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In the name of the father & grandfather...
Twenty-one of the 30 MPs below the age of 35 belong to families who are in Indian politics or have been MPs or legislators in the past.

The youngest MP is 26
There are 60 MPs below 39 in the current Parliament of 543 elected members.

'An event of such magnitude never seen in the world'
Election Commissioner Dr S Y Quraishi on Election 2009. .

The Great Indian Election ends
Curtains are down on the month-long democratic exercise, the largest in the world.

'It is no longer a feudal democracy. It is a middle-class democracy'
'I think the biggest danger to our democracy comes from huge widening divide between those who are on the trajectory of growth and those who are been left behind in this period of accelerated growth,' says Mani Shankar Aiyar.

Bengal election enveloped by security
Kolkata went to polls under heavy security in the last phase.

'I have six votes in my family. I got Rs 1,200'
Polling-day vignettes from Tuticorin.

Who will have the last laugh in Chennai?
Chennai constituencies are considered DMK bastions. But judging from the results of the last assembly election, it appears the DMK's grip may no longer be intact.

Tiruvallur will make them pay the price
Underdeveloped and sleepy, the constituency is crying for attention -- and development. Once home to palmy farmlands, it is tough to spot a tinge of green now.

Corporate guru steps into politics
K Pandia Rajan, the founder of Ma Foi Management Consultants, has joined the MDMK and is contesting the Lok Sabha polls against firebrand politician Vaiko.

'There is no Bengal line or Delhi line'
CPI-M workers are aware the election is the severest test for the party in 32 years.

'They are marketing me like Miss Universe'
Lack of development has not deterred Mani Shankar Aiyar from embarking on a flamboyant campaign.

India's southern-most constituency
What Kanyakumari clearly needs is more industries to employ its highly literate workforce. With more industries and more work the locals may stop thinking of themselves as Hindus, Christians and Nadars.

Will Vinod Khanna's charm work in Gurdaspur?
When Khanna hits the campaign trail, you can be sure Bollywood is not far behind.

'We are not pushing Modi upward'
An interview with Yashwant Sinha, senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader and former finance and external affairs minister.

Chidambaram feels Tamil heat
The Sri Lankan turmoil has shaken the Congress-Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam alliance in Tamil Nadu. Nowhere has the issue flared up as much as it has in Sivaganga, Home Minister P Chidambaram's constituency.

Kancheepuram weavers disillusioned
Welcome to Kancheepuram, the temple town, where the weavers's votes could make a difference to the outcome.

Will 'winds of change' blow away CPI-M in rural Bengal?
Bengal's picture-perfect villages have been home to the hammer-and-sickle for an astounding three decades, but now that the rural idyll is cracking.

Don't dismiss Laloo just yet
While it is true that the overall situation worsened and the state got deeper into the quagmire of backwardness during the RJD regime, yet the party bags many credits for bringing about a fundamental change in Bihar's society and politics as well.

Bengal poll results will sink or save Left Front
Clearly, there are few states as important as West Bengal with 42 seats, and the all-important question in Kidderpore on Saturday and all other nights in the run-up to May 16 is, will the fabled party machinery of the Left Front hold its 35 seats?

Rajiv Gandhi, Arun Shourie plot Chidambaram's fall
Rajiv Gandhi is very angry with P Chidambaram for not having done anything for the Eelam cause. Backing him up with facts and figures and helping him in the campaign is Arun Shourie.

Do the parties care about Punjab's farmers?
At the start of the election process in Punjab it was expected that the farmers's suicides and the problems they faced would be a major issue during the campaign. However, few leaders have spoken strongly about this issue.

Will Sidhu do a hat-trick?
The BJP MP is pitted against a candidate who has never lost an election.

India goes to polls
A moderate voter turnout was witnessed in the Fourth Phase.

'We feel like slapping politicians'
'It has been the same, that of an ongoing struggle ever since we were born. I don't care about these elections'.

VIPs cast their vote in fourth phase
Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and President Pratibha Patil cast their votes.

What's an MTV producer from New York doing in the polls?
He is helping his mother Yashodhara Raje's campaign.

Why Punjab is Rahul's political lab
The Congress general secretary has chosen Punjab as the role model state to introduce youth into the fray.

Khamosh! Shatru is campaigning
'In Bihar people don't cast their vote but vote their caste'.

Why Barmer's Muslims love this BJP MP
Many believe that Manvendra Singh's magnanimity helped Muslims in this backward district improve their lot.

The day Rahul moved centre-stage
'The day Modi wriggles out of the shadows of the Gujarat riots, the real battle with Rahul Gandhi will be joined. Till then, Rahul is taking a five-star excursion into the hurly-burly of Indian politics.'

'No lunatic right wing fringe in BJP'
Modi obviously has support across states, says Manvendra Singh.

