September 30, 2011
What happens when school students turn filmmakers!
Technology, creativity and team work are encouraging students from underserved communities to express themselves through short films.
September 29, 2011
Useful tips to crack SAT 2012
The Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT is an entrance test that qualifies admission to undergraduate programmes in the US. A counsellor from Edge presents a lowdown on the exam pattern and offers quick tips to aspirants.
'Food in Hostel 9 at IIT-B is really bad'
As some 600 students at IIT-B took ill thanks to a case of food poisoning, many of their classmates confess that the food in some canteens isn't very edible.
'I carried my own water, I wore a lungi'
Dr. Molly Maguire Teas, Senior Advisor for Education, US Department of State in an interview recalls her experience of teaching at a school in a Nepalese village with no blackboard, chalk or electricity. Read on.
September 28, 2011
8 Effective tips to improve your online profile
Do you think your work profile online is attractive enough? If not, here's how you can pep it up a little.
How to crack Civil Services exam 2011
In an online chat with readers on September 23, expert P Gopakumar, Asst Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise, Indian Revenue Service, Bangalore addressed reader queries related to cracking the Civil services exam 2011. For those who missed the live chat, here's the unedited transcript.
'Job market in India better than US, Europe'
Robert Bruner, Dean of Darden School of Business, University of Virginia says that while Europe and USA may be affected by the economic crisis, the job market in India is relatively better for graduates. Read on.
7 really cool jobs you want to have!
Imagine getting paid for shopping or playing games or travelling the world! These are the coolest jobs that will make you jealous with envy.
September 27, 2011
How volunteering can make you a better person
Volunteer work provides many opportunities to learn and helps you in becoming a socially responsible person. Read on.
Tips to crack SNAP 2011
In an online chat with readers, Aziz Manva, IIM alumnus and head of, addressed queries related to cracking the Symbiosis National Aptitude test (SNAP) 2011. Here's the transcript.
September 26, 2011
All you need to know to get a job at IBM
Would you like to work at IBM? If yes, here's what you would want to know about working in a company which has a truly global presence. Read on.
Tips to crack CAT 2011 and other b-school exams
In two chats with readers on September 15 and 23, Sidharth Balakrishna, an IIM Calcutta alumnus and adjunct faculty member at leading b-schools across the country, addressed queries related to cracking CAT 2011 and other b-school entrance exams. For those of you who missed it, here is a combination of the two transcripts.
September 23, 2011
Oz to loosen visa norms to win back Indian students
Owing to lower rate of student intake from India, the Australian government has announced plans to relax visa norms from 2012 to lure back Indian students. Read on.
TiE Stree Shakti Conference & Awards 2011
The annual TiE Stree Shakti Awards felicitating promising women entrepreneurs in the country will commence on September 30. TiE Stree Shakti is also organising a two-day conference on 'entrepreneurship' between September 30 and October 1. For more information read on.
India's top 15 b-schools, IIM-A ranked number one
Early this week, we published the results of Business Today's top 10 b-schools in India which surprised many as IIM-A, the top-ranker according to many such surveys had lost its prime position. Here's the list of top 15 business schools based on Outlook magazine's survey results. Interestingly, this survey leads the list of top b-schools with IIM-A. Read on...
4 effective ways to survive competition at work
Is your work life getting competitive by the day? Harnoor Channi-Tiwary suggests four effective ways that will help you cope with competition, better your prospects and secure your future. Read on.
September 22, 2011
'Indian education needs to change TODAY'
Manish Sabharwal, Chairman of Teamlease Services and IIJT Education says that the current regulatory regime imposes five heavy costs on our higher education system. Read on to know what these costs are are.
September 21, 2011
How YOU can be successful in more than one career
Shivani Manchanda, career Counsellor and director, Careertrack talks about the most common mistakes that people make while deciding a career and suggests the possibilities of pursuing parallel careers according to your skill sets.
6 common errors to avoid in voice-based BPO interviews
Expert Sunder Ramachandran lists down seven common errors to avoid during voice-based interviews. Read on
Tips to crack Civil Services exam
P Gopakumar, Asst Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise, Indian Revenue Service, Bangalore suggests some useful strategies to crack Civil services mains.
September 20, 2011
CAT 2011 registration date extended to Oct 4
The deadline to register for CAT 2011 has been extended upto October 4. Meanwhile, CAT convenor Prof Janakiraman urges aspirants to proof read their applications before sending them. Read on.
India's top 10 b-schools of 2011; IIM-A loses top spot
The annual results of Business Today's best b-schools of India for 2011-12 are out. IIM-Bangalore outpaced IIM-Ahmedabad's number one ranking after a record 10 years. Read on to know the top 10 business schools of India.
Maharashtra, Delhi lead number of fake institutes in India
The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has published a report on the rising number of fake educational institutions in the country. The report pointed that with 72 out of the total 348 colleges being from Maharashtra and Delhi, the two states lead the number of fake institutions in the country. Read on.
Top 8 Job-friendly distance programmes
You can choose from degree level courses in sign language and visual communication to post graduate courses in Participatory Development and the like. Here's the list of top 8 distance learning courses that guarantee you a definite career path.
September 19, 2011
Want to be a citizen journalist? Read this!
Check out this exclusive three-day programme in citizen journalism. 'My parents split when I was five months old'
Manjiri Gokhale's new book 'Crushes, Careers and Cellphones' tries to highlight the generation gap between parents and teenagers through a series of various real life incidents. Read on for excerpts from the book.
By eating less, he wants to power an orphanage in AP
Do you know what this UK-based MBA student's novel b-school project is? He plans to live on less than a dollar a day and bring power to an Indian orphanage. Intrigued? Read on
September 16, 2011
'IIFT is an accuracy driven test'
In an online chat hosted by Get Ahead on September 13, expert Aziz Manva of addressed reader queries related to IIFT 2011 and offered tips and suggestions to crack the exam
IAS topper: Only hard work can overcome hard luck
year old Karthik Iyer had almost lost hope when he failed in the NDA medical test. With no coaching to his credit, the IAS topper who cleared the exam in his first attempt maintains that notes from IGNOU, laid a good foundation for him in Political Science.
September 15, 2011
India's top 10 schools; six from Delhi
In a recent pan India survey conducted by Delhi-based Centre for Forecasting and Research Pvt. Ltd. and Education World magazine, the Shri Ram School in Delhi was ranked first in the country. Read on to find out the other top 10 schools of India.
Don't harass her just because you can't compete with her
Sexual harassment at work by fellow colleagues, bosses and management personnel has become common place. Vijay Nair, author of the best selling 'The Boss is Not Your Friend' analyses a similar situation and offers some workable solutions to readers.
Top 7 job-friendly courses in Accounting and Finance
Shajan Samuel, an IIM Calcutta alumnus and Divisional Head, IIJT Education suggests seven useful courses in Accounting and Finance that graduates can pursue in India.
September 14, 2011
These youngsters taught their way up to land in dream jobs
A lot of youngsters these days are willing to take a break from studies and work to teach underprivileged kids. Fellows of Teach for India share their experience on how the activity helped them bag their dream jobs.
September 13, 2011
How to expand your skill sets while in college!
Various short-term, add-on courses at Delhi University cater to a wide variety of needs, interests, and tastes. Find out more.
Train to be a professional image consultant
Christina Ong AICI CIM and Lynne Marks AICI CIM, image consultants and co-directors of ImageAsia Training, will be conducting a 12-day foundation cours for aspiring image consultants in Delhi. Planning to study abroad?
The QS World University Tour provides students an opportunity to speak directly with admissions staff from the world's leading universities. Read on.
CAT Tips: Comprehensive guide to solve VA
Professor Sujit Kumar's book 'Verbal Ability for the CAT, talks about how to crack the Verbal Ability section. Read on for extracts from the book.
