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Rediff News  All News  » Gadget » 6 Impressive Gadgets Especially For Your Monsoon Weekend Getaway

6 Impressive Gadgets Especially For Your Monsoon Weekend Getaway

July 22, 2015 15:47 IST

#1 Why request strangers to click pictures when you have a selfie stick

Selfie Stick

Buy Extendable Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote @ Rs 249

Clicking selfies is the latest rage. If you are not willing to carry a digital camera along, just go for this portable and lightweight selfie stick. Click group pictures almost anywhere- in the train, at the hotel or amidst a trek.

#2 Filled your fuel tank? Fill your mobile fuel (battery) with a sturdy power bank

Power Banks

Buy Power Bank Under Rs 900

Just like your car needs fuel, your smartphone needs battery. Instead of charging your wired charger, simply carry a power bank and never run out of battery.

Waterproof Power Bank

Buy Waterproof 5000 mAh Power Bank @ Rs 1299 

Worried about the heavy rains ruining your power bank? Carry this waterproof power bank and brave the rains with ease.

#3 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker to listen to music while you are trekking or boating

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Buy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker @ Rs 649

Whether you are in a vehicle or trekking to a nearby destination? This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is an ideal choice to enjoy music on the go. You can place it in the centre of your vehicle or keep it in your pocket while you are on the way.

#4 Mobile Bumper Case – The new revolutionary way to protect your expensive smartphones

Mobile Bumper Case

Buy Smartphone Bumper Case Under Rs 300

You may not pay attention to protect your smartphone when you are in the city limits. However, your smartphone needs extra care and protection especially when you are on the go. If you are going for a trek, there are chances that your smartphone may slip out of pocket and fall on an uneven surface. Get a bumper case for your smartphone and completely protect it from falls, dents and scratches.

#5 Have a party planned after you reach the destination? This is the right way to celebrate!

Krisons Home Theatre

Buy Krisons 1000W Home Theatre @ Rs 999

Are you heading to a party at a friend’s bungalow or a rented apartment? Add life to your party with this home theatre. The sound effect of this home theatre is really impressive. You have to hear it to believe it. These speakers are perfect for a house party which has around 50 people.

#6 And if it’s a party with a smaller group and you don’t want to carry an entire home theatre, go for a portable Bluetooth Speaker

Vox Soundbar

Buy Vox Sound Bar @ Rs 999

These capsule shaped speakers are ideal for after-hours party. These speakers have a decent output which is adequate for a smaller group of people who want to enjoy soft music after all the hustle and bustle.




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