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IIT-JEE: Focus on these subject areas
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March 21, 2007

You are taking the IIT-JEE exam on April 8.

And you will be tested in three subjects, physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Within these subjects, which areas should you concentrate on?

According to IIT-JEE trainer Ajay Antony from T.I.M.E. who chatted IIT aspirants on March 16, these are the important areas:

'Physics: Mechanics and electromagnetism, Chemistry: Split between physical, inorganic and organic chemistry in the ratio of 40:30:30, Mathematics: Calculus/ differential calculus."

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript.

Ajay Antony says, Hi. I am here to take your questions.

Lovy asked, hello sir what is the key for cracking entrance exam.
Ajay Antony answers,  at 2007-03-16 17:35:57Absolute mastery over fundamentals. Good problem solving skills and techniques. Good time management.

arvind asked, how do i go about preparing for BITSAT? are there any books exclusively for BITS?
Ajay Antony answers, For BITSAT, you need to take the mock tests that are available online. The subject areas and syllabi are common. English and Logical Ability are the extra areas.

ppsak asked, pl.precibe the books for Physics, chemistry, maths.
Ajay Antony answers, Prescribing the text books for JEE 2007 now may not help you for the exam. Get maximum MCQ practice from objective question papers available through mock test papers.

vinay asked, in which area one should be strong to crack IIT-JEE
Ajay Antony answers, Physics -- Mechanics, Electromagnetism; Chemistry -- the split between Physical, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry is in the ratio 40:30:30; Mathematics -- Calculus / Differential Calculus.

usha asked, hello I am in the XII std now cbse. I am studying for my iit jee exam in april 2008 .Ihave taken postal coaching from brilliants Will this suffice along with my 12 th std cbse to crack the iitjee?
Ajay Antony answers, Hope you have taken all the tests in the postal coaching. How you perform will always be relative. How has your performance been in mock tests?

usha asked, hello I am in the XII std now cbse. I am studying for my iit jee exam in april 2008 .Ihave taken postal coaching from brilliants Will this suffice along with my 12 th std cbse to crack the iitjee?
Ajay Antony answers, Board preparation alone will not help for JEE. You need to take several mock JEE papers at least now, to familiarise.

A asked, Can you explain the board preparations are not enough for the JEE ?
Ajay Antony answers, Yes. In Board exams, students learn and are expected to answer the questions in compartments For example, the student learns the first five chapters in Physics in 11th STD. Also, in Board exams, the questions from these five chapters are asked separately. In JEE, there is integration of concepts and the entire area is treated as Mechanics.

ppsak asked, what is your advive for the sudents of small towns where coaching is not available.
Ajay Antony answers, Don't lose heart. there are quality test series available by post. You could register for the IIT-JEE test series 2007 to get exposed to lots of questions at this stage. Please go through the detailed solutions to understand how your approach differs from the ideal problem-solving approach.

sayantani asked, hello sir, i m in class 12th now and will give the iitjee 2008 exam.. i m attending a coaching class.. i wanted to know how 2 improve my score in physics n on which topic should i concentrate more in physics??
Ajay Antony answers, Rotational Dynamics.Work Power Energy. Thermodynamics. Buoyancy Concepts. Electromagnetism.

PRUTHVIG asked, Preparing for IIT stands good chances for AIEEE or BISAT? What should be the pattern of study to crack IIT? like more stress on self study or coachingS?
Ajay Antony answers, If you have prepared seriously for IIT-JEE, you should do well in AIEEE and BITSAT. for BITSAT though you need to do many online mock tests for familiarisation.

mukunth asked, Why do Kota and Hyderabad almost give a clean sweep at the IIT? what is so special about these 2 places which favours cracking the IITJEE?
Ajay Antony answers, Simply put, the students are more serious and are willing to put in the extra effort.

dgdfg asked, Dont you think IIT education is a bit unidimensional??
Ajay Antony answers, On the contrary, it is all application and the most challenging engineering entrance exam in the world, I would say.

ishan asked, i m presently pursuing engg in mumbai iit a second shot...though my concepts are extraaordinarly gudd ..the amount of practise is a conceern..should i give iit a shot this year since have already filled my form?
Ajay Antony answers, if you have applied, defenitely you must write. The best you can do is take as many model papers as possible. but not more than one during a two-day period.

ppsak asked, is the syllabus for the exam is clearly defined?
Ajay Antony answers, Very very clearly defined. It is very clearly spelt out.

ROHIT asked, hello sir..were you the quiz mater at AQUAREGIA SCIENCE QUIZ?????
Ajay Antony answers, Yes you are right. I told you, I am a Physics teacher at T.I.M.E.

luri asked, what do you think is the most important and fundamental quality one should have to crack JEE
Ajay Antony answers, Solid fundamental knowledge Experience in applying the concepts across different question situations.

dgdfg asked, Is there a major gap between teaching standards of say IIT Guwahati & IIT KGP??
Ajay Antony answers, Let's understand that all IITs are under the IIT brand. Of course, since some of the IITs started earlier, their equity might be higher in the minds of aspirants.

luri asked, CBSE or ICSE wich one is better to be successful in IIT-JEE
Ajay Antony answers, Boards do not matter. We have successfully coached students from State Board, CBSE, ISC, etc, into IITs. The commitment of the student is the central issue

Ajay Antony answers, Das, Gupta, RD Sharma.

Tomorrow: Part II of transcript

-- Ajay Antony is the Vice President of T.I.M.E., which trains students for competitive exams like IIT-JEE, CAT, NIMCET and AIEEE.

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