September 12, 2011
'Success has little to do with qualifications'
According to Prakash Iyer, PhD stands for Passion, Hunger and Discipline. He says that in order to be successful in life, one needs to be Passionate about what one wants, have a Hunger to work for it and the Discipline to keep up the work even in the face of adversity.
September 09, 2011
Why this IT start-up calls itself 'Happiest Minds'
Raja Shanmugham, chief people officer, Happiest Minds Technologies, discusses the company's HR policies, six qualities that one needs to have to fit the bill at the company, how they measure their company's happiness quotient, his challenges and why the company will not be impacted by another storm brewing in the US economy.
How to optimise your campus placements
In a chat hosted by Get Ahead on September 6, Aziz Manva of addressed reader queries related to campus placements and offered suggestions on how to optimise their chances and bag the right deal.
September 08, 2011
No Indian university in world's top 200 list
In the QS ranking list of best global universities that was released early this week, Cambridge University, United Kingdom was ranked number one in the world for the year 2011-12. However, Indian universities like IIT-Bombay, Delhi and Madras do not even feature in the Top 200.
10 MUST-haves for a Distance Learning Course
While pursuing distance education, the course is the only link between you and the preferred institute. Hence, it is very important to choose the right course and college. The following ten factors will help you zero in on the right college.
FMS students, teachers protest as DU turns to CAT
The Delhi University's decision to scrap their own test and opt for CAT from next year has sparked protests from students and faculty members of Faculty of Management Studies (FMS). Read on
September 07, 2011
Tips to crack non-voice BPO interviews
In an online chat with Get Ahead readers on September 2 Sunder Ramachandran, Senior Manager -- Learning & Development with 24/7 Customer, discussed tips on how to crack non-voice BPO interviews. Here is the unedited excerpt. Great tips to make a great first impression
The way you introduce yourself always goes a long way in deciding the course of any meeting. Language and communications expert Preeti Shirodkar tells you the dos and don'ts of making a great first impression.
'In Delhi, the sahab will not reach before 11 am'
Prashant Gupta, a student of Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi shares his experience of working as a summer intern in a leading chemical company and goes on to tell what he learnt about corporate behaviour from his field visits across various states in the country.
September 06, 2011
Top 20 job-friendly Diploma courses
A host of certifications provide you a set of actionable skills that could immediately land you in a job. Here's the top 20
September 05, 2011
'The future of examinations will be simulation'
David Payne, VP, COO, Educational Testing Services talks about the challenges of facing entrance examinations today and why GRE is more effective and student-friendly over GMAT.
September 02, 2011
Why you MUST learn a foreign language
Yogita Kasture, a foreign language and soft skills trainer tells you why learning a foreign language is important with examples from daily experiences.
How to crack the CAT in 50 days
In an online chat hosted by Get Ahead on August 30, IIT Alumnus and head of, Aziz Manva fielded reader queries and suggested tips to aspirants on how to prepare themselves for CAT 2011.
September 01, 2011
CAT Tips: Division made easy
Ravi Handa, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur suggests three simple rules to find out divisibility of numbers.
August 31, 2011
Now, a single entrance exam for all B-schools?
Is the closure of Joint National Management Test (JMET) only the beginning of the end of the various other specialised b-school entrance exams? The author explores the situation. Reader invite: Your teacher's best advice!
Teachers' Day will be celebrated across India on September 5. Tell us about the best advice your teacher gave you.
August 30, 2011
Rashmi Bansal: Be a career junglee
, the author of bestsellers Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Connect the Dots and most recenly I have a Dream, talks about career lessons for India's youth from the life and times of 'yahoo' actor Shammi Kapoor. Cracking CAT 2011: 5 myths busted
Professor Parag Chitlale, Director of CPLC, an institute that trains and prepares students for professional courses in the country, explains why cracking the CAT is about mindset and not just the right preparation. In this article, he busts five common myths that students generally hold onto. Revealed: How IFS officers are groomed
Here's how an Indian Foreign Service officer climbs the career ladder.
August 29, 2011
Six simple ways to organise effective meetings
Parul Kolhe lists out simple but super-effective ways that can help make a meeting more fruitful. '85 percent graduates in India not employable'
At a recent HR professional meet in the city, hiring managers and employers from leading firms in the country addressed the issue of growing unemployment in the country and discussed plausible solutions to solve the issue.
August 26, 2011
Why a career in Animation is the future!
Ashish S K, CEO, Reliance Animation tells us why a career in animation is prospective and presents an overview of the trends in the industry in India.
August 25, 2011
'Many unemployed youth uncover corruption'
Dr Craig Jeffrey's book Timepass: Youth, Class, and the Politics of Waiting in India examines the lives of middle class Indian youth. No more JMET from 2012!
Starting 2012, the Joint National Management Test (JMET) will finally be replaced by CAT as the eligibility criteria across all Indian Institutes of Technology in the country.
August 24, 2011
How to crack Subjective Selection for IBPS BankPO
In an online chat hosted by Get Ahead on August 23, Aziz Manva, head, addressed reader queries on how to crack 'subjective selection'for IBPS BankPO exam. The exam is scheduled on September 18, 2011. IIMs invite applications for PG progammes
Check out the recent admission notifications of various professional courses in the country. From hospitality to entrepreneurship, find your calling. Crack these 11 common job interview questions!
No job interview questions can be taken lightly. Every answer you give, reveals an aspect of your personality. Language and communications expert Preeti Shirodkar lists out the 11 most commonly asked questions in any job interview and how you can tackle them right.
August 23, 2011
Video: IITians refuse to accept degree from PM
Extending support to Anna Hazare, a group of students studying at Indian Institute of Technology, in Kharagpur refused to accept their degrees from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. 11 skills every graduate MUST develop
Counsellor Vishal Badani suggests eleven important skills that young grads must work on through their college lives for better prospects in the job market... and in life. Why vocational skills are important for YOU
In an online chat hosted by Get Ahead last week, Manish Khanna of UEI Global Institute addressed reader queries on the importance of vocational education and suggested ways to improve their vocational skills.
August 22, 2011
Lessons learned from my MBA internship
An MBA student shares her experience of working as a brand manager for a leading watch-maker.
August 18, 2011
Tips to crack IBPS BankPO exam
In an online chat hosted by Get Ahead on August 16, Aziz Manva, head of addressed reader queries about cracking IBPS BankPO exam, a common entrance test for eligibility to fill existing and future positions in nineteen nationalised banks. The test is scheduled on September 18, 2011.
August 17, 2011
Life at B-school: Racing against time
We invited readers to share their B-school experience. In the first set of responses, Sneha Gadu, a first year student from Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi talks about her first few days at the college. Number of Indian students in US increases by 8 pc
The number of desis headed to American shores for educational purposes has seen a steep rise.
August 16, 2011
Tips to make most of your CAT mock tests
With three months left for CAT 2011, Tanveer Ahmed, an alumnus of St Xavier's College, Kolkata shares a seven step strategy to get the most out of your CAT mock tests. 5 tips to select the right Engineering branch
Suruchi Wagh, Founder and CEO of, suggests a five-step guide to select the right engineering branch after class 12.
August 15, 2011
The secret story of an investment banking intern
Here is an example of a summer internship experience gone wrong. The author is a second-year MBA student of a well-known b-school but would like to keep his identity and the company he interned at confidential. Read on
August 12, 2011
Effective tips to crack CAT 2011
In an online chat hosted by Get Ahead on August 11, Ashish Sinha, an alumnus of IIM-Kozhikode and CAT Director at T.I.M.E. addressed reader queries related to CAT 2011. What YOU can do after a Hotel Management degree
In a two part series analysing four different career sectors, namely hotel management, retail management, aviation and tourism and business management, Ashish Kesharwani, Chief Learning Officer, UEI Global Institute, begins by exploring the career opportunities after completing Hotel Management. This IIM student was once a school dropout
From learning under a streetlight to providing light to street children, this 1st year student is doing his bit and more
August 11, 2011
Useful tips to crack GMAT
Appearing for the GMAT this year? Suchitra Surve, Counsellor and Director of Global Education Counsel discusses the GMAT test pattern and offers tips to students on solving each section of the paper. CAT tips: Crack verbal ability & logical reasoni expert and IIT alumnus Aziz Manva addressed reader queries and shared tips on solving Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning sections in CAT 2011. The techie who quit his job to help poor farmers
Meet Apoorva Kothari, who decided to let go of his cushy job in the Silicon Valley and has now started up an eco-friendly and fair-trade t-shirt company in India.