'Politics has been ruined'
Shekhar Suman woos Patna in style.

Will the queens rule or be king-makers?
Will the country's powerful women politicians become king-makers or would one of them end up ruling?

Dausa set for the battle of Meenas
A complicated caste contest in the Pilot family's political bastion in Rajasthan.

Will Gehlot's magic work in Rajasthan?
Discovering the Rajasthan chief minister's strategy to erase the humiliation of four years ago.

'Church attacks have strengthened BJP'
The top RSS leader in Karnataka, in an exclusive interview.

Can Sachin Pilot win Ajmer?
The young MP reinvents himself for a new challenge.

'The BJP wants equal opportunities for Muslims'
'Party frontrunner to form next government,' says Arun Jaitley.

Why some Mumbai voters could not vote
It was not the heat but errors in the voter's list that may have stopped some voters from casting their votes in Mumbai.

India Votes in Third Phase
The fate of prominent leaders such as Sonia Gandhi, L K Advani and H D Deve Gowda will be decided today.

Bollywood comes out to vote
Shah Rukh Khan flew down from South Africa -- where the Indian Premier League matches are currently on -- just to cast his vote.

'Politics has become a bad word'
Priya Dutt on what MPs need to do.

Mayawati's pillars of strength
The 6 most influential people in India's largest state.

Not BJP or Congress, only the palace wins in Gwalior
No prizes for guessing the constituency.

Is this the dream state the BJP is building?
MP: Grim poverty, government apathy.

Mumbai: Spouses on the campaign trail
While these media-savvy candidates woo voters and make tall promises, do their spouses help them out from behind the scenes?

'People shoo me because I am a north Indian'
The recent attacks on north Indians in Mumbai may well become a major election issue.

'Muslims are the next Dalits of India'
Mumbai's Muslims on how they will vote this election.

An American at The Great Indian Political Festival
It feels like one eminently local, bitterly contested power grab. It's just coincidental that 542 other such elections are simultaneously taking place across the country.

'Results may lead Left to see stars'
'Dr Singh will be the PM.' Pranab Mukherjee in an exclusive interview.

'26/11 was a decisive reason to contest polls'
Mahesh Jethmalani explains why he took up the challenge.

CBI is a habitual offender
Its actions in Mulayam Singh's disproportionate assets case speaks volumes about the UPA government's questionable politics.

In BJP bastion, Congress makes inroads
The Hindutva brigade's experiments may not pay electoral dividends, they discover.

'Here, glamour is politics'
Politicians in Gwalior use a new medium to get their message across.

'Deve Gowda should become PM 100 times'
But the son of the soil has failed farmers in the village where he was born.

'I can never be a politician because I'm emotional'
Meet the beautiful, charismatic and outspoken MP from Gwalior, Yashodhara Raje.

Sonia and Mamata take on the Left
A political rally that sealed the Trinamool-Congress alliance in the heart of the Left's bastion.

Machines create loss of jobs: Abu Azmi
Samajwadi Party candidate Abu Asim Azmi from Mumbai North West seat held a day-long rally, visiting the areas of his constituency, urging people to vote for him.

'The national election has become a local election'
Arun Shourie proposes workable solutions to make Indian democracy more responsive to the common man

In Shimoga, a CM's son faces a former CM
The contest between B Y Raghavendra, son of Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa, and former chief minister S Bangarappa of the Congress in Shimoga parliamentary constituency is touted as the most interesting battle in the state

'I did not get a ticket because of my father'
'Nobody is hostile. My party workers have been extremely helpful and cooperative. How else do you think I managed to conduct 600 public meetings in such a short period?'

'Won't mind Priyanka'
Surprising responses to our question: Kaun banega PM.

Hassan still has hopes from Deve Gowda
The JD-S chief's style of campaigning shows that he is a worried man.

'The language of politics has to change'
In Guna, Madhya Pradesh, does the Scindia mystique endure and will it ensure a young royal's victory?

Resurgence of the Congress & BJP in UP
People believe that political representatives, no matter from which party, are not really interested in problem solving and development -- Dr A K Verma.

India's diversity in diversity
In the ongoing elections, though all these diversities are playing a role, the primarily lower caste parties are especially important -- Ashutosh Varshney.

Sonia, Mamata come together after 8 years
They asked the people of West Bengal to support nominees of their parties' alliance for the betterment of the country.

Arun Jaitley: Batting for the BJP
'This whole business of dual authority means the dilution of prime ministerial authority,' says Arun Jaitley.

'We are willing to pay for the basic amenities'
"We may be poor and unlike the people of the city, we do not have the influence or money to get our work done. Our leader must understand this and not treat us as mere voters.'

Raj's message to Marathi manoos
Marathi Hridaysamrat is the latest word added to the lexicon of Maharashtra politics.

