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Rediff News  All News  » Gadget » 6 Reasons Why You Need To Buy A Kid's Tablet For Your Small Wonder

6 Reasons Why You Need To Buy A Kid's Tablet For Your Small Wonder

Last updated on: April 24, 2015 11:05 IST

Tech gadgets have completely changed the way we live in today's day & age. Children as young as 4 years old have started using tablets, ipads, mobile phones etc. Its user-friendly interface, colourful, entertaining and engaging apps attract the attention of little ones super fast. Hence, the kid's tablet segment is the latest big thing in the "Toys & Games" world.

Here are 6 reasons why you need to buy a kid's tablet for your small wonder -

1. Mastering English Words & Pronunciations

The kid's tablet will help your child learn words of 2-3 letters up to 26 letters, get their spellings right and also help them to pronounce them properly.

Mastering English Words and PronounciationMitashi Kids Tablet

Buy Mitashi Skykidz Tab For Just Rs.5999 

2. Help Your Kids Remember More (and learn more) with Music

For children, music helps in boosting their brain power, improve their memory and also makes your child more disciplined and fosters creativity in them. The tablet comes with a built in piano learning program.

Educational Tablet with Piano Keyboard 

Buy Educational Tablet For Kids For Just Rs.280

3. Teach Mathematics From An Early Age:

Early childhood mathematics is vitally important for your child's present and future educational success. So let your child fall in love with maths at an early age with this kid's tablet.

Angry Bird Kids Laptop

Buy Kids Jumbo Talking Educational Tablet For Just Rs.356

4. Inculcate Healthy Competition with Quizzes:

Make your kid more competitive in a healthy way as well as intelligent with these simple quizzes and games which help in increasing general knowledge.

 Kids Tablet With Quizzes and Lot More

Buy Angry Bird Educational Tablet For Just Rs.549

5. Increase Their Perceptual Reasoning:

Matching games boost their perceptual reasoning by increasing their ability to recognize and compare visual information. It also improves concentration in children & helps them grasp information faster.

 Mitashi Sky Kids Anatomy Learning Pad

Buy Kids Fun Anatomy Learning Tablet For Just Rs.525

6. Overall Independent Learning

Last but not the least, it is said that what they learn on their own (independently) they remember forever, instead of learning from their parents or others especially at an early age. Independent learning encourage your child to explore, take risks, make decisions, solve problems and share their achievements with others.

 Kids Fun Learning Touch Screen TabKids 11 inch Educational Tablet

Buy Sky Kids Mitashi 11 inch Tablet @Rs.356



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