August 10, 2011
TiE Delhi looking for young entrepreneurs
TiE Delhi invites applications from young Delhi students to its 2nd TiE Young Entrepreneurs Program. Read on for details. 'Selling a toy on the streets is not that easy'
Aayush Thakral, a first year student from NITIE, Mumbai shares his first experience at selling toys in Mandi, a popular b-school event that was held on August 6 in the city. Read on How to build trust at YOUR workplace
Brillian SK, an HR professional and expert tells you why skip meetings are essential for every organisation and offers suggestions on how to conduct one in the right manner.
August 09, 2011
5 things a B-school will not tell you
Management graduates, who passed out recently, narrate their college experience and tell you what to be wary of while choosing a management school.
August 08, 2011
My College Days: 'You gave me wings'
Rohini AjayKumar, an alumnus of St Xavier's College, Mumbai shares her college life experiences. Official dates for CAT 2011 announced
The notification for the national level entrance exam for admission to the IIMs and other tops B-schools in India is out. Poll: India's Best Law colleges of 2011
Browse through the top 10 list of law colleges of 2011 and register your vote for the best law college in India.
August 05, 2011
2011 INK Fellowship for young innovators
The 2011 INK Fellows is inviting applications for 2011 INK Fellows hunt, which will select 20 young innovators between the ages of 18 and 40 who have a powerful vision for the world and who have taken tangible steps to fulfill this vision. How to improve your Reading Comprehension skills
Tanveer Ahmed, an alumnus of St Xavier's College, Kolkata tells you how to improve your reading comprehension skills. Travelling abroad to study? Consider these tips
Suchitra Surve, Counsellor and Director of Global Education Counsel offers suggestions on what students who are travelling abroad must consider. Poll: India's best medical colleges of 2011
Browse through the top 10 list of medical colleges of 2011 and register your vote for the best medical college in India.
August 04, 2011
7 things you must do at a B-school
An alumnus from IIM-Ahmedabad suggests seven activities that management students should take up during their course of study at a management institute. Tips and strategies to solve QA and DI expert and IIT alumnus Aziz Manva addressed reader queries and shared tips on solving various sections in CAT 2012.
August 03, 2011
My first day of college: A student writes
We invited readers to tell us about their college day experiences. Here's the first set of responses. Ontario smoothes the way for int'l medical grads
International medical graduates can now apply to work with licensed medical health professionals in the city. Poll: India's best Arts colleges of 2011
Browse through the top 10 list of arts colleges of 2011 and register your vote for the best arts college in India
August 02, 2011
Want to be a fashion designer?
Pearl Academy of Fashion has announced admissions to six Advance Certificate Professional Programmes in short term courses for the academic year 2011-2012 Poll: Best Commerce college of 2011
Browse through the top 10 list of commerce colleges of 2011 and register your vote for the best commerce college in India.
August 01, 2011
This Indian American girl will report from Africa
Saumya Dave, an Indian born student from Atlanta has won a competition which will allow her to visit places in Africa and file a series of blog posts and articles that will be published in The New York Times.
July 29, 2011
How to prepare for CAT in three months
In the chat, Aziz Manva, an IIT alumnus spoke about the implications of the new CAT pattern and how aspirants can prepare themselves for the various sections in the following three months.
July 28, 2011
Travelling to US? Beware of visa fraud
While the number of Indian students who have applied for visas to study in the United States has increased by 20% this year, the government has issued clear warnings to students against checking for authenticity of applied colleges and defaults in visa process.
July 27, 2011
Admission process at the ISB
In a chat with Get Ahead readers, A M Kannan, Director -- Admissions and Financial Aid at the ISB -- answered queries related to the admission process at the Indian School of Business. Here is the unedited chat transcript IITs may choose CAT over JMET this year
With lesser students appearing for JMET, IITs may end up considering CAT scores starting this year.
July 26, 2011
CAT 2011 to be simpler than last year
Indian Institute of Management (IIM)-Calcutta's Prof Janakiraman Moorthy, who is the Convenor for the Common Admissions Test (CAT)-2011 speaks about this year's exam.
July 25, 2011
Making the most of college: A teacher writes
Manju Nichani, Principal and honorary Director of K C College of Management Studies, Mumbai, writes to students on how to tackle freshman year in college.
July 22, 2011
'We want more students from north India'
Gurumurthy Kalyanaram, Dean, Amrita School of Business, discusses what ails research in Indian b-schools, his plans and vision for making ASB a trendsetter in producing intellectual research papers, his challenges and how he plans to tackle them.
July 21, 2011
New-look GRE braces innovation
Proposed format to have real-life scenarios that mirror the kind of thinking students need at graduate-level work. 6 things a student must know before going to UK
Travelling to the UK to study for the first time? We take you through a quick orientation process on what you must know about your first foreign trip. She is India's first classical music entrepreneur
Meet Aishwarya Natarajan winner of the British Council's Young Creative Entrepreneur (YCE) Music Awards 2011 and who runs Indianuance, the first of its kind artiste management company for classical musicians.
July 20, 2011
Off to study abroad? Don't forget these 10 things!
Planning to travel abroad to study? Presenting you an essential list of things you must have in your backpack. 10 things we miss about B-school
The author talks to students from various B-schools within and across the continent who tell us about what they miss the most about their school.
July 19, 2011
Top 5 must-have skills in an employee
Ben Hawkes, Head of Simulation Development, Kenexa discusses five important skills that an HR manager looks for in an employee during recruitment. Top 18 English mistakes desis make!
Watch out for some of these typical mistakes that most Indians make while speaking/writing in English.
July 18, 2011
Join now: Citizen journalism workshop in Mumbai
Three day citizen journalism workshop in Mumbai. All you need to know about GRE and GMAT
Vinayak Kudva, Product Head at IMS Learning Resources Pvt. Ltd presents a lowdown on the importance of GRE and GMAT and talks about what the new pattern will be like.
July 15, 2011
Tips: How to revise for a CAT exam
, a PGP participant at IIM-Kozhikode suggests a three-point strategy to revise before your exam.
July 14, 2011
India-born girls outshine at Google Science Fair
Two Indian-origin girls have Three engineers tell us what they do at work
So you wanted to be an engineer all your life but had no clue what you'd do. of Careers 360 spoke to three young engineers and found out what they do at work every day.
July 13, 2011
3 lessons HR managers must know
, managing partner at WCH Training Solutions learnt some important lessons in human resource management from a person who was laid off from a private equity firm that paid him $65,000 per annum. 15 HOTTEST Indian start-ups, a support platform for the Indian startup community picked up these young startups Make your first year in college rock!
New to college? Presenting a roadmap of things you should do in your first year.
July 12, 2011
TOEFL 2011 toppers tell you how to crack exam
TOEFL 2011 toppers share their experience and offer quick tips on how to crack the test
July 11, 2011
Top destinations to study engineering abroad!
Understanding why universities in the UK and US are becoming popular destinations for Indian students to study abroad.
July 08, 2011
Do you need career counselling?
All of us want be very successful in life but sometimes need help deciding which way to go. Whether you are just out of school/ college or a working professional, there are times when you find yourself confused about your next career move. That is where career counselling comes in.
