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A New Congress for New India
Rahul appealed to the youth while Sonia and Priyanka presented a fairytale family portrait that entire India identifies with. Their teamwork and harmonisation of expressions about each other helped the Congress.

Why is Dr Singh smiling?
'On Wednesday, when the torturously long five-phase election finally concluded, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was absolutely confident of forming a Congress-led government once again.'

The day Rahul moved centre-stage
'The day Modi wriggles out of the shadows of the Gujarat riots, the real battle with Rahul Gandhi will be joined. Till then, Rahul is taking a five-star excursion into the hurly-burly of Indian politics.'

The CBI is a habitual offender
If one puts in sequence what all this agency has done in the disproportionate assets case of SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav in the SC, it speaks volumes about the Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi-led UPA government's questionable politics.

By default, BJP gains ground
In the last month of political churning, the Congress has lost some confidence and the BJP has gained some.

Election 2009 seems like 543 mini elections
More or less, it is apparent that Election 2009 is an 'anti-Congress' election. The heat is less against the UPA and more against the Congress.

The games Sharad Pawar plays
He is giving the cold-shoulder to the Left parties and the Third Front but more importantly, he is playing cold-blooded politics with Congress.

Congress gets isolated day by day
In pursuit of power, the Congress' position has plummeted steeply as the Samajwadi Party, Rashtriya Janata Dal and the Pattali Makkal Katchi have dumped the party by refusing to forge pre-poll alliances.

For 4 LS seats, Modi stakes his reputation
It is imperative for Modi to win more than 18 seats out of 26 to make an impression outside Gujarat. There is no doubt that by giving tickets to these four tainted candidates who have 'cleared' themselves through a treacherous legal process, Modi has succumbed to realpolitik.

Karat on PM's post, ideology and N-deal
Prakash Karat, general secretary of Communist party of India-Marxist, in an exclusive interview..

Karat on Congress, caste and campaign
A nuanced understanding of current political affairs of CPI-M leader Prakash Karat in this exclusive interview.

Third Front hopes to be on top
'In case the Congress gets only 130-140 seats and presuming that the BJP is restricted to 110 seats, why would the 293 non-Congress and non-BJP members of the new Lok Sabha not have the wisdom to extract maximum bargain for themselves wherever they stand on the political spectrum?'

'Sonia Gandhi is an incorrigible moderate'
Congressmen are living in pre-1989 and some are living in pre-1967 period. Some are entrenched into dogmas and are not practical. They have forgotten that in politics one should keep running so that you remain where you are.

Not much may change in India post election
One will be disappointed by the BJP's IT-restricted vision or Mayawati's lack of it because they give the feeling that not much is going to change in India.

The not-so-confusing dynamics of election 2009
Politicians with ambitions, money power and caste equations on their side are quite clear about the ways of fulfilling their ambitions. They are awaiting the election results to begin their operation to grab power by all means.

Mamata, the 'slumdog politician', comes of age
The fact that chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya's personal popularity and charisma has declined is now helping Mamata. People who ridicule her as a 'woman full of antics' cannot ignore the fact that despite losing a series of elections, she has not quit.

Give Madame Mayawati credit
Mayawati comes to the battle field armed with a Dalit-Brahmin-Muslim combination once again. She has given around 10 seats to Other Backward Classes and three each to the Baniya and Thakur communities. If she wins impressively, it will be because of her "inclusive politics".

Naveen Patnaik's master stroke in Orissa
Politically, BJD chief Naveen Patnaik has grown so amazingly fast that today he is on steady ground to give a hard punch to the BJP.

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