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IIT JEE: What are the expected cut-offs?
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April 10, 2007

So, you have appeared for your IIT JEE 2007 paper and are resing after all the frenzy is over.

But the nagging doubts about your performance, cut-offs, marking, etc, don't let you be.

T.I.M.E. trainer Bhuvana Anilkumar addressed post-exam doubts from students during a chat on April 9.

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the transcript.

Bhuvana Anilkumar answers,  Hi everybody! I am here to take your questions now.

xyz asked, we know that the format was changed this year,how about the standard of questions: were they more difficult, easy??
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear xyz, Paper 1 was considered to be moderately difficult whereas Paper 2 was considered difficult.

satish asked, what would be the cut off mark in iit... i am getting 60 in each subject . wil i get into iits
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Good that you have calculated your scores. Last year the cutoffs were abt 30 per cent for Physics and Chemistry and 20 per cent for Maths. It is now too early to predict.

Manish asked, I want to appear in 2008 IIT-JEE examination, I am awaiting for my 12th result. I want to join some coaching classes. Please suggest me where to go.
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear Manish, so you have decided to spend a year on JEE preparation. That's good. Concentrate on concepts, that's what dominated this year's paper.

pinto asked, What is the expected minimum cut off marks for each subject? I have made 82/132 correct answers (no negative answer). What is my probability of getting a rank?
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear pinto, there is a subject-wise cut-off. So just the number of questions correct will not give me information about your performance in each subject.

pinto asked, Is there different standard of questions for code 0 to 9?
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Code 0 to Code 9 had the same set of questions -- only the order of the questions has changed.

hari_gvh asked, Whats the cut off for maths?
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear hari, cut-off for Maths was around 20 per cent last year. This may reach upto 25 - 28 per cent this year.

rani asked, There will be an extended AIR for admission to IISER(Kolkata, Pune, Mohali). What is that rank(say AIR 6000)?
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear rani, IISER uses any one of the three following categories for granting admission 1) JEE AIR 2) National winner of the Maths/Science Olympiads 3) Winners of the KVYP scholarships. So we can't say whether from a particular AIR, there will be admissions to IISER.

abhijeet asked, it is being said that the paper 2 will only be corrected if one clears the cut off in paper 1 is it true ?
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear abhijeet, no such statement has been made by the admission board of the IITs. So this cannot be true.

Kumar asked, I would like to put my son with TIME for JEE coaching, I am living in Chennai. Where is your nearest centre.
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear kumar, we have centres in Nungambakkam, Adyar, K.K. Nagar, etc. Please get in touch with your nearest centre.

Smy asked, What is this subject-wise cut-off thing, do we have to clear d cut-off of each subject??
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Your score in physics in paper1 + score in physics in paper 2 = your total score in physics. Only when you clear a particular minimum in each of the subjects, your aggregate will be considered for an AIR.

ppsak asked, what do you think should be the pattern of study now as compred to previous pattern.
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear ppsak, the pattern of study does not change much. One thing is clear -- you need to concentrate on the concepts.

dopa asked, miss bhuvana, is the jee paper moving to cat paper model?
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, dear dopa, why do you think so? JEE tests not just skill but also the subject knowledge. In 2007 too, it has remained on this plane.

keshav asked, What could be the expected cutoff for the JEE 2007 paper, overall and subject wise for general category candidate? pl.answer it...all are expecting an answer....
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear keshav, so you are all pulling an answer from me. Okay, so be it! In 2006, Physics -- 27 per cent, Chemistry -- 30 per cent and Maths -- 20 per cent. So, considering all these facts and the level of the papers having changed slightly, I would be looking at a slight enhancement in the cut-offs in each subject with Maths having the lowest of all.

Ajeet asked, What would eb the expected rank at 242....I am getting 89P,67M,86C
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear Ajeet, see my answer to keshav. All the best.

ShadyKiller asked, People have been saying the paper was easy.I think it was easy on surface only while actually being difficult. Do you expect people a lot of negative markings because of perceived easyness ?
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Possible -- in paper 1, there can be more negatives than perceived. Paper 2 posed as a difficult paper. So, thereby both the attempts and hence the negatives may not be too high.

Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear mikaeel, i would advise you to go ahead with your admission to an NIT/ other deemed university. may be if you wish you can give a final try at IIT next year.

subha asked, which code is the answer key given for
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear subha, the key and solution given in our web site is for the paper code 0 Soon, you'll have score calculators put up for all versions of papers.

suhas asked, dear bhuvana, can u approximately predict the range for the respective cut-offs (in absolute marks), and the approximate threshold marks to make into the 3000s(AIR). I am not asking you to pinpoint the number, but an approximate prediction as per your opinion
Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear suhas, i have communicated that there can be an increase in the cut-off from last year's. Since subject-wise cut-offs are involved, it would be incorrect to predict the aggregate marks for a particular AIR.

Tomorrow: Part II of transcript
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