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Are BPOs only about call centres?
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April 18, 2007

Can a person who is not good in English make a career in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry?


According to BPO expert Sunder Ramachandran -- if you are not good at spoken English, you could consider non-voice jobs in BPOs.


These and many other questions on BPO were tackled during a chat on April 13.

For those who missed the chat, here's the transcript.


Krishi asked, whats the scope of tech suport in BPOs?


Sunder Ramachandran answers, There are several BPOs that serve technology clients and hire engineers to provide technical support. You can join them as a Technical Support Associate. BPOs also have an in house technology team and you can move to that department through an internal transfer after you have spent some time with the organisation. You should consider acquiring some professional certifications like MCSE and CCNA depending on your area of interest as that would improve your chances of finding a good job.



Krish asked, Hi r BPOs going to stay?


Sunder Ramachandran answers,  BPOs have a robust training module and employees are trained in speech orientation, which includes basic training on grammar, vocabulary, speech and pronunciation. This helps the agents in being perceived as a credible source of information.



skumaar asked, without any big infrastructure, how to compete with big IT players like Infosys,WIPRO,etc.., in BPO?


Sunder Ramachandran answers, BPO is a business of scale and eventually companies with infrastructure would excel. You could look at starting with some niche areas and scaling up eventually.



Maku asked, I have done graduation in commerce and has working since 6 yerars in air cargo companies my age is 31

shall there be any space for me in BPO?


Sunder Ramachandran answers, You can look for a job in the BPO sectors as it offers fast growth opportunities to good performers. You may have to start at the entry level, as BPOs look for industry-related experience while hiring for supervisory or managerial roles unless you are able to demonstrate how your current work experience adds value in the BPO environment. Your background in sales would give you an edge. If you demonstrate consistent performance and an ability to lead people, you can become a team leader soon.



Srikanth asked, Are there any opportunities for people who do their MA English as trainers in the BPO industry?


Sunder Ramachandran answers, The BPO industry is Training intensive and if you are passionate about coaching and training people, a career as a Trainer would be rewarding. Your educational background would certainly help.


Assess your BPO skills!



Srikanth asked, Can a person who is not good at English language make a career in the BPO industry? What are the basic personality traits that one should have inorder to work for the ITES sector?


Sunder Ramachandran answers, If you are not good at spoken English, you could consider non voice jobs in BPOs.



shailesh asked, hiiii .... how mch scope is ther in future for undergrads in this industries.....?


Sunder Ramachandran answers, Several BPOs hire undergrads. It's a great way to earn while you are learning. You could benefit from the educational assistance offered by most large BPOs.



Ravi asked, What are the basic criteria for this industry?


sunder ramachandran answers, You need to focus on the following skills -- communication skills, sound thought process and customer service orientation. You should also be willing to work in a 24/7 environment. For more inputs read this article.



suchita asked, How to face BPO interviews


sunder ramachandran answers, Read this article.



Ananthakrishnan asked, Dear Mr. Sundar, I am a cancer survivour. My vocal chords were removed and I speak

through Esophgal voice. I have lot of experience handling people as I was basically marketing person. My voice is feeble now. Am I fit for a BPO job. I need to do some job to survive. Please guide me. R. Ananthakrishnan


sunder ramachandran answers, Hi Anant, you could consider back office jobs which are not voice centric. You should possess good typing skills and business writing skills for these jobs.



Krishi asked, I am a tech support personnel with BPO what i meant was is this firld going to stay or should i start looking for greenetr pastures like IT Helpdesk and all

sunder ramachandran answers, This industry is here to stay without a shadow of a doubt. You can explore opportunities within the industry.



Gautam asked, Is it a good time to enter the BPO business


sunder ramachandran answers, If you have excellent communication skills, sound thought process and customer service orientation then you can join the industry.



Raj asked, Is BPO only related to call centres n all that?


Sunder Ramachandran answers, Call Centers are just one aspect of a BPO, there are several other options like legal process outsourcing, finance and accounting, travel, market research etc that are getting outsourced.



prabha asked, i am involved in share registry business. is it possible for me to switch to BPO activites?


sunder ramachandran answers, It depends on at what level do you wish to make the transition. At the entry level it's not tough but if you are targeting leadership or managerial roles, then the industry prefers people with domain expertise and related exposure.



AnshumanAnand asked, Mr Sunder,May I please request you to have a look at my query also.I have been repeatedly

asking the same question without receiving any answer on the same, Heres my question: I am a Post Management Graduate in marketing & Communications.Do I stand any chance in BPO industry with respect to my qualification. I have around 2 years of experience in Business Development. Request you to please guide....Thanks


Sunder Ramachandran answers, Yes Anshuman, you do stand a chance. But be prepared to start at the entry level.



Ashish asked, Hi Sir, I just want to what is scope of Network Administrator on BPO Industry


sunder ramachandran answers, The scope is good. You could join the in house technology team that most BPOs have or also work as network support engineer. You should go for professional certifications like CCNA to enhance your options.



viralkp asked, i am handling software deveolment firm and developing software for BPO company. i have enough man power to handle BPO. how i can reach my first client in BPO?


Sunder Ramachandran answers, There are several websites where you could register as a vendor. You could visit and for more details.



Raj asked, Can't a person think about BPO industry if his/her communication skills are not upto the mark?


sunder ramachandran answers, Well you could look at the domestic BPO sector to start with and then make a transition to the international landscape once you are able to pick up the skills.



sunder ramachandran says, Hi All, a great website to visit: for valuable article, tips and case studies on all aspects of call center management, technology, people issues etc.This is all we have time for. Until next time, goodbye.



Tomorrow: What scope does a BPO have?


Sunder Ramachandran is the founder and managing partner of WCH (We Create Headstarts) Training Solutions, a corporate training solutions organisation. He has been actively involved with the BPO industry both as an employee and as a consultant for the last five years.

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