July 07, 2011
TIPS: How to communicate better at work
Presenting tips that will tell you what to do and what to avoid while communicating at your workplace.
July 06, 2011
100% cut-offs: Why this outrage?
Let the specialness of India's old institutions wither away as they take in quota-kids and people with unfamiliar surnames -- for if we are honest, that specialness was built on social exclusivity and little else writes Dhananjay Dhurandhar. 8 rules of good office etiquette
It may sound stuffy, but certain basic behaviour and etiquette is necessary and expected in a corporate environment. Here are some tips that might help you maintain a professional image and stay ahead in your career.
July 05, 2011
Self help tips for CAT applicants
For those who intend to study for CAT on their own this year, Sidharth Balakrishna suggests a few useful tips.
July 01, 2011
5 things MBA students must do before they graduate
Graduating this year? You are still five steps away from getting that dream job, says Amit Bansal.
June 30, 2011
ISB's admission information session in Mumbai
Indian School of Business's admissions for the class of 2013 are now open. ISB has organised admission sessions at two venues in Mumbai. Want to study sports management?
The International Institute of Sports Management, Mumbai campus invites applications for its one year, full time, Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management.
June 29, 2011
Must-know etiquettes in non-verbal communication
Continuing with the series of etiquettes in communication, language expert tells us about what we need to keep in mind while interacting in formal situations.
June 28, 2011
How to improve your vocabulary
An alumnus of IIM Calcutta and author of two CAT books, provides an innovative way to remember the meanings of certain words.
June 27, 2011
'CAT will not be a two-tier exam this year'
Prof Himanshu Rai, CAT 2010 Convenor went on record to say that the news about the Common Admission Test becoming a two-tier exam this year onwards was not true and that this year, there would be no change in the system.
June 24, 2011
Mumbai college cut-offs: 2nd list out
After the towering DU cut offs, it was time for Mumbai students to battle its share of anxiousness and surprises as Mumbai colleges declared its second merit list on June 23. Want to be a corporate trainer? Here's how
Sunder Ramachandran fielded questions from GA readers related to careers on corporate training and how one can go about becoming one. Here's the transcript.
June 23, 2011
How to choose an engineering college?
No matter what your scores are, choosing the best engineering college can be a hassle for any student of science. Listed below are a few things you can take care of before making that choice. Deviant employees just mirror their employers
Consultant, critic, fiction writer, columnist and theatre director and novelist writes about the need for introspection in the IT sector. The DU mountain has always been a difficult climb
Rashmi Bansal, the author of the bestsellers Stay Hungry Stay Foolish and Connect the Dots, writes on youth, careers and entrepreneurship. Her new book I Have a Dream on social entrepreneurs has just been released. She writes this special column for
June 22, 2011
FYJC admission: Tips for applicants
With FYJC admissions turning online, a lot of students including parents have heaved a sigh of relief. VOTE: Best Indian cities for young professionals
As the class of 2011 graduates and bright young minds step out into the real world, we ask you, our readers to vote for the best cities where our young friends can unpack their bags and start a new life.
June 21, 2011
DU aspirants look for alternate options
With seats fast filling up, the Delhi University's second cut off list leaves a large number of students disappointed who are now considering to apply to alternate universities as a measure of safety. CAT 2011: Tips to crack Verbal Ability
Here are a few tips to prepare a road map for CAT success particularly with regard to the Verbal Ability section. City diaries: Life of an MBA intern in Mumbai
Stories of MBA students who have just about left or are in the process of leaving Mumbai after having completed their brief summer internships. For most, this is their first and only close call with actual 'corporate' experience during the MBA.
June 20, 2011
Reader response: My admission nightmare
Get Ahead reader Bienu Vaghela describes her admission ordeal in response to our reader invite on admission nightmares. Have your college admissions been a NIGHTMARE?
Discourteous staff, hours-long waiting, last-minute cancellations -- was your college admissions experience been less than pleasant?
June 17, 2011
100% cut-off symptom of a disease, says Yash Pal
For former head of the University Grants Commission, Yash Pal, students scoring 100 per cent should be given negative marking. LIVE: Maharashtra SSC results 2011 out now!
Maharashtra state board results for class 10 will be declared at 1 pm today.
June 16, 2011
GE & Science Prize for Young Life Scientists
Applications are invited from young scientists for the 2011 GE & Science Prize for Young Life Scientists. Established in 1995, the prize recognizes outstanding young scientists from around the world who have completed their PhDs in the area of molecular biology during 2010. Maharashtra SSC results 2011 out on June 17
The results for the Senior Secondary Certificate (SSC) will be out tomorrow at 1pm
June 15, 2011
Delhi University cut-offs: No need to panic!
Colleges under Delhi University have announced slightly higher cut-offs this year says Team Careers 360 DU's 100% cut-off irrational: Kapil Sibal
HRD minister Kapil Sibal calls 100 per cent cut-off for Delhi University's Sri Ram College of Commerce irrational. Says students need not worry.
June 14, 2011
MHT-CET 2011 results out today
Over 3 lakh students in Maharashtra will find out if they can pursue a career in medicine or engineering. Why taking risks is essential for career success
We all have to take tough decisions all the time, often more important than running wagers with friends on our favourite football team. At times, the indicators are easy to read as in the cases above, on other occasions the clues are more difficult to read. But the clues are always there, waiting to be deciphered -- by the vigilant gambler.
June 10, 2011
Life lessons from a glass of water!
Not worrying too much about the problem is the first step to solve it says
June 09, 2011
Employees: Why you must know your job description
As an employee it helps to the dos and don'ts of your job profile. India's top 50 engineering colleges 2011
For the first time in the country balanced scorecard methodology has been used to arrive at the ranking of the top 50 engineering colleges.
June 07, 2011
Unusual summer pics: The cat and her umbrella!
We invited readers to send in their interesting summer snapshots. Here are some more responses -- and you can share yours too!
June 06, 2011
'New IITs, IIMs are non-performing assets'
An influential professor of eminence and one who has been credited for having hauled up the fortunes of IIM Lucknow, and the MDI, Dr Pritam Singh talks about what ails Indian education and the possible solutions. UP board result out today!
Results for the Uttar Pradesh Board Intermediate examinations held earlier this year set to be declared today.
June 03, 2011
Top 25 US cities for fresh graduates!
The Daily Beast announced it second annual ranking of the best American cities for fresh graduates. 4 skills HR managers look for in YOU
Surbhi Shweta, head, human resource, Mirae Asset Global Investments (I) Pvt. Ltd., spells out the four qualities HR managers always looks for in prospective candidates.
June 02, 2011
Careers: Here's how to become a private banker
Want to advice high net worth individuals on how they can maximise their wealth? Here's a talent development programme that envisions making private bankers with highest standards of excellence and performance. 12 Common etiquettes in written communication
Continuing with the series of etiquettes in communication, language expert Preeti Shirodkar tells us about what we need to keep in mind while communicating in writing.
June 01, 2011
College admissions: A checklist
College admission season is upon us. Now that results have started coming out, it's back to thinking about the future. Here's what you need to do before you start start searching for a college.
May 31, 2011
Readers recommend colleges to the Class of 2011
We invited readers to share their college recommendations to the Class of 2011 -- the colleges with the best teachers, facilities, study programmes. Here we present some of the repsonses we recieved. 13 must-follow etiquettes in spoken communication
Continuing with the series of etiquettes in communication, language expert Preeti Shirodkar tells us about what we need to keep in mind while communicating verbally.
May 30, 2011
Want to study in the UK?
British Council India presents Education UK Virtual Exhibition where visitors can access and download information about the different courses from 25 participating UK universities. Interested in a citizen journalism course?
A first of its kind Certificate Workshop in Citizen Journalism will be held in Shillong from June 16 to 18. 'Cannot compare IITs/IIMs with Stanford'
We invited you to share your opinion on Jairam Ramesh's recent statements about the quality of IIT and IIM faculty. Share yours too! 10 tips to crack a telephonic interview!
