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IIT JEE: Is your score good enough?
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April 11, 2007

Part I: IIT JEE: What are the expected cut-offs?

If someone's total score is enough to make him clear the exam, but the score in any one subject is less than the individual cut-off, will he not clear the exam?"

Questions, and more questions. Even as the IIT JEE 2007 gets over, it leaves you with nagging fears about whether or not you will make it this year.

According to T.I.M.E. trainer Bhuvana Anilkumar -- "There is no 'clear the exam'. There is only a subject-wise cut off. So the answer to your question is 'no'."

Bhuvana addressed several post-exam doubts from students during a chat on April 9 --

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the transcript.

rk1 asked, what is the total marks this year all subjects together
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear rk1, Paper 1-- 81 x 3 = 243; Paper 2 -- 81 x 3 = 243; Grand Total -- 486

sushant asked, this my second time i have given my IIT-JEE,although i am doing my engg. in computers from mumbai.would it make a huge diff.if i get through IIT-JEE this time?
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear sushant, if you are getting a seat in one of the IITs, be sure it makes a difference. if you are also taking your B Tech in IIT very seriously and come up with a 8 point cgpa (cumulative gross percentile average) then it WILL make a HUGE difference.

umang asked, Can you please say something about cutoff for all the three subjects for this year? Total of indiviual suhject marks considered (paper 1 + paper 2) or there is a different cutoff for both the paper for each subject?
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, dear umang, there are no different cut offs per paper. There are subject wise cut offs!

pritam_niit asked, Sir plz tell me the details syallbus of IIT?
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear pritam, IIT publishes the syllabus for JEE in their brochures for JEE. Generally, it is similar to XI and XII standard syllabus of CBSE, with certain areas deleted.

sgc asked, If someone's total score is enough to make him clear the exam, but the score in any one subject is less than d individual cut-off, will he not clear the exam??
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear sgc, There is no 'clear the exam'. There is only a subject-wise cut off. So the answer to your question is NO!

swamy asked, Kindly recommend good books for conceptual understanding for P, C and M respectively for JEE 2008/9.
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Hi swamy, Physics -- HC Verma, Chemistry -- OP Aggarwal, Math -- RD Sharma.

ag asked, will there be a definite cut off for first paper for which the second will be checked??
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, hi ag, no such news from IIT.

Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear miglani, papers were easier than last year's but there were traps.

manjunath asked, is it necessary to read standard books like hall and knight higher algebra, lony co-ordinate geometry.
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Yes manjunath, the basic concepts in all these areas ARE important as far as IIT is considered.

Yusuf asked, Why lesser students apeared this time?
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Hi Yusuf. This year, 2007 onwards, students can have only two attempts -- for example, this year students who passed XII in 2006 and students appearing for XII in 2007 appeared for JEE. Hence the reduction in numbers.

sriram.m asked, is the cut off given for each paper or for both papers?
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear sriram, as I said, cut off is subject-wise NOT paper-wise.

pvdramesh55 asked, hi bhuvana..... i am now studying 7th class,... i want to get into IIT through this JEE. how to start prepare, is this better time to start. if so how to get good material( to strengthen my basics in subjects) thanks in advance
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear ramesh, start with getting your basic concepts done. You can opt for additional training if your school is not supporting you with the requiired basics. XI and XII are an extension of science in IX and X. So get it right early and you'll benefit. Most importantly, it would be the right attitude towards learning.

rani asked, You are avoiding my question.Can I expect an AIR below 4000 for scoring 45 % marks on agreegate?
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear rani, as I said, this year it is predicted to be more than last year.

vidyadhar ketkar asked, Hello How are u? Currently i am studying in delhi college of engineering and i hope i will clear iit jee this year. Should i switch over too IIT from DCE after one year in DCE.
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear vidyadhar, if you get an AIR, it is worthwhile to shift.

sk asked, bhuvana is there any online course by TIME
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Hi sk. No online courses! But correspondence test series is available.

tac asked, IITs are mostly for engg. Dunno how Msc Math will be.
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Hi tac, IITs offer B Tech, Integrated M Tech, Dual degree M Tech and Integrated M Sc is available only with a few IITs. Maths and computing is offered for Int M Sc.

ShadyKiller asked, Does this object pattern increase reliance on coaching centres rather than reducing it ? Don't you think subjective pattern actually focussed more on concepts and not just the answers ?
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Hi again. Subjective pattern checked your concepts and also the ways you present it. Actually that was more relying on coaching than the present paper pattern

vidyadhar ketkar asked, do iit have any reservation for nri's.
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Sorry vidyadhar, NO reservation for NRIs.

IITBombay asked, Which is better: Electronics Engineering at IIT Bombay or Computer Engineering at VJTI/Thadomal/Father Agnel
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Depends on your interest and profile, i would go for IIT Mumbai.

Bhuvana Anilkumar says, Thank you for participating. Bye for now!

Part I: IIT JEE: What are the expected cut-offs?
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