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Last minute tips for JEE
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April 05, 2007

Part II: IIT JEE: How to rank among top 100

With just two days before the Joint Entrance Examination, you must be well prepared for the exam.


Yet, you might be nervous. You might wonder what last minute strategies you could use to pep up your performance.


T.I.M.E trainer Bhuvana Anilkumar helped clear some last minute doubts during a chat on April 5.

For those who missed the chat, here's the transcript.



Bhuvana asked, Any reservation will applicable in IIT in 2007


Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Reservation for Other Backward Classes (OBC) is not yet finalised. The regular SC/ ST reservation will be effective. But IITs will be increasing their number of seats if they are going for the OBC reservation.



pinto asked, What is total seat in IIT? How many will be called for counselling?


Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Pinto, this year it is expected that IITs will have over 5,500 seats.



abhi2525 asked, Also if anyone has solved the 2006 paper, how many questions were there from binomial theorem?

Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, There were no direct questions using Binomial theorem.



Rajivg asked, Madam, What is the best thing to do during exam breaks


Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear Rajiv, do not worry about your first paper. This is the time to keep cool and think about your next paper. Do not discuss the answers to the previous paper.



RAMLALA asked, this time my preparation is not up to mark! What books I do for next time in maths, physics and chemistry ? Is class room coaching better then postal coaching?


Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Hi Ramlala, I think this is not the time to get a list of books or any new material for writing the IIT-JEE. Concentrate your efforts on what you are strong in and wish you all the best!


dkr asked, Some precaution tips (dos and don'ts) before exam.


Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Do not overstrain. Do not learn new concepts or areas. Revise what ever you have already done. Be confident.





Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Now, all of us know this is yet to be found. But we can at least go by last year's pattern, ie multiple choice questions with one correct answer, MCQs with one or more correct answers, match the following type of questions, numerical answer (mains type) questions, comprehension based questions, etc.



manju asked, How many IITs are in India madam?


Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Manju, there are seven IITs and two deemed universities that come under the JEE.



pt asked, for Iit-jee the marks of intermediate count for selection or only iit marks alone are reckoned.


Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear pt, jee rank will be based on JEE score alone. There will be subject wise cut-offs this year also.



baalu asked, IIT JEE is supposed to test the basic knowledge and skill of the student and why the testing patter is out of syllabus and high standard?

Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, IIT-JEE tests the subject knowledge of the student plus their comprehension and analytical abilities. Being the most privileged engineering institutes in the country, they would like to get the intelligent brains with them.


dkr asked, The type of practice needed just before two days of IIT-JEE exam?


Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Try taking some mock exams in exact exam atmosphere.



mitali asked, 3 days to go -- should focus be on syllabus matter, or practice of mock tests?


Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Dear Mitali, focus on ONLY known areas and do mocks



varun asked, since there are not many days what should be the focus on?


Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Varun, I would advise you to revise on areas which you familiar with.



Varungirilal asked, How many questions will come from Calculus area in JEE?


Bhuvana Anilkumar answers, Calculus has a representation of about 35 to 45 per cent.


Part II: IIT JEE: How to rank among top 100

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