So you have a job interview over the phone. lists out ten things that you must remember before you take that all-important call.
May 27, 2011
'IITs are glorified engineering colleges'
We invited you to share your opinion on Jairam Ramesh's recent statements about the quality of IIT and IIM faculty. Share yours too! Recommend a college to the class of 2011!
As a new batch of students graduate from their secondary school we ask you, our dear readers, to tell us about the best colleges in the country. How to make IITs and IIMs world class!
Karan Singal, an alumnus of IIT and IIM, tells us what it takes to be a world-class institute and how we can make our elite educational institutions at par with international universities. HSC results out today!
Maharashtra state board results for class 12 will be declared at 1pm today. Get Maharashtra HSC results on!
The Maharashtra Higher Secondary School Certificate results will be declared on Friday at 1 pm.
May 26, 2011
'Jairam Ramesh is holding up a mirror'
We invited you to share your opinion on Jairam Ramesh's recent statements about the quality of IIT and IIM faculty. Share yours too! 'Jairam Ramesh has stated the truth'
We invited you to share your opinion on Jairam Ramesh's recent statements about the quality of IIT and IIM faculty. Share yours too!
May 25, 2011
'Mr Ramesh, first become an IIT prof then react'
Environment minister Jairam Ramesh recently stirred the hornet's nest when he suggested that the faculty members of IITs and IIMs were not 'world class' and that the institutes were 'excellent' because of the quality of students. We invited you to share your views with us. IIT results: Hyderabad boy tops IIT-JEE 2011
Announcing the results, Director of IIT Kanpur Prof Sanjay Govind Dhande said that IIT Madras zone aspirant Immadi Purudhavi Tej topped the prestigious examination followed by Shubham Mehta of IIT Bombay zone who got the second rank. Meet the truck driver's son who cracked IIT-JEE
Thanks to Super 30 wards of a roadside vendor, mobile mechanic, private marginal farmer or truck driver cracks the IIT-JEE. IIM grad: 'No doubt students are world-class'
Environment minister Jairam Ramesh recently stirred the hornet's nest when he suggested that the faculty members of IITs and IIMs were not 'world class' and that the institutes were 'excellent' because of the quality of students. Siddhesh Joglekar an IIM-C alumnus reacts. IIT-JEE results out today!
Results for the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) to the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) will be declared today.
May 24, 2011
IIT student reacts: Mr Ramesh, that's insensitive
Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh recently stirred the hornet's nest when he suggested that the faculty members of IITs and IIMs were not 'world class' and that the institutes were 'excellent' because of the quality of students. Jeeva V an IIT Bombay alumnus reacts. 'Great leaders never let their teammates down'
Authors of The Winning Way, Anita and Harsha Bhogle, speak about the qualities that make a winner, how to cope with success and failures just before the book launch. Confused about what stream to opt for in college?
Choosing a stream for college education involves some serious decision making and a lot of things need to be kept in mind before opting for one.
May 23, 2011
12 online networking tips for job seekers
Today career networking websites help you find a job more than what a resume or CV ever could. Want to be a corporate trainer? Here's how
WCH Training Solutions is organising a three-day certification workshop on Training and Facilitation Skills. The workshop is available in both residential and non-residential formats. CBSE results: Girls outshine boys again
Over 81 per cent students cleared the Class XII CBSE examinations this year, with girls once again outshining the boys. CBSE 12th board results out today!
It's a big day for over 7 lakh grade 12 students of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) as their results will be declared today. Poll: 20 most annoying office habits
Leaving desks untidy, loos unclean, flirting incessantly and conveniently forgetting about borrowed money. Here are 20 of the most annoying office habits that totally turn us off. Vote for the one that annoys you the most!
May 19, 2011
Studying MBA? Six laptops under Rs 45k for YOU!
We looked up some of the best MBA-friendly laptops out there in the market and are briefly reviewing them for you.
May 18, 2011
Start-ups: Five steps to sureshot success
Start-up entrepreneur charts out five sureshot ways to start-up success. Top 5 courses after class 12
Do you have it in you to be a journalist or an architect? lists out the top five courses you can take up after your higher secondary school examinations and just what qualities should you have to become successful. ICSE results 2011: Girls beat boys, again!
The fairer sex showed just who is better as the ISCE results were announced on Monday.
May 17, 2011
MSc in ultra precision technologies
Cranfield University, UK & Chodankar Education Trust, Mumbai are offering a postgraduate degree course (MSc) in Ultra Precision Technologies, a one year full-time course. IIM-T to open on June 15
The newest of the Indian Institutes of Management will throw open its doors next month in Tiruchirappalli. ICSE results 2011 out today!
Results for the ISCE will be out today at 3 pm and here's how you can check it 10 basic etiquettes for effective communication
How do you make sure that the person you just met remembers you for the right reasons? Language expert Preeti Shirodkar lists out these ten rules!
May 16, 2011
Effective CV writing for finance graduates
Writing an effective CV is a tricky job for fresh graduates, especially because all of them pass out with same academic qualifications. We list down some small things which candidates can include in their CVs to make that big difference. CBSE result 2011 out today?
Fate of lakhs of students appearing for the Central Board of Secondary Education examination might just be sealed today.
May 12, 2011
UPSC results out! TN girl bags top spot
Law graduate S Divyadharshini from Chennai stands first in the prestigious examinations as the state sees three others in top ten.
May 11, 2011
Tips to crack UPSC examination
A guide for freshers who will be taking the Union Public Service Commission exam in 2011.
May 10, 2011
Intel's 'Picture Your Passion' contest
Intel's 'Picture Your Passion' contest, an innovative digital contest that allows participants and cricket enthusiasts use their creativity combined with technology to create stunning visuals and win a laptop. Karnataka PUC 2011 results today
Second year Karnataka PUC 2011 or Class XII results will be announced today. Send an SMS KAR12 followed by space followed by your Roll No. to 57333 to get the PUC 2011 Karnataka result on your mobile. Young grads: How to improve your employability
In this intensely competitive environment, here's how fresh graduates can ensure that they are among the fortunate few who are finally selected.
May 09, 2011
7 tips to write an effective CV for a BPO job
Writing an effective CV is a tricky job for fresh graduates, especially because all of them pass out with same academic qualifications. We list down some small things which candidates can include in their CVs to make that big difference.
May 06, 2011
Workshop on how to de-stress and more
Learn how to de-stress, find a good work-life balance and much more
May 05, 2011
Shifting School Boards? Here's A Guide
Moving your child from one board to another can be quite a task. Here's how you can go about it. Part II: The English language quiz you MUST take!
As part of our ongoing series on English usage we bring you a new set of quiz questions to test your knowledge of the language.
May 03, 2011
Last minute tips to crack NMAT-C
NMIMS Management Aptitude Test (Commerce) or NMAT (C) is scheduled for Sunday May 15. More than 10,000 students are likely to take this test to three years' BBA and Bcom (Hons) programmes. Think you're an English whiz? Take this quiz!
Do you think you can speak the language better than the Queen? We challenge you to take this quiz and find out how well versed you are in the English language!
May 02, 2011
4 mantras to choose the right course and college
As the batch of 2010-11 is all set to step into colleges and universities, Careers 360 lists out the four things one must keep in mind while taking the next big step.
April 29, 2011
Emerging careers in beauty and make up
In an online chat with Get Ahead readers Vaishali K of LTA Beauty School discussed career options in the fileds of beauty, make up and cosmetology. Here is the unedited excerpt. How to avoid being caught in visa scams
In an online chat with Get Ahead readers on April 27, US Consular Officer answered queries about how to avoid being caught in visa scams and the consequences of engaging in visa fraud and determining eligibility for an immigrant visa. Here is the unedited excerpt.