Secret of Shivraj Singh Chauhan's success
The timing and intent of his schemes are not the only parameters that set the low-profile Chauhan apart. The real genius of his idea lay in the common motif of his schemes: women.

Disillusioned Mumbai witnesses majestic Sonia
Congress chief and UPA chairperson appreciated the spirit of Mumbai, in her campaign rally in the city

'We are creating two Indias'
The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The top-most priority for any government must be to bridge that gap, says Congress MP Sachin Pilot in frank conversation.

'So very little is being done for our security'
Interview with independent candidate from Mumbai South, Meera Sanyal.

Nostalgia makes Guna vote for Maharaj-turned-MP
A Ganesh Nadar travels to Shivpuri, the former fiefdom of the Scindias, to gauge the voters' reactions to their erstwhile royal family.

Sonia slams BJP on nuke deal
Congress chief Sonia Gandhi accused the saffron party of changing its stand on the issue.

Will Nafisa Ali win Vajpayee's mantle?
On the campaign trail with the beauty queen-turned-actress-turned-social activist.

A new kind of politics
A group of citizens are working towards a transparent, corruption-free and inclusive political process.

The steel behind the Gandhi smile
Sonia’s children have come to terms with the rough-and-dirty-tumble of Indian politics.

Sensing Muslim anger
Muslims in UP want the BJP defeated.

The People's Guardian
This maverick citizen takes potshots at his opponents, political parties and the state of the country's governance.

'We don't bother about the Sensex'
Meet Madam Mayawati's top advisor.

Sugar belt may turn sour for Congress-NCP
The parties's traditional bastion may dirft away.

'My father is the toughest person I know'
Daman Singh on the prime minister.

Who will clean up filthy and feudal Pratapgarh?
'It is a fight not between candidates and how good they are, or how much development the Congress or anyone else promises to bring, but between goonda and goonda.'

India votes in second phase of LS polls
The turnout remained tepid across India.

From World Cup to Parliament
He helped India won its first World Cup. Can he win a difficult election?

In Khajuraho, CM could carry day for BJP
One observer feels at least 50 percent of the BJP vote can be linked to Shivraj Chauhan's bond with voters.

Complacency bothers BJP in Vidisha
You can't possibly miss Sushma Swaraj. She beams from every possible facade, shop fronts to car windows.

The Lady who will surprise Pawar
"Rather than being melodramatic, it's my thoughts that I want to put across," she says.

Priyanka floors Amethi
She came, she spoke and she conquered the hearts of Amethi.

Meet the raja of Ayodhya
Bimlendra Pratap Mohan Misra is the Bahujan Samaj Party candidate from Faizabad, Ayodhya's twin city. His forefathers have ruled Ayodhya from Raj Sadan, the palace where he lives.

Cong's self goal in Arjun's stronghold
A report on the royal intrigue in rural Sidhi.

Narendra Modi: I am an apolitical CM
Modi discusses the flavour of the ongoing Lok Sabha election campaign, and his prime ministerial ambitions.

Maharaj does the hard miles
You wonder what has suddenly happened to Udayanraje Bhosale, the 13th descendant of Shivaji Maharaj, as he springs up from his bed, lifts his legs and shows his frayed soles.

The battle for Bangalore South
Bangalore South is undoubtedly the most high-profile constituency in the state. It has been a BJP bastion for the past four terms.

Shivaji's descendant dares Uddhav to a one-on-one
Udayanraje Bhosale, the 13th descendant of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, is in a tough battle in Satara.

Will Amethi still vote for Rahul?
Rahul Gandhi's Amethi still lives in the dark ages, literally so.

DMK vs AIADMK: It's advantage Jayalalithaa
The lady wins the first round.

'The nuclear deal has assured us jobs'
Four students on why the India-US nuclear deal has brought them hope.

Nobody comes asking for votes
Situated on the busy Vidisha-Bhopal road, the 400-odd residents of Ankheda village are starved for water and electricity.

Poll tales of a thirsty town
A few hours outside Bangalore, just a few kilometres off the Golden Quadrilateral highway, in Karnataka's Chitradurga district, sits a small town called Shira.

'Tamil Nadu will decide India's next PM'
Jayalalithaa launches her poll campaign.

Bickering netas ignore Bellary's health
Neglect, poverty and health woes in the mining heartland of Karnataka.

In the city of statues, Mayawati's word is law
The only other leader who constructed his own statue while alive was Saddam Hussain and Mayawati is following him.

How Maoists stunned India on polling day
The attacks showed that the Maoists had far better military training and superior firepower

What do you think of the Samajwadi Party's manifesto?
We present the Samajwadi Party's views -- and we want you to take a vote on them right now!

Songs of Mayawati
Songs have been written and sung for the empress of India's largest state.

In Bihar, caste is the deciding factor
A MP has no accountability because he knows that the caste equation will take him through.

