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IIT-JEE: Find chemistry tough?
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April 05, 2007

The last minute preparation for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is on as students scramble to cover all the bases.


IIT-JEE trainer Sharad Awasthi helped those weak in Chemistry by answering their queries on March 29.

For those who missed the chat, there's the transcript. 


Mamu asked, Dear Sir, can you tell me how do I start with Chemistry paper? I'm almost done with my preparations? Any last minute tips?


Sharad Awasthi answers, Mamu, you must first read through the chemistry section to assess the paper. Selection of the easier questions first is important.



amt asked, sir, which topics in inorganic chemistry should be studied well? I have heard that most portion of inorganic comes from qualitative analysis and coordination compounds. Am I correct?


Sharad Awasthi answers, Amt, these are important -- P-block: B, Si, S and P block: trends coordination comp and qual analysis: heating effects.



aish asked, which chapters do u think will have maximum weightage in the JEE paper?


Sharad Awasthi answers, Aish, general and physical has 40 per cent weightage, organic has 35 per cent and inorganic has about 25 per cent weightage.



amt asked, what weightage do qualitative analysis and coordination can be expected from inorganic?


Sharad Awasthi answers, About five per cent.


amt asked, sir, does IIT gives conceptual questions or theory based questions(which can only be memorised) in organic chemistry? Please illustrate with an example


Sharad Awasthi answers, Amt, answering organic chemistry questions will need understanding of structure and mechanism. Look at past questions for examples.



mamu asked, Sir, which is the best book to prepare for IIT-JEE exams?


Sharad Awasthi answers, For Phy try books by Bruce Mahan and P Bahadur, organic -- Solomon, Finar and Inorganic -- J D Lee.



amt asked, sir, which approach do u think is better 1.revising all the concepts and theory only mock tests as there is very little time left?


Sharad Awasthi answers, Amt, there is no point in doing mocks if you are not prepared. Revising will be a better option.



amt asked, sir, does IIT gives conceptual questions or theory based questions(which can only be memorised) in inorganic chemistry. Please illustrate with an example.


Sharad Awasthi answers, Amt, all inorganic questions involve concepts like structure and hybridisation. However, there are memory-based questions as well.



firdaus asked, Dear Sir, How are you? Can you help me with the basics of thermodynamics? Which is the best book for the last minute revision?


Sharad Awasthi answers, P Bahadur.


amt asked, what criteria should be kept in mind for deciding the boiling point order of a given compound? Do we see intramolecular hydrogen bond strength?  Please give an example.


Sharad Awasthi answers, Molecules having intermolecular H bond have higher BP



amt asked, what was cut off in iit jee 06 out of 184?


Sharad Awasthi answers, Cutoffs for 2006 was Physics -- 45, Chemistry -- 49 and Maths -- 36.



aish asked, wat part is most important in organic?


Sharad Awasthi answers, General organic Chemistry, Aldehydes, Ketones and Amines. Basically, focus more on reaction mechanisms.



subhrangshu asked, sir will it be better if during the exam I pay more time in organic than the inorganics for it requires more memorisation and often I make mistakes?


Sharad Awasthi answers, Subhrangshu, we have to follow our own strategy. Make sure you allot a fixed time to chemistry and stick to it.



chirag asked, sir, can I leave out carbohydrates and fats during prep?


Sharad Awasthi answers, Not that important.



Shewag asked, Sir, Why does para-dichlorobenzene have a higher mp than ortho -- or meta -- dichlorobenzene?


Sharad Awasthi answers, This is due to higher symmetry.



swastik asked, Hello Sir, I m very poor in oraganic portion, so which book is very good for increase the fundamental knowledge?


Sharad Awasthi answers, Swastik, do not refer to any new book now if you're taking the paper on the eighth. Just revise what you already know.



vkmitra asked, I think Chemistry preparation required lesser days compare to other subject. Memorisation is must for this. Your comments.


Sharad Awasthi answers, Vk, memorisation is not a must. It certainly does not help if you only try to memorise.



ESKAY asked, Simple steps to master Chemistry from class X, Please.

Sharad Awasthi answers, Just study your text book as of now.



tnr asked, I finished Morisson and Boyd for organic chemistry, Lee for inorganic, resnick and irodov for physics. I got a rank of 817 last year. But I wanted Computer science. So how do I make sure that I get a top 100 rank this time around? Thank You.


Sharad Awasthi answers, Your preparation seems alright. Just relax and take one or two mock tests and analyse your performance.



Sharad Awasthi says, Though I would like to continue , there is a time limitation. Thank you and all the best.

Sharad Awasthi is the CEO and president of Career Launcher's school test-prep division. It has been successfully training students for JEE in India and Dubai.

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