April 28, 2011
Part II: Most common blunders in English usage
In the second and concluding part of the series on common English blunders, language expert Preeti Shirodkar shares with us the most common blunders Indians commit while speaking and writing in English.
April 27, 2011
Taking the AIEEE? Try this free mock test
To help students prepare for the AIEEE here's a FREE mock AIEEE test along with the answer key. Tips to improve IT/ITES employability skills
In an online chat with Get Ahead readers on April 26 Sunder Ramachandran of WCH Training Solutions guided them on how best they can improve their employability skills to get meaningful employment in the IT/ITES sector. Here is the unedited chat transcript. Answered: Last minute tips to crack AIEEE
In an online chat with Get Ahead readers Ajay Antony of T.I.M.E, course director, discussed the tips and strategies to crack the AIEEE slated on May 1. Here is the unedited chat transcript.
April 26, 2011
How to crack CET GD-PI
Aziz Manwa IIM alumnus and head, discussed tips and techniques to crack group discussions and personal interviews for Maharashtra MBA-CET 2011 that begins May 10.
April 25, 2011
11 Blunders to avoid in spoken and written English
In a two-part series, language expert Preeti Shirodkar shares with us the most common blunders Indians make while speaking and writing in English. Inter 2nd year results 2011 out today?
Check out exam results for the 2nd year Intermediate examinations of Andhra Pradesh Board on
April 21, 2011
Intermediate 1st year results out now!
The much awaited exam results of the Intermediate first year are out and you can find out your score on! How to improve your chances of getting hired
In an online chat with Get Ahead readers on April 20 career counsellor Amit Bansal discussed how young students and fresh grads can improve their employability quotient. Online course for people passionate about writing
Participate in this online writing workshop to become a better writer
April 20, 2011
Student FAQs: All about studying in the US
In an online chat on April 15 Ryan Pereira, Himanshu Dev and Behrooz Avari, Educational Advisors with United States India Educational Foundation answered readers' queries related to US higher education system, application process, shortlisting universities, admission tests, recommendation letters, effective statement of purpose, applying for financial aid, organising successful applications and classroom culture. Here's the unedited transcript. GMAT: The dos and don'ts for a high score
In an online chat on April 19, Ashish N of EducationAisle gave tips to Get Ahead readers on how they can get a high score in GMAT. Here's the unedited chat transcript.
April 19, 2011
Want to Study Abroad? Why GRE, TOEFL, IELTS count
Study Abroad expert Karan Gupta in a chat with Get Ahead reader on April 18 discussed queries like requirements for pursuing ME in automobile engineering in Germany, when to take GRE, TOEFL and IELTS tests, student loans for pursuing studies abroad and a range of other related. Unedited excerpts:
April 18, 2011
Does MBA help boost your career? Find out
Career counsellor Amit Bansal in a chat with Get Ahead reader gives tips to readers on boosting their careers. 11 blunders to avoid at job interviews
Vikas Shirodkar, Vice-president, Human Resource Development, General Motors, India spells out the blunders you must avoid during a job interview.
April 14, 2011
Revealed: The top ten B-schools in India!
Business channel CNBC-TV18 has released its list of B-school rankings. Find out what school stands where right here! New IIMs do well with placements
The new Indian Institutes of Management appear to be well on their way to a good start, thanks to the mentoring by their established predecessors, says Swati Garg.
April 13, 2011
Summer jobs in media, hospitality and more
We invited employers looking out for summer interns to post openings in their companies. Here we post the first batch of summer jobs that are up for grabs across the country.
April 12, 2011
Class X, XII students say: Give us a break!
Board exams, summer jobs, activities, art -- it certainly doesn't look like summer vacation is a vacation for pre-college teens any longer! Summer jobs in software, marketing and more
We invited employers looking out for summer interns to post openings in their companies. Here we post the first batch of summer jobs that are up for grabs across the country. 'Success comes with overcoming setbacks'
Picking yourself up from a setback and coping with failures is the first and most important step toward success, says
April 11, 2011
MAH-MBA, MMS-CET 2011 results: Get them here
Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra, the institution that conducts CET exams in Maharashtra, has declared the MBA Common Entrance Test 2011 results and the same is now available on their web site. Summer jobs in retail, marketing and more
We invited employers looking out for summer interns to post openings in their companies. Here we post the first batch of summer jobs that are up for grabs across the country. Answer key for IIT JEE 2011 out now!
You can now check out the results for IIT JEE 2011
April 08, 2011
Last minute tips to crack IIT JEE
IIT Delhi student Shiny Singh tells us what you need to do during those crucial few hours before you get set to write the IIT JEE exam that will be held on April 10, 2011. Nirma University announces admissions to BTech
BTech programmes from Nirma University Want to turn lawyer? Try this course!
Symbiosis announces admissions open for full-time integrated BBA LLB and BA LLB course. Scholarships for minority students to go online
Government to launch a new system to ensure better transparency in the implementation of plans to uplift students from minority communities Start-ups: 6 SMART ways to promote your company
Some real tips on how to make your disadvantage work for you and more importantly sell your start-up story well.
April 07, 2011
Sweet offers: Meet India's women chocolatiers
Enterprising Indian women are turning people's fascination for chocolates into thriving business ventures. Baishali Mukherjee reports
April 06, 2011
FAQs and facts on the revised GRE general test
Do you want to appear for the revised GRE general test this year? Here are some faqs, facts, and tips that you should think about before you get cracking. Want to hack ethically? Take up this course!
Here's a 5 day course on ethical hacking if you want to learn how to test, scan, hack, and secure your own PC. 'Management education hasn't come of age in India'
There's a lot of emphasis on job placements, but are B-schools being monitored for quality at all, asks
April 04, 2011
Honing students for citizenship -- and life
Colleges have to bring academics back into graduate programmes.
April 01, 2011
'Management is as much a clinical art as science'
The Department Head of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur's MBA program, Prof Jayanta Chatterjee, talks about what makes their MBA programme special, and what new things the incoming batch can expect.
March 31, 2011
Inlaks Shivdasani Scholarship 2011
Apply for the Inlaks Shivdasani Scholarship before April 15, 2011. Post Class XII: BBA, BMM, or BCA?
Don't despair if you don't get admission into a professional programme. Here's a guide to choose a graduate programme that will help your career.
March 30, 2011
8 benchmarks to pick a CAT coaching class
This year's MBA season is gone and the new one is on its way now. Freshers have a plethora of coaching class options to choose from. How do you make the selection?
March 29, 2011
Apply for the TOEFL Scholarship 2011
The TOEFL scholarship deadline for 2011 is nearing. All you need is admission to a university of higher education, and your most recent TOEFL scores. 'Science must be studied in its social contexts'
Jayashree Ramadas, Dean of the PhD programme in Science Education at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, tells us what science education is about, why science needs to be studied in a socially-applicable manner, and some interesting careers in teaching, education, and cognitive science that might follow.
March 28, 2011
A career in forensics: Science to solve crimes
The interdisciplinary field of forensic sciences can become a fascinating and challenging career. Now, a feature film by ISB students
Bitten by the filmmaking bugs, MBA students from the Indian School of Business have now made a feature film starring Anupam Kher and Mahie Gill amongst others.
March 25, 2011
Is entrepreneurship a redundant word for MBAs?
Can the spirit of entrepreneurship be inspired into MBA students, or is it a lost cause? IIT Madras's Vijay Anand argues that it can. 'Success is a game of persistence, not intellect'
Kalpana Bansal, author of Up The Beanstalk, talks about the challenges faced by a start up company, her success mantras, five avoidable mistakes that working professionals should know and offers useful tips for first-time job seekers.
