to stop outsourcing
BPO backlash to subside; India to gain: Gartner
US benefits most from outsourcing

December 02, 2003

Aviva to hire 2,500 people in India
US lawmakers oppose anti-outsourcing bill
Govt to sell BPO as a career

December 01, 2003

BPO backlash a matter of concern: TCS
BPO, a new market for insurance companies
India to take up TCS deal with US


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