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What scope does a BPO have?
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April 19, 2007

Part I: Are BPOs only about call centres?


What is the scope of getting Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) jobs in small towns, say like Shillong in Meghalaya?


BPO expert Sunder Ramachandran says several large BPOs do visit smaller towns for hiring. He also advises to visit job portals and to keep tabs on the local newspapers.


Ramachandran answered more BPO related questions during a chat on April 13.

For those of you who missed the chats, here's the transcript.


subho asked, sir can one have a sustanaible career in the bpo industry with a mere graduation degree or one has to do an MBA or any professional course to have a sustainable career in this indutry??


sunder ramachandran answers, You need to be a graduate to join the industry. This could shape into a great career. You get to work in global environment and learn advanced communication skills. You are also exposed to superior technology and processes. There are people who start at the entry level and move on to take up management and leadership roles.



subu asked, Hi Sir, With 9 years of experience & the last 6 in the banking & financial services industry (mostly overseas). What can I expect from the BPO Business in terms of remuneration. How is the growth in BPO's charted?Im planning to relocate to India for good & want to give a try in the BPO Business?? How should I proceed? What can I expect?


sunder ramachandran answers, With over six years of experience, you could target BPOs that primarily serve the BFSI sector. At the managerial level salaries range from Rs 7 to 10 lakh per annum.



saikat asked, several big shots in BPO like Wipro is offer back office executive positions, which includes data entry, sending mails to client, etc. is this a long term option? will this experience help in any way?


sunder ramachandran answers, It certainly will. You will pick up valuable skill sets like communication, customer service skills, understanding of global work practices etc. These skills are transferable to any other service sector job as well.


bunt asked, Sir, what scope do you find for BPO industry in B and C class cities.


Sunder Ramachandran answers, As metro are getting saturated from a talent perspective, BPOs are moving to smaller towns and cities. There is tremendous scope.





sunder ramachandran answers, Yes, the non voice industry primarily involves data entry.



anilbanty asked, Hello Sir, I am planning to start a business in insurance sector in Europe (Ireland)which will need a call centre in India. could you let me know trhe average cost involved to hier a call person in Idia and setting up cost. thanks, ANIL


Sunder Ramachandran answers, It really depends on a whole lot of factors. You could visit the Nasscom site for details.



Anil asked, What do you recommend about WFM as career option in a BPO


sunder ramachandran answers, Certainly, most large BPOs have fairly robust work force management teams. It's a good career option as well.



Srikanth asked, Can a person who is aged 46 join BPO industry? Is there anything to do with the age?


sunder ramachandran answers, Age is not a barrier as long as you have the right set of skills. A lot of BPOs prefer hiring more mature people.



shail asked, hello, which fields are suitable for a science graduate in BPO


sunder ramachandran answers, There are firms that provide services based on specialised knowledge of a certain industry. For example, you need a doctor to be able to diagnose a medical condition, or a chartered accountant to handle the financial aspects of a business, or an MBA to track the marketing trends of a certain product. It is primarily research and backend work that will offer you lots of intellectual stimulation and global exposure. There is a huge demand for professionals like doctors, MBAs, and research scientists etc. If you are a professional and can equip yourself with good professional qualifications and have an analytical bent of mind, you could consider the joining the highly rewarding KPO domain.



BPO_SHG asked, Sunder, what is the scope of getting BPO jobs in Shillong - Meghalaya and how does one get BPO work.


Sunder Ramachandran answers, You could visit job portals to learn more about job opportunities. Several large BPOs also visit smaller towns for hiring. Do keep a tab on the local newspapers.

Part I: Are BPOs only about call centres?

Sunder Ramachandran is the founder and managing partner of WCH (We Create Headstarts) Training Solutions, a corporate training solutions organisation. He has been actively involved with the BPO industry both as an employee and as a consultant for the last five years.

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