March 24, 2011
12 sure shot ways of making your resume work
How do you make your resume stand out of the clutter and make sure you're not ignored for that big job you've been waiting for? suggests these 11 ways
March 23, 2011
UK government outlines overhaul of student visas
Tougher entrance criteria, limits on work entitlements and the closure of the post study work route are some of the changes made to the student visa system in the United Kingdom, home secretary Theresa May has said. The announcement on Wednesday follows a major public consultation on the reform of Tier Four, which is the student entry route to the UK of the points based system, after a home office review revealed widespread abuse. Preparing for CAT 2011? Here are some strategies
Are you preparing for CAT 2011? There are some simple strategies that can help you to ace it.
March 22, 2011
Admissions: Indian Institutes of Science Education
Admissions have opened up for the BS-MS dual degree programme at the Indian Instuitutes of Science Education and Research. Admissions for BTech, MTech, MSc and PhD
Admissions have opened up for BTech, MTech, MSc, MDes, and Phd admissions at the Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology in Gandhinagar. 18-year old rowing champ's tale of success
Shruti Kamath has been rowing since she was 10 years old, and now at the young age of 18, has won gold at the Asian Junior Championships in China. Here she chats about her life, ambitions, and all the medals she looks forward to.
March 21, 2011
Doctoral scholarships at NIAS, Bangalore
The selection and application procedure, eligibility criteria and the last date for filing application form for the NIAS fellowship. Explore hot jobs in the finance sector
Want to make a career in financial services? Read on to learn more about the opportunities in the sector
March 18, 2011
Share your IIT JEE tips
Share your IIT JEE tips with others who are preparing for the national IIT examination across the country. 'Two different Indias are being born'
'India is about 50 years behind China in the quest to eliminate illiteracy. At this point of time, about a third of India's working age population has never been to school and on current trajectories, even 20 years from now, about almost a fifth of India's working age population will not ever have had any formal education -- not even one year of schooling.' MBA Interview: Crack the face-to-face ordeal
After the group discussion or essay stage, the next stage for selection in an MBA programme is the personal interview (PI). How should you prepare for this?
March 17, 2011
The Chevening Gurukul Scholarship for 2011
The Chevening Gurukul Scholarship for 2011 is now open for applications. The all-expense-paid, 12-week rigorous course is held at the London School of Economics, and begins in late September this year. Meet the parents who backed their kids' dreams
Children are often seen as legacy holders of a certain profession by their parents, when their aptitude may lie elsewhere. Yet, here are some parents who have supported their kids through what they wanted to do.
March 16, 2011
Lessons from cricket for the larger game of life
Everyone doesn't have to become a sports celebrity. Neither do they have to become a CEO. But a sense of achievement, in whatever you do, is very important.
March 10, 2011
Rs 4 cr Kapil Dev Scholarship Program for students
Scholarships worth Rs 4 crore to students aspiring to build a career in the service sector under the newly launched 'Kapil Dev Scholarship Program' from UEI Global.
March 07, 2011
AICTE shuts door on part-time MBA courses
The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has decided to pull the plug on part-time management courses in business schools across the country.
March 04, 2011
Working women: An untapped potential
Gender-skewed workplace practices can have adverse effects not just on women, but on an organisation itself. It is high time that corporates reviewed some of their policies. The Census 2011 photography contest
The Census of India is holding a photography contest, details of which have been put on its Facebook page 'Census 2011'. As the census exercise enters the penultimate phase, here's a chance for you to 'focus' on India's "strength in numbers" and win a prize. Share your first job experience with us!
Here's how you can help first-time job seekers by telling us how you cracked your first-job interview and how you coped with your first job by sharing your experience with us. We will publish the best responses, right here on for the benefit of those seeking their first jobs.
March 03, 2011
Interested in a citizen journalism course?
India's first teaching programme in Citizen Journalism, a certificate course launched by the JM Foundation for Excellence in Journalism and Gujarat Media Club, will be held in Ahmedabad from March 4 to 6, 2011.
March 02, 2011
Smart tips to crack IIT-JEE and AIEEE 2011
This year the IIT-JEE is scheduled to be held on April 10 and AIEEE on May 1, 2011. Approximately five lakh students are expected to appear for IIT-JEE 2011 and the number appearing for AIEEE is expected to touch 12 lakh, making it the biggest entrance exam in our country.
February 28, 2011
10 Questions for photographer Subi Samuel
India's leading glamour and celebrity photographer will now take your questions.
February 25, 2011
Get your ICSI Dec 2010 exam results
Those who appeared for the ICSI December 2010 exam can check out their result from the web site mentioned here. Gear up! Countdown begins for CAT 2011
Here's what you need to do if you want to crack the CAT 2011 and make it to the IIMs. Prepare well in advance. Top job search errors to avoid
If you see it in the marketing perspective, job hunting can be viewed similar to selling a product in the market. The only difference here is that the product you are selling is intangible, your skills and you have to speak for it yourself. Here are some common job hunting mistakes to avoid.
February 24, 2011
Low CAT score? Here's what to do
If you scored low in the CAT it's not the end of the world. Follow this quick action plan 10 signs to know it's time to quit your job
If you feel underpaid, lack learning and growth responsibilities, or feel your personal life is being affected, it's time to quit your job.
February 23, 2011
MH-CET 2011: Last minute tips
Here's what you need to do if you're appearing for the Maharashtra Centralised Entrance Test (MHCET) exams and aspiring to join one of the many MBA institutions across the state
February 21, 2011
Young dreams: Bringing technology to the masses
Vaibhav Tidke, a young entrepreneur fresh out of college, talks about how it's high time the government should tap into research, provide entrepreneurial opportunities, and support the pure sciences.
February 17, 2011
How to be more professional at work
A ready reckoner for young people on how to be more professional at work. 'We want students who are willing to take risks'
Two scholarship programmes, one from the ISB and one from Young India Fellowship, want to attract young talent to its fold and teach them leadership qualities for the corporate world.
February 16, 2011
Canada and India strengthen educational ties
Canada's Carleton University has established partnerships with the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies in Delhi, and the Jindal Global University in Haryana.
February 15, 2011
Science on your finger tips: Getting a 100% score
Perfecting yourself in science is as important and possible as it is in maths. Here are some quick tips The jobs that click: Top 10 sites
Here's a quick low down on some of the best job sites around. When it comes to recruitments, the Internet is fast replacing the print media classified section in daily newspapers as a preferred tool for job hunting.
February 14, 2011
Top 10 words to avoid in your CV
Do you consider yourself a 'team player', 'proactive' or 'dynamic' when it comes to work? Even if you do, refrain from mentioning it in your CV. Maths on your finger tips: 8 mantras for success
Getting a 100% score in mathematics is about confidence, awareness of your weaknesses, and rigorous practice. Follow these simple steps to achieve perfection
February 11, 2011
IIM-Trichy to commence operations from June
The IIM's new centre in Trichy, the 11th in the country, would commence operations from the academic year starting June.
February 09, 2011
Cleared CAT? Cut-offs for various B-Schools
Overall, applying to 10-odd colleges should be good enough if you have the requisite breadth in your selections.
February 08, 2011
Board exams: Undo the stress, crack the test
Examinations can be stressful times for children, but there are ways to not let the stress affect you. Prahlad Kakkar's 2nd Brand and Media Workshop 2011
Prahlad Kakkar's brand advertising workshop for media students. Well known personalities like Vinod Dua, Mark Manuel, Josy Paul, and Malliska will take students and marketing personnels through the changing advertising and branding world. Job burnout? Here's how to beat it
Job burnout can affect everyone at one point or another. It doesn't matter if you are a blue collared worker, senior management or even the owner of the company.
February 07, 2011
7 sins of job hunting
Innumerable online applications, yet no positive response? Improve your fishing strategy. MBA success mantra: Testing your social quotient
Cracking the group discussion and personal interview rounds of MBA admission is not necessarily in born; it is a skill that can be harnessed.