Lady with the toughest job in Bihar
'We have to strike fear in the hearts of those who think they can break the law.'

From slum to crorepati. Can he become an MP?
From a slum in Madipakkam in Chennai, where his mother sold idlis to educate him, he is the proud owner of Rs 70 million Foodking.

Polls in the time of fear
Fear envelops Kandhamal eight months after the killing of VHP leader Swami Lakshmanananda.

Why all roads lead to Saran
One long-term resident of Chhapra quipped that this is the first time in 30 years that the town has had uninterrupted electricity for over two days!

Why suicide is a way out for Vidarbha farmers
Trapped in an endless spiral of debt, driven remorselessly to suicide, the people of Vidarbha have lost all hope.

Why these Chhattisgarh tribals will not vote
The people rose up in unison against the feral forces of the industry.

Bihar's 13 ready for date with poll
Saran is the most high-profile seat in the first phase because of its candidate Laloo Prasad Yadav.

Andhra Pradesh: Caste to the fore again
Of the 14 CMs in AP in the last 52 years, as many as eight were Reddys.

From behind a veil, a prisoner's wife seeks the vote
Heena Shahab wants to win the Siwan seat for her controversial husband’s sake.

Young SP promises smooth voting
Akun Sabharwal, the SP of rural Vishakapattinam, is young, dynamic and ready to take every possible step to ensure free and smooth voting.

Political ploys in the heart of UP
In Rohillkhand, people have survived the centuries with canny grace. If 1947 was an aberration that twisted the life-blood out of history, the mix-and-match heartiness of the 2009 election immeasurably reinforces the region's diversity.

'Govt must ensure people don't lose jobs'
Young voters in Bengaluru voice their views on the forthcoming polls.

'It rains while Cong rules'
In Visakhapatnam, the mood is perceptibly cynical. Affirming that they will exercise their franchise, locals said they do so with little or no expectation.

AP may decide who rules the country
This is not the first time that the southern state will play a crucial role in government-formation in Delhi.

Kandhamal's refugees can't go home
Christian villagers fear that Hindus in their village will kill them if they return home.

In controversial Siwan, women run election call centre
An unusual electoral initiative in one of the most controversial constituencies in the country.

4 farmers die every day in Chhattisgarh
What angers the farming community is the state government's lack of interest in solving their problems.

Will Rudy stun Laloo?
Can Rajiv Pratap Rudy spring a surprise and defeat the sitting MP in Saran, a certain Laloo Yadav?

Battle of the ladies in Tura
Agatha K Sangma of the Nationalist Congress Party is pitted against Congress nominee Debora C Marak in Tura, Meghalaya.

16 candidates in ‘nursery of terror’ contest
The Ulema Council candidate will play a decisive role in Azamgarh.

In Rampur, it is the battle of the Begums
SP leader Azam Khan's anger against his own party chief may just turn out to be Noor Bano's gain.

UP poll all about Maya's deeds vs misdeeds
The biggest party in the opposition, the Samajwadi Party has forgotten everything except Mayawati in the campaigning.

In UP heartland, waived farm loans matter
On the campiagn trail with Congress candidate Salim Shervani in Badaiyon, UP.

Shashi Tharoor sparkles despite attacks
Since the frontrunner is immune to charges of inefficiency and corruption innovative brains in the Opposition are inventing issues to combat him.

Will stay in Gujarat if NDA voted to power: Modi
'I am the chief minister of Gujarat, and I believe I will not be removed as CM,' Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi told rediff editors.

Mission for a mandate
It is hard to believe that barely two months ago Manmohan Singh was having quintuple heart bypass surgery. The prime minister appears robust, as he pursues a punishing schedule that involves taking time out from campaigning in elections to flying to London for the G-20 summit.

Poorer the state, the richer the neta
One way of rationalising this is to say that political leaders have always belonged to the aristocracy -- one look at the education levels of our MPs/MLAs, however, makes it clear this is not the case here.

The Indian voter has become more demanding
Their expectation levels have risen. It is not just the basic necessities (roti, kapda and makaan) that matter to them. Equally important are the basic infrastructure services (bijli, paani and sadak) that a political party should promise to offer if elected to form the government..

Will Chiranjeevi repeat his success?
Chiranjeevi's rallies attract thousands of people, but opinion polls and surveys predict a contradictory scenario.

So when does your constituency vote?
Hidden in the fine print of the information dished out by the Election Commission of India is the fact that the 2009 general elections is not a 5-phase one as is generally reported but a 6-phase one.

Parties jostle for election allies and issues
The Congress party is displaying a studied confidence that people will appreciate its rule of the past five years. It is projecting a more coherent image than its nearest rival -- the BJP -- but this could very well be a contrived posturing by way of creating an air of confidence limited to New Delhi..

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