February 04, 2011
14 B-School marketing USPs that fall flat
MBA schools tend to lure students with fancy terminology, but it doesn't always work.
February 03, 2011
B-schools are up in arms over AICTE guidelines
Several management institutes across the country plan legal action to seek a reprieve from recent guidelines issued by the All-India Council for Technical Education 'Why can't Indians borrow to get educated?'
According to the author, lecturer and thinker, Lord Meghnad Desai, the Indian education system does not encourage thinking out of the box.
February 01, 2011
IIM-A 11th, ISB 13th in global MBA rankings
IIM-Ahmedabad's Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives and the Indian School of Business's Post-Graduate Programme in Management has been ranked at 11 and 13 respectively in a list of 100 top B-schools in the world, says a business school ranking from the Financial Times of London.
January 31, 2011
IIM: 6 tips to impress the GD panel
Some tips on how candidates can effectively prepare for GDs and impress those moderating the group discussion. Meet Mohit Agrawal who refused Rhodes Scholarship
The Indian American and Princeton graduate turned down Rhodes and Marshall scholarships will now be studying Economic Policy Evaluation and Planning at the National University of Ireland, Galway
January 28, 2011
Job interview:Analysing your strengths, weaknesses
Preparing for a job interview? Here's how to ensure you answer the strengths and weaknesses question appropriately. 5 self-rationalising ways to cope with CAT results
It's a while since CAT results are out: While some passed with flying colours others were not as fortunate. Nevertheless there is always hope. In hope's absence there is rationalisation and hilariousness. Here's a comic exercise that mixes the two. Enjoy! Canadian student visas issued in India to double
Stewart Beck, the Canadian high commissioner to India says the number of student visas to Indians will only increase.
January 27, 2011
India's top B-Schools: Looking beyond IIMs
A listing of known B-Schools across the country organised in 9 clusters geographically. Take a look at all the 9 Clusters.
January 24, 2011
CAT 100 percentiler's tips to crack GD and PI
, IIM-A alumnus and CAT 100 percentiler shares his tips on how to crack group discussions and personal interviews for getting admissions to the hallowed precincts of India's institutes of management. New York Film Academy's filmmaking workshop
The New York Film Academy in partnership with Yellow Submarine Film Pvt Ltd, will conduct hands-on intensive filmmaking workshop in Mumbai in May 2011. This is the first time NYFA is conducting a workshop in India. Why these MBAs opted out of campus placements
While the placement season is one of fun and joy for many students, lack of opportunities nag so many others. Finding a way out...
January 21, 2011
Five life lessons my driver taught me
If you want to be successful, work hard, dirty your hands -- and go beyond your specific roles.
January 20, 2011
10 effective time management tips for success
Changing bad time management habits to the good ones takes time and effort. The following tips will help you amplify your productivity. What I learned in my B-School
While some claim the classes did the trick, a few swear by the canteens and the hang-outs. But even the biggest cynic of the campus turns nostalgic when speaking about the alma mater. Hike in IIT fees: Is it justified?
If IIT-Bombay Chairman Anil Kakodkar has his way, studying at any of the 15 IITs across the country will now cost Rs 250,000 every year against the current Rs 50,000. Is this hike justified?
January 19, 2011
Four qualities senior managers look for in YOU
Ever wondered what is it that is keeping you from rising up the success ladder in your organisation? a Human Resources and Training professional spoke with a senior manager from an IT firm who listed out things he looks for in freshers. IIT just became FIVE times more expensive
If the IIT Council has its way, fees for the most prestigious engineering institute will shoot up fivefold.
January 18, 2011
Top B-Schools based on 7 parameters
The in-depth ranking consists of 7 parameters which were used to help students choose thier college wisely. These 7 parameters include: Student Quality, Faculty Quality, Facilities + Academic Assistance, Pedagogy
January 17, 2011
Study UK: 14 universities you must know of
Profiles of 14 universities in the UK that will be holding exhibitions from February 1 in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune. CAT methodology disclosure unclear
Varun Aggarwal points out that it is important for the examination body to ensure that either each test form is of the same difficulty level or that the scores of candidates calculated, are equated. Hot tech jobs for freshers in 2011
Some of the entry-level jobs in the technical sector that will be in demand in 2011 and how freshers can hone your skills to bag one.
January 14, 2011
Interview: CAT 2011 topper Vidit scored 100 %ile
Vidit Aggarwal, a civil engineer from BIT Mesra, who scored 100 percentile shares his success mantras. CAT 100 percentiler shares his succes mantras
P. Manohar Anand of IIT madras is one of the eight students who aced CAT 2010 with 100 percentile. He shares his success mantras and the road ahead with The IIT Madras Open Quiz is back!
The IIT Madras Open Quiz is making a comeback at IIT Madras campus after a long hiatus of 7 years. Prizes worth over Rs 1 lakh are up for grabs. Top ten tips on how not to get sacked
Does the fear of being sacked haunts you all time? Well, here are top ten tips on being a valued member of staff. What went wrong for these IIM aspirants
Even as some celebrated their superb success in CAT 2010, there were a few others who are still getting over the shock of their low score. Lajwanti D'Souza speaks to a few disgruntled IIM aspirants
January 13, 2011
What many B-Schools do to fill up seats
The mushrooming of B-Schools has left many struggling to fill their seats. And the means they adopt are varied. Careers360 identifies top marketing strategies... CAT toppers: 100 or 99 %tile makes no difference
Four CAT toppers reveal why they are still excited despite not scoring the perfect 100 percentile.
January 12, 2011
CAT topper:I didn't expect to score 100 percentile
Gaurav Malpani from IIT Bombay and Deepak Mehta from BITS Pilani are two of this year's CAT toppers. Both the toppers said they were extremely happy with the results, though did not really expect to top. 'I got 99 percentile but won't get into IIM'
Meet Shirish Kumar (name changed) who scored 99 percentile but here's why he may not get into an IIM after all. CAT results are out, 8 score 100 percentile
After much anticipation the big day is here and the CAT results have been declared.
January 11, 2011
Women will overtake men in job-hopping: Study
With the job market opening up again, women will overtake men in job hopping says Ma Foi Randstad Workmonitor. Seven golden rules of networking
Everyone wants to network but may not know how to go about it. tells us the things one must and mustn't do to get it right.
January 10, 2011
B-School watch: Expect higher salaries in 2011
Pay packages are expected to rise across verticals finds out . Read on to see how you can make the most of the opportunity.
January 07, 2011
'Those who saw CAT 2010 results are unethical'
But Prof Himanshu Rai will not take action against those who 'unethically' downloaded their scorecards last weekend. Also, while neither accepting nor denying if there were wrong questions in CAT 2010, he said that the matter had been 'settled psychometrically'.
January 06, 2011
'It's time to think beyond just numbers'
Amarjit Chopra, President, ICAI discusses what it means to be a Chartered Accountant, student issues and corruption.
January 05, 2011
Need a job? Wear glasses!
According to a study, people believe that wearing spectacles tends to make one look professional. 'Indians give such little importance to education'
Pooja Mishra, married, mother of one and founder of a school in her village tells us why she is pursuing her MBA in an IIM.
January 04, 2011
Nominations invited for Spirit of Humanity Awards
AmeriCares Spirit of Humanity Awards was established in 2010 as India's first healthcare awards to honour and recognize individuals or organizations that have made outstanding contributions towards improving healthcare and empowering a healthier & stronger society. B-School GD/PI: 5 myths BUSTED!
More insights to help you gear up for B-School admissions. CAT results out of the bag? Rumours abound
The official website of CAT was flooded with visits on Monday, ever since some members of education networking sites claimed to have seen their results.
January 03, 2011
CET: Your quick score-improvement plan!
Since the time the exams like GRE, GMAT, CAT, MAT and NMAT have gone computer-based, a new perspective on performance measurement has come over the horizon. Here's a quick plan to measure your performance.
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